Letting the pizza guy have a hot reward

I couldn’t stand being cooped up in my tiny apartment any longer. Even though the lockdown had been lifted, it was late at night, and I felt frustrated. And to make matters worse, I hadn’t had sex in what felt like forever. I am a 23-year-old redhead named Lily, and I was so horny it was driving me insane. My pussy needed some attention as it was feeling more dryer than a nun’s cunt.

I walked back and forth in my apartment, searching for anything to take my mind off my intense longing. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to help. I had an intense craving for satisfaction, and I knew I needed something or someone to fulfil it. That’s when I remembered the pizza place only a few blocks away. Although I hadn’t ordered from there, I knew their meat feast pizza was delicious and satisfying.

I picked up my phone and dialled their number right away. I decided to shower while waiting for my pizza to arrive quickly. I undressed and meticulously cleaned every part of my body. As my hands moved over my body, lingering on my perky tits as I soaped them up and my lovely clean-shaven pussy, I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement.

My fingers found their way between my lips, and as I slid them inside myself, I let out a low, throaty groan. My fingers were slick with soap and my arousal, making it easy for them to glide in and out of my pussy. I increased the speed and intensity, pumping my two fingers in and out of myself as I moaned louder and louder.

The water from the shower felt cool against my skin, but the heat between my legs was enough to make me sweat. My breathing grew ragged, my chest heaving up and down as I continued to fuck myself with my two fingers.

*Knock, Knock* “Shit, food is here already,” I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and quickly dried off.

I had to yell, “Wait, I am coming,” as I was drying off from my shower. I then changed into a short, sultry, skimpy black nightgown. I was curious to see the pizza guy’s reaction when he noticed. I could not get rid of the tingle between my legs as I waited for the doorbell to ring. I knew this pizza guy would be my release since I had one goal in my mind, which was ‘Seduction’, and I was good at it, too.

I opened the door to find a nervous-looking guy, probably in his early twenties, holding my pizza.

“Hello, I think that’s my meatfeast pizza. Meat feast pizza is my favourite. I adore meat in every form. You know how a girl can’t get enough of good meat?” I smiled and leaned against the door frame.

The guy’s face turned bright red, and he fidgeted with the pizza box. My forwardness flustered him, but I could see the desire in his eyes.

“I’m Tyler,” he said, his voice trembling with excitement.

“Tyler,” I said, smiling. “So, are you married or have a girlfriend?”

Tyler’s eyes widened, and he swallowed hard. “No, I’m not dating anyone,” he said, attempting to sound self-assured. “Great,” I said seductively, leaning in closer. “My name is Lily, and I’m famished.”

I could feel Tyler’s cock growing against my thigh, and I knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. I grabbed his hand and led him to my couch without another word. I could see the hesitation in his eyes, but I was determined to have my way with him.

“Please sit on the couch,” I said while gesturing.

Tyler sat down as I stood before him, his eyes fixed on my body. I carefully placed the pizza box on the coffee table, bending down to give him a clear view of my ass and my rear view of my pussy since I was not wearing any underwear. I could see the hunger in his eyes as soon as I got up.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” I said, my voice low and lustful.

With a menacing smile, I fell to my knees before Tyler, still seated on the couch. His cock was already hard and waiting for me when I undid the zipper. I took him in my mouth and gently began to lick and swirl my tongue around the head of his cock.

Tyler moaned and tangled his fingers in my damp hair from the shower, guiding me as I took him deeper into my mouth. I could feel him getting harder and harder, and I knew he wouldn’t be able to last long.

I pulled back and looked up at him. “Do you like that?” I asked, my voice husky with desire as I tasted his precum on my tongue.

Tyler could only nod, his breathing becoming more and more erratic. I grinned and went back to sucking him, this time with more urgency. I could feel his cock throbbing against my tongue, and I knew he was close.

“Fuck,” he groaned as I bobbed my head up and down on his manhood.

“Fucking hell, ah my cock, oh shit, that feels good,” I used my hand to stroke him as I sucked his cock.

“Fuck am going to cum,” I quickly stopped. I didn’t want him to blow his load just yet.

“Nah, not so fast. Now it’s my turn,” I said, standing up and sitting on the couch.

I lifted my nightie, revealing my bare pussy to him. “Come give me your meat and have a feast on me,” I said, my voice dripping with desire.

Tyler needed no further invitation. He got up off the couch from next to me and pulled me to the edge of the couch, my legs hanging off the side. He got on to his knees as his mouth explored my pussy, and it felt good.

I groaned softly as he placed my pussy right in front of his face. I felt his warm breath on my delicate skin, and it made me shiver. His lips barely touched my folds as he leaned in closer. He moved his thumbs slowly and deliberately to part my labia and then inserted his tongue very gently into my moist pussy.

As Tyler’s tongue explored my inner walls, I couldn’t help but let out a low groan of pleasure. He was so skilled at this, his tongue dancing around my clitoral area and flicking against it just right. His hands gripped my thighs tightly, holding me in place as he feasted on my pussy.

Tyler abruptly removed his tongue from my pussy and inserted his finger deep inside of me in its place. He began to add another layer of pleasure to the mix by pumping his finger in and out of my tight hole. I groaned loudly as my hips buckled under his grip.

Desperate for release, I grabbed Tyler’s head and pushed his face deeper into my cunt as he began to eat me out once more. In response, he sucked on my clit and flicked his tongue in time with his finger, intensifying his tongue work.

Eventually, he pulled his face away from my wet cunt, a satisfied smile on his lips. “You taste fucking amazing,” he said while stroking his cock.

“Fuck me now,” I said, my voice breathless. Tyler didn’t need any more encouragement.

Tyler stood up from the floor and moved to stand in between my legs. He positioned his penis in line with my wet pussy and moved forward gradually. His hard, thick cock pierced me and filled me. I gasped. He took a brief break to allow me to get used to his size before he began thrusting into me.

As Tyler fucked me, my arse hanging off the edge of the couch as I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding onto him tightly. His pace was slow and steady initially, but it quickly picked up as he got increasingly into it. His hands roamed over my body, squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I moaned loudly, the pleasure coursing through my body.

I could feel Tyler’s hands roughly grabbing hold of my ass as he pulled me closer into him. His thrusting became more intense, becoming almost primal. All I could do was clutch onto the couch cushion, trying to brace myself for every powerful thrust as he took me from behind.

Just a moment before I was reaching my climax, he pulled out of me like a cruel tease – but it didn’t last long. He grabbed me, turned me back around and pushed me on the couch. I wanted to scream out in utter pleasure as he prepared to enter me again, this time in a different – more intimate way. And with no warning, in one swift motion, I felt him thrust himself right back in.

“Oh, fuck Yes!” I cried out helplessly. My moaning became almost constant, driving him deeper inside me like an animal. His control was overwhelming, and being at his mercy was no longer just a fantasy or a simple desire. Suddenly, he gripped harder onto my hips, seemingly trying to mark his territory.

Now, every thrust was piercingly deep, putting pressure on my cervix, with each movement sending waves of pleasure through every inch of my body – I could barely contain a series of gasps combined with ecstatic moaning. My head was lulling back uncontrollably, practically begging for more every time his hips bucked wildly behind me. At this point, I dug my fingers into the worn-out couch cushions, tugging at the fabric as if it were part of me.

“Don’t hold back!” I demanded he give me everything he fucking had, “Don’t fucking stop!” Barely holding on, between the muffled moaning and screams, in a weak attempt to meet his intense rhythm. Still, Tyler’s endless thrusts continued, faster and deeper, filling all of me. The cushions now muffled everything, from the sound of our sweaty bodies fiercely slapping and grinding together to an almost sinister mix between our combined moans drowned in the room; it was pure ecstatic pleasure.

“I’m going to cum, oh fuck, mmmm, my pussy,” I panted, my voice breaking. “Don’t stop. Please fuck me harder.”

My body felt like a ragdoll in Tyler’s hands. It was as if my moans and whimpers only fueled his appetite for more, faster and rougher. Each brutal thrust sent waves of mind-numbing pleasure that pulsed through me like electricity. My legs kicked out, and I could not maintain any control as the tempo increased.

My nails dug into the cushions, trying to grasp for something solid – trying to find some ground to cling to in a storm of sensations as Tyler’s intense thrusting brought us to the edge of climax.

The wet sound of our bodies crashing together echoed around us, the couch rattling against the floor with the strength of each powerful stroke. Our bodies were slicked with sweat, panting heavily, and moans that seemed to have no end.

My chest was heaving with a primal need. It was as if the most essential part of my humanity was begging to give in to the insanity of this all-consuming lust. All the while, I’d never felt more vulnerable or more alive in my entire life.

Tyler’s hot breath was heavy in my ear, whispering erotic words, words I could barely comprehend, with my mind lost in pleasure. I felt like my soul was unravelling, spiralling into an abyss of sheer ecstasy, unable to contain it or do anything other than let go and enjoy the ride.

“You better be ready for the fucking ride of your life,” Tyler snarled, his hips moving in a primal rhythm as he fucked me. I felt my orgasm building, my muscles clenching around his cock as I neared the edge.

And then I felt a wave of intense pleasure wash over me, my whole body shuddering as I squirted all over Tyler’s cock. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed out, unable to contain the intensity of my release. Tyler yelled out, his hips stuttering as he felt me cum. “Oh, fuck! You’re so fucking hot, Lily!”

As I struggled to breathe through the overwhelming pleasure, Tyler’s thrusting became erratic, his grunts and groans joining the symphony of moans that filled the room.

“I’m going to fucking cum,” he grunted, pulling out of me in one swift motion. His cock was slick with my juices as he started to stroke it quickly. I looked over my shoulder to see him, my eyes filled with lust as I watched Tyler’s muscles tighten as he ejaculated.

A thick white rope of cum shot through the air and landed on my back with a splat. Another followed, and another, until his balls were empty and twitching in his grip.

“Best. Pizza. Delivery. Ever,” he said, and we both burst out laughing.



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Mikey Donald

Mikey Donald

Omg, this made me cum so hard fuck Lily, I wish I were that pizza guy.

Lily Boo

Lily Boo

Haha thank you I guess.