Time travel and sexual desires of my younger daddy and grandpa


My name is Sarah, and I’m 23 years old. I have short red hair that frames my face in a neat bob cut. I live in a small flat in London, surrounded by the constant hum of city life. Until last week, everything was normal, or as normal as life gets. Everything changed when my dad had a terrible accident at work.

It was a rainy Tuesday. I was curled up on my couch, watching the droplets race down the window when my phone rang. The hospital’s voice on the other end was calm but clinical. My dad had been injured at work. The words hit me like a punch to the gut. I dropped everything and rushed to the hospital, barely aware of the rain soaking through my clothes as I sprinted down the streets.

When I arrived, the sterile smell of the hospital made me feel even more nauseous. My dad lay in a bed, surrounded by machines that beeped and hummed. His face was pale, starkly contrasting to the vibrant man I knew. The doctors said he had fallen from a high scaffold. The prognosis was grim; they weren’t sure if he would ever walk again, he may also not pull through.

I sat beside his bed, holding his hand, feeling utterly helpless. I wish he would have took the payrise for managment, he wouldnt be up no scaffolding then. My mind raced, searching for a way to change this nightmare. That’s when I thought of Jake. Jake is my friend from university, a total nerd with a penchant for wild inventions. His biggest project? A time machine. It sounded insane, but Jake swore it worked. I’d always thought it was a joke. Now, I was desperate enough to believe in anything.

I found Jake in his cluttered basement, surrounded by gadgets and blueprints. His eyes widened when he saw my tear-streaked face and heard about Dad. Without hesitation, he led me to his invention. The “time machine” was a chaotic mess of wires, glowing lights, and a small, worn-out seat that looked like it had been salvaged from a scrapyard.

“Are you really sure about this, Sarah?” Jake’s voice was a mix of concern and excitement. I could see the wheels turning in his head, the thrill of possibly proving his invention worked.

“I don’t have a choice, Jake,” I replied, trembling. “I need to save him.”

Jake explained how to set the date. “Just go back to yesterday and stop him from going to work,” he said, his eyes fixed on mine. But then he paused, his face flushing a deep red.

“Sarah, there’s something I need to tell you. I’ve always liked you,” he blurted out. His confession hung in the air, making the moment even more surreal. “And if you use the machine, I’ll help you… but only if you…”

I looked at him, my heart pounding. I saw the desperation in his eyes.

Jake’s words trailed off as he stepped closer to me, his hands touching my waist. I could feel the heat radiating from his body, the anticipation building up between us. His fingers brushed against my skirt, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Only if you what, Jake?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

“Only if you let me have you, Sarah. I want to feel you, to be inside you, before you go back in time,” he confessed, his voice laced with desire.

“You mean you want to fuck me,” I said as I saw between his legs his hard cock strained against his Jeans.

Jake’s eyes darkened as he heard my blunt words, but he didn’t deny it. Instead, he nodded, his hands pulling up my skirt to reveal my black lace panties. I felt his fingers tracing the outline of my pussy, making me gasp at the sensation.

“Yes, Sarah. I want to fuck you so hard before you go back in time,” Jake said, his voice husky and full of desire. He didn’t wait for my response, pulling my panties down to reveal my bare ass. I bent over the desk, my palms pressing against the cold surface as I felt Jake’s cock pressing against my pussy lips.

With one swift thrust, Jake entered me, the head of his cock parting my puffy labia, he was inside my cunt so deep. He then began to fuck me with a raw, primal intensity. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other echoed through the room, mixed with my moans and his grunts. Jake’s fingers dug into my hips, holding me in place as he pounded me harder and harder.

I looked back at Jake, his face a mask of pure ecstasy as he fucked me. His eyes were glazed over through the nerdy look of his glasses; his lips parted in a silent moan. I could see the beads of sweat forming on his forehead, his chest heaving as he took deep breaths.

“Fuck, Sarah, you feel so good,” Jake growled, his voice low and guttural.

“Ughhh fuck my pussy, yes mmmm,” I moaned as he slammed me hard from behind my ass, pressed and squished against him as his cock was full in deep, balls deep.

Jake’s balls slapped against my clit with every thrust, the sensation sending waves of pleasure through my body. His fingers found my nipples, pinching and twisting them as I moaned even louder. I could feel the table pressing against my breasts, the cold surface adding to the intense sensations coursing through me.

Jake’s pace quickened, his hips moving faster as he fucked me harder and deeper. I could feel his cock swelling inside me, the sensation making me even wetter. I pushed back against him, meeting his thrusts with my own, the sound of our bodies echoing through the room.

“Oh god, Sarah, I’m gonna cum,” Jake groaned, his voice strained.

“Yes, Jake, cum, paint the inside of my pussy with your cum,” I moaned, my voice barely above a whisper.

With one final, powerful thrust, Jake came, his cock pulsing inside me as he filled me with his hot, sticky load. He collapsed against me, his chest heaving as he caught his breath.

We stayed like that for a moment, our bodies still connected, the afterglow of our intense lovemaking washing over us. Jake slowly pulled out of me, his cock glistening with our combined juices.

“Wow, Sarah, that was… incredible,” Jake panted, his eyes wide with wonder and the sound of his zipper as he pulled it back up.

I smiled, feeling satisfied and content. “Yeah, it was,” I agreed, my voice still husky from our intense fucking. I always saw him as a sci-fi nerd, but he proved me wrong; his cock felt so good.

But now that I had satisfied him, I put my panties back on and adjusted my skirt; it was time to go to the past to save Dad.

I took a deep breath as Jake flipped a switch, and a portal appeared before me.

“When you’re ready, sexy, I mean Sarah, walk through it. Don’t worry here. Take this watch as a tracking device and your way back. I can monitor you in case something goes wrong; I will have to come back through time to come and bring you back,” he said with his nerdy grin.

Walking through the portal, I felt like I was pulled apart and snapped back together. When everything settled, I was in a familiar place, but something was off.

The cars on the street were old, the fashion outdated, and the air felt different. My stomach dropped as I realized I hadn’t just gone back a day—I had gone back years. Panic surged as I looked around, trying to get my bearings.

I stumbled upon a newspaper stall and glanced at the headline. My heart skipped a beat as I read the date: May 14, 1986.

The first thing I did was find a quiet spot to sit and think; I could still feel the warmth of Jakes’s cum inside me as I sat. I found a small park bench hidden away from the bustling streets. My mind raced with questions. How would I see my dad? What could I say to him without revealing too much? And most importantly, how would I get back?

I remembered that Dad had often talked about his youth, mentioning places he used to hang out and friends he spent time with. If I could find those places, maybe I could find him. But I had to be careful. Any wrong move could change the future in ways I couldn’t predict.

The park was a serene escape from my turmoil. Birds chirped, and the leaves rustled in the gentle breeze. I closed my eyes, taking a moment to ground myself. When I opened them, I was ready. I had to find Dad.

I wandered through the streets, feeling like a ghost in a world that wasn’t mine. Everything was both familiar and strange. The people, the cars, and the buildings echoed for a long time. I couldn’t risk going into diners or shops without any old money, so I relied on my memory and instinct to guide me.

Dad had often talked about the place he lived before he met Mum. It was a small flat not too far from here. If I could find it, maybe I’d have better luck. With renewed determination, I headed toward the address I remembered from his stories. The walk took me through quiet neighbourhoods and past children playing in the streets. The further I went, the more familiar things felt, like stepping into one of Dad’s old photo albums.

Finally, I found the building. It was a modest, red-brick apartment complex with a worn look, but it had a certain charm. I took a deep breath and approached the door. My heart pounded as I scanned the list of names beside the buzzers.

I pressed the buzzer numbered 3, remembering his apartment, and waited, my heart racing. Moments later, a crackly voice came through the speaker. Good thing I have a good memory.

“Yeah, who is it?”

I hesitated, then found my voice. “Hi, is John home? I’m a friend of his.”

There was a pause, then a buzz as the door unlocked. I stepped inside, my nerves on edge. The hallway smelled of old wood and dust, the scent that carries memories. I climbed the stairs to the third floor, each step feeling heavier with anticipation.

I reached his door and knocked. It opened to reveal a young man, my dad, with a curious expression. He was in his early twenties, just a few years younger than I was now. Seeing him like this was surreal.

“Hi, John,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady. “I’m Sarah. I just moved to the area and heard you might know some cool places to hang out.”

He looked surprised but then smiled warmly. “Oh, hey, Sarah. Sure, come on in.”

I stepped inside, and my breath caught in my throat. Sitting in the living room was my grandpa, looking much younger than I’d ever seen him. He had the same twinkle in his eye, but it felt odd to see him without the wrinkles and grey hair.

“Who’s this, John?” Grandpa asked, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“This is Sarah. She just moved to town,” Dad replied, gesturing for me to sit down.

Grandpa winked at me, and I felt a wave of discomfort. “Well, welcome, Sarah. Make yourself at home.”

I smiled nervously and sat on the edge of the couch. The room was filled with old and new – vintage furniture alongside trendy gadgets from the ’80s. It felt like stepping into a time capsule.

“So, Sarah, what brings you to this area?” Dad asked, sitting across from me.

“Just looking for a fresh start,” I lied, trying to keep my story straight. “I thought this place looked nice, and here I am.”

Every time I looked over at the man who was my grandpa Neil, it looked like he was trying to look up my skirt. Why did I feel turned on a little, knowing a younger version of Grandpa was eyeing me up?

Dad nodded, seeming to accept my answer. “Well, if you need any help settling in, just let us know.”

We chatted for a while, and I tried to soak in every detail of their lives. It was strange, hearing stories I’d only known through Dad’s retellings, now happening in real time. The more we talked, the more I felt the weight of my mission. I had to save Dad without revealing who I was.

As the evening wore on, I felt increasingly out of place. Grandpa’s occasional winks made me uncomfortable, reminding me of the complexity of my situation. But being near Dad, seeing him happy and carefree, gave me strength. I had to figure out how to protect him without disrupting everything.

But to see his reaction when he looked at my skirt, I quickly opened and shut my legs as I smiled at him. Grandpa smiled back and let out a little Mmmm moan.

When it was time to leave, Dad walked me to the door. “It was nice meeting you, Sarah. Let’s hang out again soon.”

I smiled, feeling a mix of emotions. “I’d like that, John. Thanks for letting me in.”

As I stepped out into the cool night air, I knew I had taken the first step. Now, I needed to devise a plan to keep Dad safe and find a way back to my own time. The future depended on it.

Not sure where to stay for the night, I sat on the steps outside Dad’s place. The night air was cool, and the streetlights cast long shadows on the ground. My mind raced with thoughts of what to do next. I had to protect Dad, but first, I needed to figure out where to stay.

As I sat there, feeling lost and alone, I heard a window creak open above me. I looked up and saw Dad leaning out of his bedroom window. He spotted me and his expression shifted from curiosity to concern.

Moments later, he came outside and sat beside me on the steps. “Hey, Sarah. You okay? It’s getting late,” he said softly.

I hesitated, unsure of how much to reveal. “Actually, I don’t have a home,” I admitted, trying to sound casual. “I moved here for a job, but it fell through, and now I’m kind of… stuck.”

Dad frowned, looking worried. “That’s rough. Why didn’t you say something earlier? You can’t stay out here all night.”

I shrugged, feeling a lump in my throat. “I didn’t want to impose. I thought I’d figure something out.”

He shook his head. “No way. You can stay here tonight. We’ve got a spare room. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.”

Gratitude and relief washed over me. “Thank you, John. I really appreciate it.”

“Come on, let’s get you inside,” he said, standing up and offering me a hand.

I followed him back into the building and up the stairs. Grandpa was sitting in the living room, watching TV, and he looked up as we entered.

“Everything alright?” Grandpa asked, his eyes flicking between Dad and me.

“Yeah, just found out Sarah needs a place to stay for the night,” Dad explained. “She’s gonna crash in the spare room.”

Grandpa nodded, a warm smile spreading across his face. As his eyes scanned my whole body, his gaze went up my legs as he adjusted his crotch. “You’re always welcome here, Sarah.”

“Thank you,” I said, feeling more at ease.

Dad led me to the spare room, which was small but cosy. The bed was neatly made, and a dresser with a lamp was on top. I set my bag down and turned to him.

“I hope this is okay,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s not much, but—”

“It’s perfect,” I interrupted, smiling. “Really, thank you.”

He smiled back, a hint of relief in his eyes. “Alright, I’ll let you get some rest. If you need anything, just holler.”

“Goodnight, John,” I said softly.

“Goodnight, Sarah,” he replied, closing the door behind him.

I started to undress and didn’t hear Dad come into the room as he gasped, seeing me in my red bra. My cleavage was on full display, “Oh.. erm, sorry,” he covered his eyes and passed me an oversized t-shirt.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to cover. I am sure you’ve seen a bra before,” I said as he took his hands from his eyes.

“Ye… yeh, I mean, you’re beautiful. Sorry, I mean, I thought I brought you this so you had something to sleep in,” he said as his face was red with embarrassment. Who would have thought he would be this cute, what am I saying? This is my fucking dad.

“Aww, thanks, Da… I mean, thanks, John. It’s so sweet of you,” I said, taking his shirt off as he left the room.

I took off my skirt and got ready for bed, putting on the big T-shirt, which just about covered my panties.

I sat on the bed, taking a deep breath. Being here, in Dad’s world, was surreal. I had to remind myself that I was here for a reason. I needed to protect him and find a way back to my own time.

As I lay down, I thought about everything that had happened. Meeting Dad and Grandpa and seeing their lives up close – was overwhelming. But I couldn’t let myself get distracted. I had to stay focused on my mission.

Tomorrow, I will start figuring out how to keep Dad safe without disrupting too much, and I will look for a way back home. For now, though, I allowed myself a moment of peace, grateful for the unexpected kindness I had found.

The first rays of dawn filtered through the thin curtains, bathing the room in a soft, golden glow. I slowly opened my eyes, momentarily disoriented. The previous day’s events came rushing back, and I remembered where I was. I stretched, feeling the comforting softness of the old bed beneath me. I was just in a long T-shirt Dad gave me last night.

I sat up, rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and glanced around the small room. It was simple but cosy, with a few personal touches that hinted at a lived-in space. I couldn’t help but smile, appreciating the warmth and hospitality John and his dad had shown me.

Slipping out of bed, I padded softly across the wooden floor, the coolness seeping through my bare feet. I opened the door quietly and went down the hall, drawn by the sounds of low conversation and dishes rattling. As I approached the kitchen, freshly brewed tea filled the air.

Dad and Grandpa were already up, chatting and laughing softly. Seeing them together, full of life and ease, filled my heart with nostalgia and longing. I paused in the doorway, taking in the scene.

Both of them turned to look at me. Perhaps a bit too late, I realised that I was just in the long T-shirt. Their eyes widened slightly, and I felt a blush rise.

“Morning,” I said softly, stepping into the kitchen.

Dad quickly recovered and smiled, his eyes lighting up. “Morning, Sarah. Sleep well?”

“Yeah, I did. Thanks for letting me stay,” I replied, ignoring the heat in my cheeks.

I pulled out a chair at the small kitchen table and sat down, feeling the cool wood against my skin. John handed me a steaming cup of tea, the warmth seeping into my hands. I took a sip, savouring the familiar, comforting taste.

“This is really good,” I said, smiling up at him.

“Glad you like it,” Dad replied, his face showing a hint of pride. “It’s our morning ritual. A good cup of tea to start the day right.”

We sat there, sipping our tea and chatting about the little things – the weather, the plans for the day, the neighborhood. It was surreal, being part of their world like this. I felt a deep sense of gratitude and determination. I had to protect this, to keep them safe.

As we finished our tea, Grandpa stood up, stretching with a satisfied sigh. “Well, I’d better get going. Got a few errands to run this morning.”

Dad nodded. “Alright, see you later.”

Grandpa gave me another wink as he headed out the door, leaving Dad and me alone in the cosy kitchen. The moment felt significant, a quiet bond forming between us.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

Dad shrugged. “Not much. Thought I’d show you around a bit, help you get settled in.”

I smiled, feeling a surge of warmth. “I’d like that. Thanks, John.”

He smiled back, a glimmer of something I couldn’t quite place in his eyes. “It’s no problem, Sarah. Let’s make the most of today.”

I felt a renewed sense of purpose as we stood up to clear the table. This was just the beginning, but I was ready. I was prepared to protect Dad and navigate this strange journey I had found myself on.

One week later, the days blended into a comforting routine. Each morning, we shared tea, and every evening, we found ourselves talking late into the night. Dad and I had grown closer than I imagined, our bond deepening with every shared laugh and story. I had new clothes, some a bit too revealing, as Grandpa bought them.

We spent our days exploring the neighbourhood, reminiscing about places he loved, and just enjoying each other’s company. It was surreal but also profoundly beautiful. Despite the complexity of my mission, I found myself savouring these moments, cherishing the time we spent together.

One evening, after an enjoyable day exploring a local park, we sat on the couch, laughing about a funny incident with a stray dog that had decided to follow us home. Dad’s eyes sparkled with amusement, and his laughter was infectious. I found myself leaning in, drawn to his warmth and energy.

As our laughter died down, a comfortable silence settled between us. He looked at me, his gaze intense yet tender. My heart raced as he slowly leaned in, his face inches from mine. I could feel the electricity in the air, the unspoken connection growing stronger each day.

“Sarah,” he whispered, his voice barely audible.

Before I could respond, his lips met mine in a gentle kiss. The world seemed to stop momentarily, and I felt a rush of emotions—love, confusion, and fear. I kissed him back, allowing myself to get carried away in the moment and feeling the depth of our connection.

Our kiss was intense. I felt his hand grope one of my tits as he squeezed as I moaned into his mouth. He then started kissing my neck as we gently started to slowly lay down on the couch with him on top of me.

His hand pulled my top up and pulled a boob out of one side of my bra, and as he held it, he started to suck on it. Suddenly, the front door opened, and Grandpa walked in. Shocked, we quickly sat up. He watched me put my boob back in my bra.

“Mmm, nice tits, love, son. You should be doing that in your room, not on the couch, you lucky fucker.” he said with a smirk on his face. It’s a good thing he did come in, as I can’t believe I got carried away, forgetting he’s my dad.

One hour later, Dad mentioned he had to go to his shift at the diner. “I’ll be back this evening. Make yourself at home,” he said, warmly smiling.

“Thanks, John,” I replied, trying to keep things light. “Have a good shift.”

As he left, I found myself alone with his dad, my grandpa. The air felt heavy with unspoken questions, and I felt a knot of unease in my stomach. He sat down at the kitchen table, eyeing me thoughtfully.

“So, Sarah,” he began, his voice steady, “what’s really going on here? You seem like a nice girl, but there’s something you’re not telling us.”

I shifted uncomfortably, trying to find the right words. “I… I have my reasons. It’s complicated.”

He nodded, leaning back in his chair. “Life usually is. Just remember, we’re here to help if you need it.”

His words were kind, but I could sense the underlying curiosity. I had to tread carefully, keeping my mission in mind while navigating the growing complexities of my feelings for Dad and my relationship with Grandpa.

After our conversation, I decided I needed to relax and clear my mind. A bath sounded perfect. I gathered some fresh clothes and headed to the bathroom, letting the warm water fill the tub. I took off my clothes and sank into the water. The tension began to melt away, and I allowed myself a moment of peace.

I washed my tits and body, noticing between my legs, I was starting to get very hairy, fucking great, I hate having a hairy snatch. I looked around but couldn’t just use one of their razors. I’m not sure what type of razors they had in the 80s.

“NEIL,” I shouted, hoping he would stand outside the bathroom door.

Nope, he walks right in. “Yes, love,” omg, I covered my tits and pussy in the water. “Don’t just walk in… I only wanted to ask for a razor,”

“Oh, I apologize, Sarah. I didn’t realize you were in the bath,” Neil said, looking sheepish. “I just wanted to check on you. You seemed a bit… stressed earlier.” He glanced at my covered chest and pussy, suppressing a smirk.

“Yes, well, I just wanted to ask for a razor,” I repeated, trying to sound casual but failing miserably. My face was flushed with embarrassment.

“Of course, no problem. Let me get one for you,” he replied, walking over to the cabinet. He opened it and rummaged through the drawers. “Ah, here it is. An old but still functional safety razor.” He had an old razor with a small can of shaving cream.

“I can shave it for you if you like. With my skilled hands, I can get you all nice and smooth. You can dry off and come into my room, and I’ll shave you,” he said with a smile. It felt weird, but I might just let him.

I hesitated, unsure of how to respond. On the one hand, the idea of my grandpa shaving me felt strange and slightly uncomfortable. On the other hand, I was tempted by the offer, as the thought of smooth, hairless skin between my legs was appealing.

“Ok,” I can’t believe I agreed.

I stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. Grandpa watched me with a knowing smile, his eyes gleaming with mischief.

“Come on, then. Let’s get you all smooth and silky,” he said, patting the bed in his room.

I followed him to his room, feeling self-conscious and vulnerable. Grandpa gestured for me to sit on the edge of the bed, and he knelt down in front of me. He opened the shaving cream, lathering it onto his hands before spreading it over my pubic area.

His touch was gentle, and I couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down my spine. I closed my eyes, trying to relax and enjoy the sensation. Neil began to shave me, his movements precise and deliberate. I could feel the razor gliding over my skin, leaving a smooth, hairless surface in its wake.

As Grandpa continued to shave me, I found myself becoming more and more aroused. The sensation of his hands on my skin, the intimacy of the act, and the growing tension between us was intoxicating. I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan, my body responding to his touch.

Grandpa Looked up at me, a wicked smile on his face. “Enjoying yourself, Sarah?” he asked, his voice low and seductive.

I opened my eyes, meeting his gaze. I couldn’t deny it; I was enjoying myself. I nodded, unable to speak. Grandpa continued to shave me, his movements becoming more deliberate and sensual. I could feel myself growing wetter, my body responding to his touch.

Finally, Grandpa finished shaving me, wiping away the remaining shaving cream. He looked up at me, his eyes filled with desire. “There, all smooth and silky,” he said, his voice thick with lust.

Without a word, Grandpa leaned in and started kissing my pussy deeply.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was lying on Grandpa’s bed, my legs spread wide, as he kissed my now hairless pussy. His lips were soft and warm, and I could feel the heat building between my legs. I moaned softly, my body responding to his touch.

Grandpa’s tongue darted out, licking my clit in slow, deliberate strokes. I gasped, my back arching off the bed as a wave of pleasure washed over me. He continued to lick and suck my clit, his fingers slipping inside me as he explored my wet pussy.

He then stood up and started to undo his pants.

“Sarah, I want you,” Grandpa said, his voice thick with desire. His hands were trembling slightly as he pulled down his pants, revealing his hard cock.

Grandpa climbed onto the bed, positioning himself between my legs. He looked into my eyes, his gaze intense and full of longing. I could see the depth of his desire, the unspoken connection that had been growing between us.

He slowly pushed inside me, his cock filling me up. I gasped, my back arching off the bed as I felt him deep inside me. He started to move, his hips rocking back and forth as he fucked me.

The sensation was intense and overwhelming. I could feel every inch of him, the heat and friction building between us. I moaned, my hands reaching up to grip the sheets as I surrendered to the pleasure.

Grandpa’s pace quickened, his thrusts becoming harder and faster.

“Ugh fuck, mmmmm… Ugh,” I watched between my legs as he held my legs as he thrust in and out of me.

Grandpa’s balls slapped against my arse with each thrust, the sound echoing in the room. I could feel his cock hitting my cervix, the sensation almost painful but also incredibly pleasurable.

“Oh god, you feel so good inside me. Keep going, don’t stop,” I moaned, my voice barely above a whisper.

Grandpa’s breathing became ragged, his thrusts becoming more erratic as he neared his climax. I could feel his cock swelling inside me, the sensation almost unbearable.

“Oh god, yes, fuck me harder,” I begged, my fingers digging into his shoulders as I held on for dear life. Grandpa didn’t hold back, his hips pistoning in and out of me with a fierce intensity that left me breathless.

I could feel the tension building inside me, my pussy clenching around his cock as I neared orgasm. Grandpa must have felt it, too, because he started to grunt and groan, his thrusts becoming erratic and wild.

“Sarah, your young pussy around my cock is hot,” Grandpa groaned, his voice strained with pleasure. His hips slammed against mine, the sound of flesh on flesh filling the room. I could feel his cock, hard and thick, sliding in and out of me.

He bent my legs over my head as he totally went full on fucking my cunt.

“Omg Ughhhhh fucking hell, Mmmmm mmmmm ooooh,” I moaned and moaned his cock slamming my pussy.

As Grandpa’s cock pounded into me, I could feel every inch of him, the thick, veiny shaft stretching me wide. I moaned loudly, my hands gripping the sheets as I felt him hit the deepest parts of me.

“Yes, Sarah, take my cock,” Grandpa growled, his voice deep and guttural.

The scent of sweat and sex filled the room, the sounds of our bodies slapping together mingling with our moans and groans. I could feel the tension building inside me, my pussy clenching around Grandpa’s cock as I neared orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, Sarah,” Grandpa gasped; he pumped me hard on the bed, and then he quickly pulled out of me and started wanking hard.

Grandpa groaned and grunted, “Unnnnngh,” his body tensing as he came; his hot cum shot across my body, landing on my tits. A trail of cum down my body as he kept wanking out every drop.

“Oh god, I needed that; thank you, sweetie,” he said as he reached for the tissues and wiped the cum off my body.

I got my breathing back to normal, “I better get changed,” I said as I watched Grandpa put his pants back on.

“I will go put the kettle on; you deserve a cup of tea after that, sweetie,” he said as he left the room. I went to the spare room and changed. What the fuck am I even doing? I just got fucked by my younger grandpa. I wanted it just like earlier with Dad. Weirdly, they don’t even really know who I really am.

I shouldn’t be getting settled; I dressed and put on my watch. I still needed to find a way to warn Dad about 14th May 2024.

After a while, I found myself back at the apartment. I opened the door quietly, hoping to avoid another intense conversation. Grandpa was waiting, sitting in the living room with a newspaper.

“Sarah,” he called out, “can we talk for a moment?”

I nodded, sitting down on the edge of the couch. “Sure, what about?”

He folded the newspaper and set it aside, looking me straight in the eyes. “John seems to have taken quite a liking to you. And I have to admit, you’ve grown on me too. But I’m worried. You’ve been here for a week, and I feel like I know nothing about you. Also, I am sorry I took things too far earlier, but I think we shouldn’t tell John what we did in my room.”

I swallowed hard, the weight of his words sinking in. “I understand your concern. There’s a lot I’m dealing with, and it’s not something I can easily explain. Yeah, he shouldn’t know what we did. I was so out of character, but when you kissed my pussy it turned me on. Then, when you took off your pants, you had such a determination in your eyes and the way you took me on your bed. Anyway, I care about John more than you will ever know.”

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Sarah, you seem like a good person. But whatever you’re hiding, make sure it doesn’t hurt John. He’s been through enough.”

“I don’t mean to sound nasty here, and you are right. But you know he likes me, and you still fucked me on your bed, and that is you not wanting him hurt,” I said, trying to make him understand.

Grandpa looked at me, his expression a mixture of guilt and concern. “I know, Sarah. I just got carried away at the moment. I’m sorry. Can we forget it ever happened?”

I nodded, feeling relieved. “Yeah, I think that’s for the best.”

As the evening approached, I prepared myself for Dad’s return. The conversation with Grandpa left me feeling more determined yet conflicted than ever. I had to protect Dad, but I also had to keep my true identity a secret.

I felt relieved when Dad walked through the door, tired but smiling. “Hey, Sarah,” he greeted me warmly. “How was your day?”

“It was good,” I lied, forcing a smile. “Just took a walk and relaxed.”

He nodded, seemingly satisfied. “Glad to hear it. Let’s have dinner and catch up.”

We settled into our usual routine, but the underlying tension from earlier lingered. I knew I had to be careful, balancing my mission with our growing bond.

Dad talked about his shift at the diner as we ate, sharing funny stories and little moments. I laughed along, cherishing these simple interactions. But my mind was constantly working, trying to find a way to protect him without revealing too much.

The night wore on, and we eventually said our goodnights. Lying in bed, I felt a sense of determination. I had to stay focused and find a way to keep Dad safe. The future depended on it.

Late at night, unable to sleep, I tossed and turned, haunted by the weight of my mission. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I got up and quietly made my way to Dad’s bedroom door. I knocked softly, feeling my heart race.

“John?” I called out, my voice barely above a whisper.

A moment later, the door opened, and John stood there, looking concerned. “Sarah? What’s wrong?”

I hesitated, then took a deep breath. “I can’t sleep. There’s something I need to tell you. It’s important.”

He stepped aside, letting me in. I sat down on the edge of his bed, gathering my thoughts. “John, I know this will sound strange, but you must be careful on May 14, 2024. It’s better still to stay at home that day. There’s going to be an accident.”

John chuckled, shaking his head in disbelief. “2024? Sarah, it’s 1986. That’s years away! What are you on about?”

I looked at him, trying to gauge how much I could reveal. My heart pounded as I struggled to find the right words. “I know it sounds crazy, but please, just trust me on this. I can’t explain everything, but it’s crucial.”

His expression softened, though he still looked confused. “Alright, Sarah. If it means that much to you, I’ll remember. But you must understand, it sounds a bit… out there.”

I nodded, relief washing over me. “Thank you, John. Just promise me you’ll be careful and stay home wherever I will be that day.”

“I promise,” he said, his voice gentle. “But, Sarah, you need to get some rest. Whatever’s bothering you, we’ll figure it out together, okay?”

I smiled weakly, feeling the weight of the situation but grateful for his understanding. “Okay. Thanks, John.”

He reached out as I stood up to leave and gently squeezed my hand. “Sarah, I just want to say you look sexy in that short nightie.”

Now he knows. I hope he stays home that day; only time will tell. So, I should be all set to go back in time tomorrow. I hope he’s there when I go back.

I was about to leave, but he leaned forward and kissed me. I shouldn’t; I then pulled away and kissed him back. The next thing I knew, we were rolling about kissing on his bed.

His hands roamed freely, exploring my body beneath the thin fabric of my nightie. I couldn’t help but react, my breath hitching as his fingers teased my nipples. His touch was a raging fire, searing my skin and inflaming my desires. My resolve to keep our interactions PG faded away, replaced by a primal urge to feel him inside me.

With one swift motion, he pulled up my nightie and off my body, followed by my bra and panties, leaving me bared to him. He admired my curves, taking in the sight of my bare breasts and quivering body. He reached out, tracing his fingers along my thigh, before gently parting my legs. I moaned as he touched my pussy, throbbing with need.

“Fuck, Sarah, you’re so wet,” he muttered, his voice husky with desire.

His fingers delved into my folds, parting them and teasing my clit. The pleasure was intense, nearly unbearable. My body trembled as I begged for more. He leaned down and licked my slit, and I let out a little moan as he sucked on my labia.

He parted my pussy lips and slipped his tongue inside my pussy and tongued my needy little cunt.

John’s tongue sent shivers down my spine as he licked me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have him between my legs, eating me like I was his last fucking meal. I moaned loudly, unable to keep the pleasure inside me anymore.

His mouth felt so warm and soft on my pussy as he sucked and licked every inch of me. His tongue swirled around my clit, sending waves of pleasure pulsing through my body.

I couldn’t take it anymore; I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

“John, fuck me,” I demanded, my voice raw with passion.

He pulled away from me, his lips glossy with my juices. He looked up at me, his eyes blazing with desire as he climbed on top of me. His cock rested on my pussy, pressing against my labia. I moaned as he pushed inside me, my pussy stretching to accommodate his girth.

John didn’t waste any time, fucking me hard and fast. His hips slapped against mine as his cock plunged into my pussy. The bed shook beneath us, creaking with the force of his thrusts. I moaned loudly, unable to keep up with the pleasure. John fucked me like a savage, grunting with every thrust as he bottomed out inside me.

“Fuck, Sarah, you’re so tight,” John grunted, his grip on my hips tightening as he fucked me deeper. I could feel myself close to another orgasm, my pussy fluttering around his dick as he pounded it inside me.

“Dad, I mean aww John, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned, my hands clutching onto the sheets as my orgasm overtook me.

“Sexy, so you want me to pretend to be your daddy,” he said as he started fucking me hard. But what he didn’t know under him, me, was his daughter.

“Yes, Oh fuck me, me,” I couldn’t help but moan. I couldn’t believe today, my grandpa and father in one fucking day fucking me.

He held me down tight by my thighs as he plunged in and out with force as my cunt lips strangled his saft as he continued to hammer my tight pussy.

“Ughhh, mmmm…. Yes harder… harder,” I was sweaty and moaning loud.

My body went rigid as my pussy clenched around his cock, cumming hard and fast as John fucked me. His cock twitched inside me as he grunted twice deep from his throat, “Unnnnghhhhh, Unnnngh,” and came, filling me up with his hot cum as we both rode out our orgasms.

John collapsed on top of me, panting heavily as he caught his breath. I wrapped my arms around him, basking in the warmth and comfort of his presence. I couldn’t believe what we had just done, but I had no regrets. My body felt satisfied and tired, ready to drift off to sleep.

John pulled out of me and rolled over, spooning me from behind as he wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled against him, his body warm and comforting against mine. I sighed, feeling content and satisfied as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke in his bed all by my self naked. I got out of bed and got dressed. I heard chatting I sneaked down the hallway. My dad was talking to some girl on the doorstep.

I tried to listen to there conversation, I couldnt make out but the voice sounded familiar, younger but familiar.

It hit me as soon as he said, “Marie, listen I do like you but I… I am in love with someone else,” OMG, my mom. No he as to get with her, what the fuck have I done. I seen all the back to the future movies and shit. About fucking up space time continuum shit or whatever it means.

“John… I thought we were getting along so well at work together,” Marie said, her voice quivering. “I told you yesterday I am moving and I wouldn’t move if there was a reason to stay. Well, looks like I’m moving.”

She left crying as Dad shut the door. My heart sank. This was bad, really bad. If Dad didn’t end up with Mom, my whole existence could be erased. I needed to fix this, but how?

I waited a moment before stepping into the kitchen, trying to calm the panic rising within me. Dad looked up as I entered, his expression conflicted and sad.

“Morning, Sarah,” he said, his voice flat.

“Morning, John. Everything okay?” I asked, trying to sound casual while my mind raced with anxiety.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, just… some things to sort out. Nothing you need to worry about.”

I nodded, feeling the weight of the situation pressing down on me. “If you need to talk, I’m here.”

He gave me a small, grateful smile. “Thanks, Sarah. I appreciate that.”

As we had breakfast, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had overheard. I needed to find a way to get Dad and Mom back on track, to make sure they ended up together. But how?

I was supposed to be going back in time today. I shouldnt have had sex with him last night what the fuck have I done.

Later in the day, while Dad was at work, I decided to come up with a plan. I couldn’t just sit back and let things unfold. I had to be proactive.

I remembered how Dad had talked about the places he and Mom used to go when they were young. If I could somehow orchestrate a meeting, maybe I could nudge them back together.

That evening, as we sat down for dinner, I decided to subtly bring up the topic. “Hey, John, have you ever been to that café down the street? I heard it’s a great place to hang out.”

He looked up, a hint of nostalgia in his eyes. “Yeah, I used to go there a lot. Good memories.”

“Maybe we could go sometime? It sounds like a nice place.”

He smiled. “Sure, we can do that. Maybe tomorrow evening?”

“Perfect,” I said, my mind already working on how to get Mom there too.

I had to stay focused and find a way to fix what I had unintentionally disrupted. The future depended on it.

The day went by I was quiet as usual I felt weird and weak. It got to bed time again and I went in my own bed this time. I cried myself to sleep, I fucked up.

The next morning I had to find Mom, but I know John wont want me to, “John, where do you work again.”

He explained where the diner was, giving me directions. After he left for work, I headed out to his workplace. The diner was a quaint little place with a classic ’80s vibe. I approached the counter, trying to look determined.

“Excuse me,” I said to the waitress, “I’m looking for Marie. It’s really important.”

The waitress frowned. “Marie? Oh, she left town late night yesterday. Said something about moving away for a fresh start.”

My heart sank. I had lost the opportunity to bring them back together directly. Feeling a wave of dizziness, I stumbled out of the diner, trying to steady myself. I needed to find a way to fix this, but my body felt weak, my energy draining rapidly.

As I made my way back to the apartment, my vision blurred. Each step felt heavier, my mind racing with panic. I had to make sure Dad remembered the date.

Collapsing against a wall, I glanced at my watch, trying to activate the time portal. My fingers trembled, the device flickering in and out of focus. I hoped he remembered about the date.

With a final, desperate push, I managed to press the activation button. The world around me shimmered and blurred, the familiar sensation of being pulled through time taking over.

When I opened my eyes, the world around me was different, yet familiar. I was back in the present, but something felt off. I stood up slowly, my body aching from the journey through time. The familiar sights and sounds of the city buzzed around me, but there was a strange sense of detachment, as if I was watching everything through a foggy window.

I looked around, trying to get my bearings. My heart pounded as I realized something was terribly wrong. I headed to our old apartment, praying that Dad would be there.

When I arrived, the building looked the same, but as I climbed the stairs, the familiar smells and sounds were gone. I knocked on the door, my heart in my throat. A stranger opened it—a woman I had never seen before.

“Can I help you?” she asked, her eyes wary.

“I’m looking for John. Does he live here?” I asked, desperation creeping into my voice.

She shook her head. “I’m sorry, but no one by that name lives here. I think you’ve got the wrong address.”

I backed away, my mind spinning. Where was he? What had happened? I walked aimlessly through the streets, feeling more and more like a ghost in a world that no longer recognized me. I had to find someone who knew me, someone who could tell me what was going on.

I thought of Jake. He might know what happened. He had to. With renewed determination, I made my way to Jake’s place. His house looked the same, and I knocked on the door, hoping for a familiar face.

Jake opened the door, looking at me with confusion. “Can I help you?” he asked, his voice cautious.

“Jake, it’s me, Sarah. We went to university together. I was in your science classes and got you into technology. I need your help,” I said, desperation creeping into my voice.

He stared at me, shaking his head slowly. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you are. Are you sure you have the right person?”

My heart sank. “Jake, please. You built a time machine. I used it to go back and save my dad, but now everything’s changed. You have to remember.”

He looked at me like I was crazy. “A time machine? Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you should leave.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. “Jake, please. You have to believe me. I don’t know what to do.”

He hesitated, then sighed. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I really don’t know who you are.”

“So you dont remember fucking me in your room,” I tried to get him on my side but he really didnt know me.

“I surely would know about fucking someone love, but sorry I am not into girls,” I am shocked, I… I didn’t know what else to do.

I stumbled away from his door, my mind racing. If Jake didn’t remember me and I couldn’t find my dad, what was I supposed to do? I felt like I was disappearing, fading into a reality where I didn’t exist.

The journey felt like an eternity, each step heavy with the weight of uncertainty. As I approached the site, I noticed it looked different—bigger, more developed. I took a deep breath and walked in, hoping against hope that I would find some answers.

Workers bustled around, but one man stood out, giving orders and overseeing the activity. My heart leapt as I recognized him. It was Dad. He was alive, and not just alive—he was the manager of the site. Relief and confusion washed over me. How was this possible?

“Dad!” I called out, my voice trembling.

There was no reply. He didn’t even turn around. Panic surged through me. If he never got together with Mom, how did I still exist? I frantically searched through my wallet and pulled out my ID card. My blood ran cold. It was blank—no name, no photo. My identity was gone.

Desperation clawed at me as I tried to understand what was happening. “John!” I shouted, my voice breaking.

He turned around, his eyes narrowing as he saw me. Anger and shock flashed across his face. “Sarah? Is that really you?”

I nodded, tears streaming down my face. “Yes, it’s me.”

He strode over, his expression hard. “Where have you been? You disappeared in 1986, and you still look the same. You haven’t aged a day.”

“So am I… not your daughter?” I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.

“What? What are you talking about, Sarah? You aren’t my daughter. Don’t you remember our time we shared all those years ago? Where did you go? I fell in love with you,” he said. I was speechless, unable to talk about time travel.

Before I could respond, a scream pierced the air. One of the workers had fallen from a great height. Dad ran to the aid of the worker while I frantically dialed for an ambulance.

My mind raced as I watched Dad kneel beside the fallen worker, trying to stabilize him. It struck me with horrifying clarity: he had taken the pay rise to become a manager, which meant he wasn’t the one up there anymore. The worker had fallen instead of Dad.

As the ambulance arrived, I watched them lift the injured worker onto a stretcher. I felt a mix of relief that Dad was safe and guilt over the unintended consequences of my actions.

Dad approached me, his face pale and serious. “Sarah, we need to talk. Now.”

We stepped away from the chaotic scene, finding a quiet corner. “You need to explain everything,” he demanded. “Where have you been? What’s going on?”

I took a deep breath, knowing I had to choose my words carefully. “John, it’s complicated. After I disappeared, I had some things to figure out. I went through a lot, and it took me a long time to get back here.”

His eyes searched mine, trying to piece together the fragments of my story. “So, you’re saying that somehow, your disappearance and reappearance are tied to trying to protect me?”

I nodded. “Yes. And it looks like it worked, but it also changed other things. Like you being here as the manager instead of the worker who fell.”

He ran a hand through his hair, trying to process everything. “I don’t understand all of this, but I do know one thing: you saved my life. But at what cost?”

Tears welled up in my eyes. “I don’t know. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I just wanted to keep you safe.”

It was strange only dad reckonised me, and since hes not my dad I better stop calling him dad. I saw sadness in his eyes but also love for me. Maybe the only life I can have now is getting in his good books and I guess have him as my partner. I leaned in and kissed him gently.

“I am sorry for dispearing, are you single can we try again,” I said holding his hand.

He looked at me, surprise and tenderness mixing in his expression. “Sarah, I’ve never stopped thinking about you. I’ve missed you every day. If you’re here now and you want to try again, then yes, let’s try.”

I felt a warmth spread through me, a sense of belonging and hope that I thought I had lost. “I want to be with you, John. Let’s make this work.”

He pulled me into an embrace, and for the first time in what felt like forever, I felt at peace. We stood there, holding each other, letting the world around us fade away. In that moment, I knew that no matter what had changed, we had a chance to build something new, something beautiful together.

As we walked back to the site, hand in hand, I felt a renewed sense of purpose. We would face the challenges of this new reality together, and with John by my side, I knew we could handle anything. The future was uncertain, but it was ours to shape, and I was ready for whatever came next.


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