My boyfriends dad fucked me in the toilet at house party

I pulled up my pink knickers then I adjusted the hem of my short pink skirt and straightened my white blouse, giving myself a final once-over in the mirror. My black hair fell in soft waves down my back, a stark contrast to the delicate fabric of my attire. “Tonight’s the night, Amy. You can do this,” I murmured to myself, the butterflies in my stomach doing somersaults.

I took extra care with my makeup, ensuring every stroke of the brush added to the narrative of confidence and charm I hoped to convey. “You’re going to knock them dead,” I whispered to my reflection, a soft smile playing on my lips.

As Jake and I made our entrance, the backyard transformed into a stage, and I, a willing actress in the night’s performance. The garden was alive, each corner a burst of laughter and conversation, the air thick with the promise of a memorable night.

“Welcome to the madness,” Jake grinned, squeezing my hand reassuringly.

“It’s beautiful, Jake. Your family sure knows how to party,” I replied, my eyes taking in the spectacle.

As we mingled, I found myself effortlessly woven into the fabric of the party. The warmth of the conversations, the genuine smiles, it was all so inviting. Yet, amidst the cheer, there was an unexpected twist. Mr. Harrison’s gaze found mine across the garden, a silent conversation in the midst of the noise.

“Jake, is it just me, or is your dad…?” I trailed off, not wanting to sound inappropriate.

Jake chuckled softly. “Dad’s a charmer, always has been. Don’t let it bother you.”

As the night deepened, the wine in my glass seemed to whisper secrets, its warmth spreading through me like a soft, inviting blanket. The world seemed to sway gently, the edges blurring into a soft-focus photograph.

And then, there he was again, Mr. Harrison, his approach casual yet somehow intentional. “Enjoying the party, Amy?” he asked, a twinkle in his eye.

I smiled, a blush creeping up my cheeks. “Absolutely, though I must say, your family parties are quite the experience. Also, your wife looks so pretty in that green dress.”

He laughed a rich sound that filled the space between us, he seemed to look like he was eyeing me up. “Just wait until the end of the night. That’s when the real fun begins. Yeah, the wife loves to dress up, The same goes for you, you look… wow stunning.”

The conversation was light, flirty even, and I found myself enjoying the banter. But as the night wore on, the room began to spin just a bit too much. Excusing myself, I made my way to the bathroom, the coolness of the tiles a welcome relief.

I leaned over the sink, the cool porcelain grounding me as the room seemed to continue its gentle swirl. “Just breathe, Amy,” I told myself, hoping the spinning would stop.

Then, the door opened, and I felt a presence behind me. It was Mr. Harrison, concern etched on his features. “Are you okay, Amy?” he asked, his voice a soft anchor in the swirling chaos.

“I…I think I just overdid it a bit,” I managed to say, my voice a mere whisper.

He placed a gentle hand on my back, the touch both surprising and comforting. “I remember my first family party, ended up much like this,” he said, a soft chuckle in his voice. “Let’s just say, the Harrisons know how to throw a party, but they also know how to take care of each other.”

His words, warm and genuine, washed over me, and for a moment, the room stopped spinning. I realized then that the night was far from over, and the story of this party, my story, was taking a turn I never expected.

As I steadied myself against the sink, Mr. Harrison’s comforting presence was a grounding force in the dizzying swirl of the evening. “Thank you, Mr. Harrison,” I managed to say, the words a soft whisper amidst the chaos of my thoughts.

He offered me a gentle, knowing smile. “Please, call me Michael,” he insisted, his voice as warm as the look in his eyes. “And it’s no trouble at all, Amy. We Harrisons look out for each other, and tonight, you’re one of us.”

His words enveloped me, their warmth seeping into the cold, tiled walls of the bathroom. As we talked, the space between us seemed to dissolve, the air charged with an unexpected energy. His stories, told with a certain charisma, drew me in, each word painting a vivid picture of a life lived boldly.

The more we spoke, the more the world outside seemed to fade away, leaving just the two of us in our secluded sanctuary. The air was thick with a tension neither of us had anticipated, a silent acknowledgement of the connection sparking between us.

Then, in a moment that felt both inevitable and utterly surprising, Michael closed the distance between us. His hand found its way to my cheek, a touch so gentle it sent shivers down my spine. I looked up into his eyes, seeing there a reflection of my own racing heart.

And then, we kissed.

It was a kiss that eclipsed everything, the world outside the bathroom door ceasing to exist. It was intense and passionate, a perfect storm of emotions that had been simmering beneath the surface of our conversation. His lips moved against mine with a tenderness that belied the fervour of the moment, a dance of give and take that left me breathless.

As our lips met, time seemed to stand still, the noise of the party fading into a distant hum, the lights blurring into a cascade of colours behind my closed eyelids. There was only the kiss, a connection so profound it threatened to overwhelm me, yet I couldn’t, wouldn’t, pull away. I felt his hand squeeze my ass cheek as I was pressed against him. I could feel something stiff in his crotch, this isn’t like me I am so out of character but I wanted him to take me right here.

But suddenly, Michael pulled back, his gaze meeting mine with a hunger that made my heart race even faster. Without a word, he took my hand and led me to the sink, his fingers intertwining with mine as he positioned me just as he wanted.

I gripped the sink as he lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down as his cock slowly entered me from behind, his touch igniting a fire within me that I had never known before. He groaned as he began to move, his hands roaming over my body as he pounded into me with a ferocity that left me gasping for air.

With each thrust, he seemed to hit a new spot, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me. I felt his balls slapping against me with every thrust, the sound filling the small bathroom and only adding to the intensity of the moment. My body felt like it was on fire, my skin tingling with anticipation and desire.

“F… Fuck… Fuck me harder, mmmmm, your cock is a lot bigger than Jake’s oh shit,” he was going so hard at me. I fucking loved the way he pounded me.

I arched my back and pushed my ass back against him as he continued to fuck me from behind, the sensation of his hardness fucking going in and out of me. The intensity with which we fucked in the toilet was beyond anything I’d ever experienced.

The feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of me was so fucking amazing as he continued to fuck me. His hand moved to the front of me and started rubbing my clit. While the other hand cupped one of my tits as he slammed his cock into me.

“Ah fuck, Amy your pussy Arghh, damn you feel so fucking good,” he said while he got rougher with his thrusts.

I wanted more, needed more, and he gave it to me, his pace quickening, his thrusts becoming harder and more urgent. I could feel my body building towards an explosive climax, and when it finally hit, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I cried out, my body shaking as waves of pleasure rolled over me. Michael continued to fuck me, his own release building until he finally let go, filling me with his hot cum.

He pulled his cock out of me and I turned around and pulled my knickers back up blushing as I smiled at him. I watched as he tucked his cock away as he then smiled back, “Not bad for a 51-year-old right, I can’t believe I did that to you while my wife is downstairs,” oh shit he was 51 not bad, also I never thought about his wife and also Jake probably too busy anyway. I was so turned on knowing Michael’s wife was downstairs and Jake was, oh wow.

“Wow, Michael that was, well breathtaking, our little secret ok,” I smiled at him, I could get used to his cock which was so fucking good.

“Hey, maybe next time am away for business I take you with me, just a thought as mmm you are so hot, also glad to meet you, Amy,” he kissed my forehead and left the bathroom.

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