Long car journey with sister Kara

Every summer, like clockwork, our family would head to the old cabin, hidden among whispering pines and sunlit clearings. It was a beloved tradition, punctuated by a long drive to reach our destination.

This morning, the atmosphere was already humming with the portent of a sweltering day as Dad ignited the venerable old station wagon, which had weathered countless miles of adventure. Mom, ever the diligent organizer, meticulously arranged the picnic basket in the front passenger seat, guaranteeing that our sustenance was within arm’s reach. As the final member to ascend to the vehicle, I, Simon, an eighteen-year-old youth, resigned myself to the snug confines of the back seat.

Kara, my twenty-six-year-old sister with a flair for the dramatic and a stubborn streak, was already comfortably seated in the back amidst a heap of bags and a cooler. She wore a stylish short skirt which barely covered her ass paired with a crop top that echoed her vibrant and somewhat bratty personality. The front seats were occupied by Mom and Dad, leaving the rest of us to negotiate the limited space in the back.

“Hey, Kara, any chance you can make some room?” I asked, peering into the cluttered backseat. Looking down at her, I could see right down her crop top as her tits settled in her top with no bra. I could see the imprint of her nipples pressing against the fabric.

Her tits look incredible in that top, the way they bounce every time she moves. I tried to focus; this is what my older sister thinks about, but I won’t lie. In the past, I have spied on her, and her tits are great.

She glanced back, her expression a mix of annoyance and defiance. “And sit where, Simon? On the cooler?” Her voice dripped with sarcasm, punctuated by her refusal even to attempt to make space.

“I can’t fit, Kara. Just come on, shift a bit,” I pressed, the frustration edging into my tone.

Kara rolled her eyes, her lips pursing in that annoying way that signalled she wasn’t budging. “Look, Simon, it’s not my fault you were slow. There’s no space.”

I tried to demonstrate by wedging a foot awkwardly between a duffle bag and a box of snacks, my knee brushing the ceiling. “I can’t even get in,” I grunted, the absurdity almost comical.

“That’s not my problem. Maybe you should’ve gotten here earlier,” she snapped, crossing her arms, her posture unyielding.

The standoff might have lasted longer if Dad hadn’t intervened. His voice, firm and a tad exasperated, cut through the bickering. “Kara, out of the car. Now.”

With a huff that could have stirred the leaves on the trees, Kara climbed out, shooting me a glare that could sour milk. I slipped into the backseat, sighing in relief as my body finally relaxed into the cramped space.

“Now, Kara, sit on Simon’s lap. It’s only for four hours,” Dad commanded, settling back into his seat, clearly done with the argument.

Kara’s face was a storm about to break, but she complied, sliding in reluctantly. Her weight settled onto me; Her ass felt soft as she sat on my knee. The car pulled away, the engine humming steadily as we were on a long journey with my sister on my knee.

Kara’s skirt shifted slightly as she sat down, letting me see her smooth, tanned legs. I attempted to not focus on it, but it wasn’t easy. Her body was cosy and soft against me, and I could feel the warmth coming from her. I tightened my jaw, attempting to think of anything other than the feeling of her bottom on my knee.

“Dad, this is crazy! I can’t sit on Simon’s lap for the whole car ride,” Kara complained, sounding annoyed.

“It’s only for the drive, Kara. You can sit somewhere else once we arrive,” Dad said firmly.

Kara fidgeted, which made her skirt ride up. I saw the lacy edge of her underwear and felt my cheeks getting warm. I looked away, focusing on the scenery outside the car.

“Simon, stop looking at my butt,” Kara whispered harshly. “I’m not doing this because I want to.”

I glanced away, taking in the scenery outside. “I didn’t mean to,” I apologized, feeling silly.

“Oh my gosh, Simon, I can feel it. Please stop,” Kara whispered, her voice barely heard over the car’s noise.

“I can’t help it, Kara. You’re sitting on me and moving around, and it’s hard to keep in check,” I confessed, feeling my cheeks warm.

Kara let out a sigh, her body becoming stiff on my lap. “This is so embarrassing. Can’t we find another way?” she asked, sounding uncomfortable.

Dad glanced at us through the rearview mirror, a hint of amusement in his eyes. “Just try to make do for now. We’ll be there soon,” he reassured, focusing back on the road.

I could feel her shifting on my lap, her movements unintentionally brushing against me in a way that made it twitch in my pants. It made it worse when we started driving over a bumpy road.

Kara’s movements inadvertently grew more pronounced as the car jolted over the uneven terrain. Each bump sent a shiver down my spine as her ass pressed against my growing bulge. The friction between us was electric, igniting a fire of desire that I struggled to contain.

“Kara, please try to stay still,” I whispered, the urgency evident in my voice as I tried to maintain some semblance of composure. But even as I spoke, I could feel myself getting harder, my cock straining against the fabric of my jeans.

Her breath hitched slightly, the realization of our compromising position dawning on her. “I… I didn’t mean to, not… not like I want to be moving about on you,” she stammered, her voice betraying a mix of confusion and something else entirely.

The car hit a pothole, and it made Kara jolt up and slam back down on me; my cock was getting solid.

As she slammed back down onto me, I couldn’t help the involuntary groan that escaped my lips. Her ass felt terrific against my growing cock, and the friction between us was driving me wild. I knew I should stop this, but it felt too good.

Kara must have felt my reaction because she tensed up even more, her body rigid on my lap. I could feel her heart beating faster, even more so when she wriggled more.

Dad’s voice cut through the tension. “Everything alright back there?” he asked, glancing at us through the rearview mirror.

“Yeah, just a bumpy road,” I replied, trying to keep my voice steady and regular.

“What about you, Kara,” Mom asked her.

“Ugh, I’m fine, just the car being bumpy,” Kara replied, trying to keep her voice from trembling.

My cock was fully erect now, the hardness straining against my jeans even worse now. I couldn’t help the small whimper that escaped my lips as she wriggled against me again, the sensation almost too much to bear.

I saw my sister mess around on her mobile moments after I got a text; oh, it was from her.

The message from Kara read, “Simon, can we talk about this?”

I quickly responded, “Sure, what’s up?”

Kara shifted nervously on my lap before typing, “This is awkward, you and me in this situation.”

I glanced over at her, noticing her cheeks were flushed pink. “I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen,” I replied.

Kara’s fingers hovered over the screen before finally typing, “But… it’s nice.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise at her words. “Really?” I asked.

Kara bit her lip before nodding. “Yeah, it’s… it’s been a while since I felt this… connected to someone,” she confessed.

My heart skipped a beat at her words. I never thought Kara would see me this way, let alone admit it. I tentatively reached out and placed my hand on her thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Kara looked up at me, her eyes wide with surprise before a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “Simon…” she whispered, her voice barely audible over the sound of the car engine.

“Kara…” I echoed, my hand still resting on her thigh. I could feel her trembling slightly under my touch.

As we continued our journey to the cabin, Kara leaned back against me, her body melting into mine. I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her closer as the car shuddered us over the uneven terrain.

The journey to the cabin was long, and I could feel the tension between Kara and me growing with every passing mile. Her body was warm and soft against mine, and I could feel the heat radiating off her skin. I tried to ignore the contact, but it was nearly impossible.

I heard her sigh, and she started typing another message on her mobile. I suppose she is sending me a message.

Kara’s message read, “Simon, Omg, you are so fucking hard I can feel you beneath me.”

I couldn’t help but blush as I read her message. I had never been in this situation before and was unsure how to respond.

Kara glanced back at me, her face showing a blend of shame and longing. “Okay, I will assist, but we have to keep our voices down,” she quietly murmured, her face turning pink as she moved her underwear to the side.

“Dad, can you raise the volume on the radio?” I asked, hoping it would create some noise for us.

The car was filled with rock music from the radio as Kara positioned herself above me; I pulled out my cock dripping with precum; I pulled her panties to the side as she carefully guided my erect cock towards her waiting pussy. I held my breath as she lowered herself onto me, feeling every inch of my length enter her warm, wet embrace.

I reached up to inside her top to cup Kara’s breasts as she began to rock her hips back and forth, our bodies moving in time with the rhythm of the song on the radio. The sensation of her tight, wet pussy enveloping my cock was overwhelming, and I struggled to keep my composure.

“Shh, we mmm, fuck need to be subtle,” Kara said as she slowly twerked as my dick slipped in and out of her.

The car ride flew by in a blur of sights, sounds, and sensations that left me breathless. Kara’s warmth was pressed against me, her soft thighs trembling under my hands, and the wetness between her legs was intoxicating. It was like a dream but so much better.

“Oh, yes, yes! Mmm, that feels so good,” Kara moaned, her voice trembling with pleasure. Her hips moved with wild abandon, grinding against me with a desperate urgency. With every movement, her breath hitched, and a low moan escaped her lips. Despite the risk of being caught, she couldn’t help but give in to the overwhelming sensations.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Right there, baby. Oh, God, you feel so fucking amazing,” I groaned, my voice strained with pleasure. I gripped her hips, pulling her down onto me with a fierce urgency. Our bodies moved in a furious rhythm, every movement sending a wave of pleasure through us.

As Kara moved on top of me, her hips slapping against my thighs, I couldn’t help but let out a low groan of pleasure. The feeling of her tight pussy gripping my cock was almost overwhelming, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. But I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to savour this moment, to make it last as long as possible.

So I reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them firmly as I thrust my hips up to meet hers. Kara’s moans grew louder, her breath coming in ragged gasps as I picked up the pace. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock, her muscles clenching and unclenching as she neared the brink of orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Just like that, Kara. Oh, God, you feel so good,” I groaned, my voice strained with pleasure. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, my hips moving in a desperate rhythm as I stared at her ass as it bounced on my cock her ass cheeks hitting my balls.

All of a sudden, she let out a sharp gasp as she reached her peak, her body trembling with pure pleasure. I could feel her pulsating around me, her orgasm squeezing every last bit of me.

I couldn’t resist any longer. With a final, powerful thrust, I released inside her, filling her up completely with my hot, thick release.

Kara looked up at me, her eyes wide with surprise and craving. “Simon, what have we done?” she asked, her voice shaking as she gently pulled away, leaving my cock glistening with her wetness and my release.

I gently pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, my hand lingering on her face. “I’m not sure, Kara, but it felt… amazing,” I confessed, my heart racing.

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