Naughty Quickie in the Nightclub Toilets

The warm water cascaded down my body, cleaning the day’s sweat as water trickled down my breasts. I closed my eyes and let the steam envelop me, washing away the remnants of a long day. After washing my hair, I grabbed my razer and soaped up my pussy. I spent a while shaven my pussy. After turning off the shower, I wrapped myself in a soft, fluffy towel, stepping into the cool air of my bedroom. Tonight was exceptional; I was meeting Rick at the city’s most exclusive nightclub, so my pussy had to be freshly shaved, a place where the music pulses through the very walls.

I stood before my closet, sifting through hangers until my fingers brushed against the fabric I’d been searching for—a beautiful, short black summer dress. It was simple yet stunning, perfect for a night out. Slipping it on, I felt it hug my figure in all the right places, the hem fluttering just above my knees. The contrast against my red hair, now dried and styled into loose waves, was striking.

I applied my makeup carefully at my vanity, choosing a smoky shadow and a flick of eyeliner to enhance my look, keeping it subtle yet captivating. A swipe of lipstick, and I was almost ready. I stepped into a pair of sleek black heels, grabbed my handbag, and took a deep breath. The excitement was palpable, a fluttering in my stomach that wouldn’t cease.

The taxi ride was quick. The city lights blurred past the window, each a beacon of the night’s limitless possibilities. When the taxi pulled up to the club, the energy of the place was immediately palpable. I paid the driver and stepped out, my heels clicking rhythmically against the pavement, a cadence of my growing anticipation.

The bouncer nodded as I approached, and I was immediately enveloped by the electrifying atmosphere of the club. The air was thick with anticipation, pulsating with the beat of the music that vibrated under my feet. I scanned the room, searching for Rick, my heart skipping at the thought of locking eyes with him.

And then, as if the crowd parted just for me, I saw him. Rick’s eyes found mine across the room, a smile spreading across his face as he made his way over. The connection was instant, an electric charge that seemed to draw us together. As the music thumped through the crowded nightclub, I couldn’t help but notice Rick’s gaze on me.

I swayed my hips, teasing him from across the dance floor. The sexual tension between us was sensual, and I knew I wanted to take things to the next level.

Leaning in close, my lips grazed his ear as I whispered, “I need to use the toilet. Would you like to join me?” The mischievous glint in Rick’s eyes told me he was more than ready for the adventure that awaited us.

We slipped from the pulsating dance floor to the dimly lit restroom. The air was heavy with a mix of perfume and anticipation. I led Rick into one of the stalls, my heart racing excitedly.

With a hunger in my eyes, I dropped to my knees before him. Expertly, I undid his belt and pulled his pants down, revealing his throbbing cock.

I wasted no time, taking him deep into my mouth, my tongue swirling and teasing the head of his cock. I could taste the salty and tangy precum as it leaked from him. I couldn’t get enough, my mouth watering as I savoured the taste of his arousal. I could feel his fingers tangling in my hair, urging me on as I continued to pleasure him.

I could feel him growing harder with each passing moment; I sucked on his hard cock teasingly as my head bobbed up and down. I couldn’t help but feel a surge of power as I saw the desire in his eyes. I leaned in and ran my tongue along the underside of his throbbing member, the salty taste of his skin. With each movement of my mouth, I could feel him grow harder, and I revelled in the control I had over him. I could feel his hands in my hair, guiding me deeper and faster, and I eagerly complied. My lips were stretched to their limit as I took him in as far as I could, my tongue swirling and teasing.

I gagged a little as I took him to the back of my throat. As my lips sealed around his stiff shaft as I picked up speed, sucking on his dick. I pulled his cock out of my mouth for a moment and looked up at him as I jerked his cock and noticed him looking down at my cleavage.

“Mmm, you love it when I wrap my lips around your thick, pulsing cock, don’t you?” I moaned, my words muffled by the flesh filling my mouth. “And my tits, fuck, you can’t get enough of these big, juicy melons, can you?” I asked, my voice dripping with filth as I continued serving him.

I pulled away, leaving him breathless and desperate for more. Looking up at him with a wicked smile, I demanded, “Fuck me, Rick. I want you inside me, and I want it rough, you fucking got it. Fuck my clean-shaven pussy.”

Without hesitation, he lifted me, pressing my back against the stall wall. He held one of my legs up to his waist as the other hand went up my dress and stretched my panties to the side. So he could slide into me with ease when he positioned the head of his cock at my pussy entrance. With a grunty growl, he slid his cock slowly into me, the force of his cock sliding deep inside of me. The sound of our bodies colliding echoed through the cramped space.

I moaned uncontrollably; I pulled the top of my dress down a little to reveal my tits which were now bouncing with each powerful thrust. The intensity of his fucking was mind-blowing, his hips meeting mine with a force that left me breathless. He held one of my legs up for that reason, allowing him to penetrate even more profoundly.

I pulled my bra down under my tits, and his gaze shifted to them. He continued to pound his cock into me as his mouth made contact with my nipples. Oh, it felt so fucking good.

The stall door rattled against its hinges as Rick pounded into me relentlessly. I could feel the pleasure building inside me, my walls clenching around his cock. I reached down, rubbing my clit in frantic circles, adding an extra layer of ecstasy to our passionate encounter.

“Oh fuck, Sarah! Your pussy feels so fucking good!” Rick grunted, his voice filled with raw desire. “You’re mine, and I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight.” My pussy was taking a good hard pounding, “Mmmm fuck me mmmm, keep going faster mmmm.” I said as the pounding got faster as his cock repeatedly slid in and out of my wet vagina at incredible speed.

I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure as the orgasm ripped through me, sending shockwaves of ecstasy coursing through my body. My pussy tightened around his pulsating cock as I squirted, drenching us both in the throes of passion.

Rick’s thrusts became even more forceful, his balls slapping against me as he neared his release. With one final, intense thrust, he pulled out and bent me over the toilet, gripping my hips tightly. He plunged back into me, fucking me with an intensity that bordered on savage.

“Sarah, oh fuck, I’m so close!” Rick grunted, his hips bucking as he neared the edge. “I’m gonna fucking flood your tight, juicy pussy with my thick, hot cum!” He groaned, his voice strained with pleasure as he reached the peak.

The sound of our bodies meeting mixed with our dirty moans filled the restroom. I clenched around him, milking him for every drop of pleasure.

And with a few more powerful thrusts, he emptied himself inside me. Sarah felt his cock twitch and pulse as he filled her, each spurt of cum sending a fresh wave of pleasure through her body. He kept on fucking me until he was empty, and I was full.

We both sweaty against the stall wall, panting and covered in sweat. Our bodies trembled with the intensity of our encounter. It was a night we would never forget.



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Mikey Donald

Mikey Donald

Damn, such a great story. You look hot by the way.



No shit. I just posted one like this on the MTFE site. But it was two guys in the ladies restroom. But you have great writings of your adventures. This was so beautiful to do with your friend. Thanks 👩 Roxsan