“Night Shift Terror” Nurse Fucked by Evil Spirit

In the dead of night, the silence of St. Mary’s Hospital was shattered. I’m Ava, the nurse on duty, cloaked in a white uniform that suddenly seemed too thin against the creeping chill of the corridors. My brown hair was swept up, away from my face, allowing my green eyes to scan the shadows that seemed to dance at the edge of my vision. The air turned thick, charged with an unease that whispered of unseen dangers.

A sudden, piercing alarm from Room 213 broke the eerie calm. Mr. Thompson, an elderly patient with no family, needed attention. I raced towards his room, my footsteps echoing, but was met with a stench of decay that replaced the sterile hospital smell. It was as if the building itself had aged centuries in moments. Inside Room 213, Mr. Thompson was sleeping peacefully, his crisis passed. But then, a voice, barely a breath, murmured from the darkness. Turning, I found nothing but shadows. “You’re imagining things,” I muttered, though my heart pounded a fierce denial.

The night grew heavier, the whispers more insistent, as if the very walls were speaking. A sense of being watched crawled over me, turning the hospital into a prison of fear. Determined to shake it off, I made my rounds again, seeking the normalcy of my duties.

Without warning, the world plunged into darkness. The backup lights flickered on, casting grotesque shapes that seemed to move with malevolent intent. My flashlight, a pitiful beam in the engulfing dark, trembled in my hand. “It’s just a power outage,” I tried to convince myself, even as panic knotted my stomach.

Then, it struck. An icy grip seized me, invisible yet palpably evil, pinning me against the wall with a force that stole my breath. “Who are you? What do you want?” I cried out, my voice laced with terror, but the silence that answered was oppressive, mocking.

The cold pressed closer, a tangible malice that sought to crush me. I was a prisoner, held by something that should not exist, its hatred enveloping me. “Please, I don’t understand,” I pleaded, my words choked with fear. “Let me go!”

But the presence was relentless, its grip tightening. In that moment, pinned against the wall by an unseen nightmare, every shadow seemed to hide a lurking horror, every silence a threat. The hospital, once a sanctuary, had become a domain of terror, and I was caught in its unyielding grasp, facing an enemy beyond comprehension.

As the cold grip tightened around me, I could feel my nurse’s outfit lift, as if being pulled by an invisible force. My heart raced with terror as I felt my panties being moved aside, and then a thick, hard cock entered me with a force that left me gasping for air.

I screamed in shock and fear, but the evil spirit only seemed to become more aggressive, pounding me against the wall with a brutal intensity. I could feel every inch of its rough, invisible form as it moved in and out of me, violating me in a way that made me feel sick to my stomach.

‘Please, stop!’ I begged, tears streaming down my face as the spirit continued to thrust into me with a ferocity that was almost inhuman. ‘I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me!’

But the spirit remained silent, its only response a cruel laugh that sent shivers down my spine. I could feel my body being pushed to its limits, the evil entity showing no mercy as it ravaged me with a savage hunger.

My mind was consumed with fear and disgust as I felt the spirit’s rough hands grip my hips, pulling me closer as it pounded me relentlessly. The pain was excruciating, but the humiliation and violation I felt were even worse.

‘You like that, don’t you?’ the spirit hissed in a deep, menacing voice. ‘You’re just a little slut, aren’t you? Begging for more like the pathetic little whore you are.’

I could feel myself growing weaker, my body unable to resist the spirit’s relentless assault. I was nothing but a plaything to this entity, a vessel for its twisted desires.

And then, just as suddenly as it had started, it was over. The spirit released me with a final, mocking laugh, leaving me trembling and gasping for air. I collapsed to the ground, my body shaking with fear and disgust.

As the lights flickered back on and the hospital returned to its normal state, I knew that this night would haunt me for the rest of my life. I had come face to face with true evil, and it had left its mark on me in ways I could never forget.

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