We shared and nailed our sister when we were drunk.

I remember the day I moved into my new apartment like it was just yesterday, even though it feels like ages now. The sun was setting, casting long shadows across the city as I lugged the last box up the stairs. My new place wasn’t much, just a tiny studio overlooking a bustling street, but it was all mine.

Lee, my older brother, showed up first. He always had a way of making an entrance, loud and laughing, carrying a six-pack of beer under one arm. “Matty! This place is great, man!” he said, giving me a noogie like we were still kids.

Kaylie came next. She knocked softly before pushing the door open, a bright smile spreading. She looked stunning, wearing a little black skirt that swirled around her thighs and a shimmering top that caught the light just right. Her presence made the room feel warmer and more inviting.

We spent the evening unpacking, decorating, and reminiscing about old times. Every now and then, Kaylie would catch me staring and wink or stick her tongue out, making me laugh. Lee was the DJ, putting on tracks from back in high school, and we’d all break into dance in the middle of my half-set-up living room.

As the night deepened, the music slowed, and our conversations became more reflective. We talked about our dreams, disappointments, and the strange twists of life that had brought us to this moment. It was rare for just the three of us to be together without the clutter of everyday life, and I felt a surge of gratitude.

It was now late at night, and I celebrated with my brother Lee and sister Kaylie at my new place. I let them stay the night. We had a lot of booze, and my sister dressed up really well. She wore a little black skirt, perfect for our celebration, making the night feel like a true housewarming.

It was now late at night, and I celebrated with my brother Lee and sister Kaylie at my new place. I let them stay the night. We had a lot of booze, and my sister dressed up really well. She wore a little black skirt that was somewhat revealing.

I watched as my sister twirled around the living room, her little black skirt fluttering up to reveal her smooth, toned thighs. Her long legs looked even longer in those sky-high heels. She had let down her hair, which cascaded down her back in soft waves. She looked stunning.

My brother and I exchanged a look, both of us thinking the same thing – our sister was smokin’ hot. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her as she danced around the room, pouring herself another glass of wine.

I felt a stirring in my pants as I watched her move – I couldn’t help it. She was just so fucking sexy. I knew I shouldn’t think about my sister like this, but I couldn’t help it. The alcohol must have gone straight to my head because all of a sudden, I found myself standing up and walking towards her.

“Hey, sis,” I said, sounding casual as I approached her from behind. “You look gorgeous tonight.” She turned around to face me, a smile on her face. “Thanks, Matty,” she said softly before taking another sip of wine from her glass.

Later on, it got very late. Kaylie was now in her nightie, and the three of us were so drunk and intoxicated, but my sister was smashed, haha. We sat on the couch talking.

Then out of now where Lee slurring his words, “Damn… I… I have not had a pussy in forever.” Then Kaylie started laughing at him.

“Oh my god, Lee, you’re so drunk,” Kaylie giggled, trying to stifle her laughter.

Before I knew what was happening, I blurted out, “Yeah, me neither.” The words just slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them.

Kaylie looked at me with surprise before breaking into another fit of laughter. “Oh wow, Matty,” she said between gasps for air. “You really are drunk.”

Kaylie’s laughter filled the room, and I couldn’t help but join in. It was true; I was drunk, and the words had just slipped out of my mouth. But now that they were out there, I couldn’t take them back.

Lee looked at me with a goofy grin on his face. “Hey man, no judgment here,” he said, raising his glass in a toast. “If you want to get some action tonight, I won’t stop you.” I spoke up, “What do you mean by that? You said you did not have pussy for a while first.”

Lee, still drunk and slurring his words, replied, “I meant I haven’t had sex in a long time. But I’m down if you and Kaylie want to do something tonight.”

“What the fuck are you guys talking about?” Kaylie exclaimed, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief. “You can’t be serious.”

I shook my head, trying to clear the fog of alcohol from my brain. “No, we’re not serious,” I said quickly. “We’re just drunk and saying stupid things.”

Lee looked sheepish, realizing that he had gone too far. “Yeah, sorry, sis,” he mumbled. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Kaylie let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief. “That would be so wrong on so many levels.”

Kaylie stood up from the couch, her face still flushed with embarrassment. “I think I’ve had enough for one night,” she announced, setting her wine glass on the coffee table. “I’m going to bed.” She staggered towards the hallway, clutching onto the wall for support.

She then turned around, and what she said next shocked me, “You guys… guys not going to help me to bed, since you both want pussy may as well come with me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My sister, whom I had always seen as my little sister, invited Lee and me to join her in bed.

I looked over at Lee, who seemed just as shocked. “Uh, sure, Kaylie,” he stammered, still clearly drunk. “We’ll help you to bed.”

The three of us went down the hallway to Kaylie’s bedroom. She climbed into bed, and Lee and I stood awkwardly by the side of the bed.

“Well, are you guys coming in or what?” Kaylie asked with a mischievous grin on her face. “I mean, if you both want some action tonight…”

My mind raced with thoughts and doubts – this was my sister we talked about! But at the same time, she did look incredibly sexy tonight…and she had just invited us into her bed…what should we do?

Feeling excited and guilty, I climbed into bed beside my sister. Lee got in on the other side of her. We all lay there in silence, the tension between us palpable.

Then Kaylie broke the silence. “Well, are you guys just going to lie there all night?” she asked with a playful smile. “Or are you going to do something about it?”

I felt my heart race as she spoke those words. I knew what she was suggesting – and part of me wanted it more than anything else. But another part of me knew that this was wrong – this was my sister we were talking about.

She turned to Lee and took out his cock, and started to suck him off as he moaned. I got behind and raised her ass a little as I pulled her nightie up and her panties down. The sound of her mouth is sloppy around Lees’s cock made me hard. I teased her clit with the tip of my dick.

I then pushed forward as my cock penetrated her pussy as it started to open and hug my shaft.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was having sex with my own sister, and it felt so wrong yet so right at the same time. Her pussy was tight and warm, enveloping my cock as I thrust in and out of her.

Lee groaned as Kaylie sucked on his cock, her head bobbing up and down as she took him deeper into her mouth. Meanwhile, I continued to fuck Kaylie from behind, our bodies moving in rhythm with each other.

The room was filled with the sounds of our moans and gasps, the scent of sex heavy in the air. It was a surreal experience – one that I knew I would never forget.

As we continued to fuck, our movements became more frantic, our pleasure building to a fever pitch. Lee grunted as Kaylie’s mouth pleasured him while I thrust deep inside her pussy fucking her harder. There is no way I am cumin, yet I am having fun.

“What’s her pussy like, Matty,” Lee managed to get his words out as my sister muffled moans around his cock.

“Fucking amazing,” I finally managed to say as I continued to thrust into her. “So hot and tight.” Kaylie moaned in response, her body writhing beneath me as she rode out her pleasure. “How about you, Kayie? You like my dick fucking you,” I said as I slapped her ass and drove my cock in her deeper.

“Kaylie’s pussy is like a vice grip, hot and tight, just the way I like it,” I said, my voice strained as I continued to thrust into her. “And she loves it too, don’t you, sis?” I added, slapping her ass again.

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder,” Kaylie moaned in response.

I could feel my orgasm building, my balls tightening as I thrust deeper and harder into Kaylie’s pussy. I reached down and started rubbing her clit, feeling her body tense up as she approached her climax.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” Kaylie cried out, her pussy clenching around my cock as she came.

That sent me over the edge, my orgasm crashing over me as I filled her pussy with my cum. Lee followed shortly after, his orgasm triggered by Kaylie’s moans. As he shot his load into her mouth, she choked a little but quickly regained her composure.

“That was fucking amazing,” Lee said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed, still trying to catch my breath.

“Can we do it again sometime?” Kaylie asked, looking up at us with a hopeful expression.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, pulling her in for a kiss. “I’d do anything for you, sis.”

“Me too,” Lee added, wrapping his arms around us.

As the three of us lay tangled up in the sheets, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions. Exhaustion, satisfaction, and a hint of guilt for what we had just done. But at the same time, I couldn’t deny the intense pleasure that I had just experienced.

It was wrong, I knew that. But it felt so right.

“I love you guys,” Kaylie said, breaking the silence again.

“We love you too, sis,” I replied, kissing her forehead.

As we drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the start of something new or just a one-time thing. Only time will tell.


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