Intense Long Journey with Backseat Mommy

Moving day is the moment when you finally realize just how much stuff you have collected throughout your life.

As our youngest son embarked on his college journey, my husband John and I found ourselves undertaking two moves simultaneously. Our new destination was a condo just a short distance from our current home, but first, we had to make a sixteen-hour trip to drop off Nathan at college.

As we didn’t have the title for our new place yet, we had to put our belongings in storage, and the plan was to embark on a two-week road trip after dropping off Nathan. This meant driving for a few days before finally reaching our destination and bidding farewell to our son.

While we were loading up the car with Nathan’s belongings and our suitcases for our nearly three-week journey, we came across a significant issue. Once everything was packed, we realized that there was only enough space for two people to sit comfortably: the driver and someone in the back seat directly behind them. Everywhere else in the car was filled to the brim with Nathan’s things and our suitcases.

Despite my husband’s attempts to rearrange everything, there was an overwhelming amount that made it impossible.

I eventually proposed, “Nathan and I could both fit in there.”

“Would we really be able to handle being stuck together for sixteen hours?” John questioned. “I have a feeling you both might just end up driving each other crazy.”

“I suppose we’ll need to make more frequent stops if we go this route,” I casually remarked.

John playfully remarked that even though my bladder could be a hindrance, we would still have to take breaks along the way. He was always annoyed by my frequent need for pit stops, as he was someone who preferred to move quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, my bladder was more of a laid-back traveller, always wanting to pause and admire the surroundings, even if it meant just stopping to relieve itself.

I looked over at Nathan, noticing that he was just as slim as I was. “Do you think you can handle being cramped beside your old mother for sixteen hours?” I asked.

“I suppose I have no choice,” my son replied sarcastically, reluctantly agreeing. He felt a sense of resistance, but he understood that leaving some of his belongings behind was not an option.

“Watch your attitude, young man,” I replied teasingly. “You’re going to be sitting next to me for sixteen hours, so it would be wise to keep me in a good mood.”

It should be mentioned that the weather was scorching on that July day, and to beat the heat, I opted for a short summer dress for the car ride.

Together, we completed an additional bathroom break, which I naturally took advantage of, before Nathan and I wedged ourselves into the snug area meant for only one person.

In a tone that mirrored his son’s sarcasm, John quipped, “Feeling comfortable and snug, are we?”

As Nathan’s right elbow dug into my boobs, I joked, “like a bull in a china shop.”

“Let’s hope we don’t break any expensive china,” Nathan added a little humour, shifting a bit more, resulting in even more pressure on my left tit, since on the other side I was crammed up against a pile of items that was stacked to the car roof.

Half an hour out of the city, I spoke up. “This isn’t working. I feel like a sardine in a can.”

Nathan looked up from his iPad, where he’d been reading, just as I struggled with my Kindle app. “You don’t like being packed in tight?”

“Not really,” I admitted, shifting around to no avail. “Maybe sitting on your lap would be better?”

He nodded. “Okay.”

I settled onto his lap and sighed in relief. “Now, this is much better.”

“Agreed,” he replied.

“Do you think I’m too heavy for you?” I inquired, despite being 42 and maintaining a strong physique. My figure was slender, with big tits, toned buttocks, and shapely legs. Being a real estate agent, I understood the importance of appearance in my line of work.

Sex sells, always has. That’s why I wear sexy yet professional outfits, like fitted dresses and high heels. My 38D-cup boobs get attention, helping me close deals.

“You’re good,” John said, adjusting his seat.

As John drove, I realized two things:

  1. Wearing a revealing dress was a bad idea, now I’m sitting on my son’s lap with my skirt barely covering my butt and only thin panties between us.
  2. His hard-on presses against my pussy, making it throb. Good thing I’m wearing panties.

My son, once the nerdy type in high school like his father, had transformed. After receiving full-ride scholarships from over a dozen colleges, he chose to work in construction over the summer. This decision changed him physically. His once scrawny arms now bore impressive muscles. I often complimented him on this summer transformation. He had grown from a boy into a man.

As we travelled on a rough stretch of road undergoing construction, I came to the sudden realization that my son had grown into a man, as I could sense his firm masculinity directly below me, and oh boy he has surely grown up alright I could feel it.

As his body jostled against mine, his cock kept hitting my sensitive vagina. Despite my efforts to restrain myself, I couldn’t help but feel aroused. I contemplated shifting my position, but I was hesitant as I didn’t want to cause him any embarrassment by acknowledging his arousal. As an alternative, I attempted to regulate my movements by placing my hands on the back of the seat in front of me.

For what seemed like an endless amount of time, my son’s stiffened cock, fortunately, confined by his shorts, continued to grind against my aroused feminine area, causing me to lose control.

At last, the road became even and his arousal subsided, though it remained rigid and palpable beneath my entrance. Though I knew shifting even slightly to the side could alleviate the pressure, I found myself rooted in place. Partly out of concern for his potential embarrassment, but also, admittedly, because the current position was incredibly pleasurable.

For twenty minutes, I sat on his erect penis only thing between it was our clothing while talking to my husband to try and forget how uncomfortable the situation was.

As we continued, I spotted an upcoming rest stop. “Let’s stop there,” I suggested.

As John slowed down, Nathan’s penis began to move against me. It touched me three times, lightly but enough for me to feel it against my labia. I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

John asked me, “You okay, my love?”

“I just need to stretch for a bit,” I said, blushing from being turned on by sitting on my son and feeling what I felt.

“I could use a drink,” my husband said, steering the car towards the rest stop.

“Me too,” I echoed, feeling the dryness in my throat.

As we came to a halt, I turned to Nathan with a smile. “Bet you’re ready for a break as well, huh?”

“No, I’ve been having fun best journey ever with a mom beautiful mom that I love,” my son replied, making it clear that there was no hidden meaning behind his words. Despite feeling guilty and frustrated, I couldn’t deny that I was also enjoying the ride. But I knew that if I mentioned it, it would come across as something sexual, so I kept my mouth shut.

As I stepped out of the car, my face turned an even deeper shade of red. My son followed, and two things caught my attention. Firstly, his shorts revealed a noticeable bulge. And secondly, there was a wet patch on the fabric, evidence of my own arousal.

I quickly walked to the washroom, feeling embarrassed about the wetness that had seeped into my son’s shorts. As soon as I entered, I took off my underwear and was shocked by how soaked they were. I felt disgusted, I am supposed to be a mother to him and a devoted wife.

I have always been easily turned on and would get very wet when I got turned on. My husband was not able to fulfil my sexual desires, so I kept a few sex toys with me to help me finish. I had a we-vibe, a couple of vibrators, anal beads, a butterfly toy that I could use outside of the bedroom, and my most recent purchase, a massage vibe that gave me amazing orgasms.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My body was consumed with desire and I needed a release. I found a stall in the public toilets and propped myself up against the wall. Without any hesitation, I started to pleasure myself. Nathan’s unintentional teasing had left me feeling incredibly turned on, and it didn’t take long for me to reach climax. As I came, my juices spilled down my leg. I quickly cleaned myself up with some toilet paper, feeling slightly awkward.

After feeling much better, I squeezed the moisture out of my underwear to make them drier. However, when I put them back on, I felt embarrassed by how wet they still were. Normally, I enjoyed sex and orgasms, but the constant reminder of my son’s arousal was overwhelming. So I took off the panties again.

I quickly put the wet thong in my purse and went to the sink to clean my hands and legs. Just my luck, a mother and child walked in, so I washed my hands thoroughly, hoping it would hide the smell of my own orgasm.

After leaving the restroom, I resolved not to sit on my son’s lap again. We would just have to manage, squeezed side by side. I bought a Coke and a bag of chips from a vending machine before returning to the car.

“Ugh,” I groaned as I stepped out of the shaded rest stop into the scorching summer heat. It was like being in a sauna. I wanted to grab a new pair of panties from my suitcase, but I knew I couldn’t. How could I explain that? Saying I needed a change would sound silly and just invite more questions. I’ll pass on that.

I approached my husband and son, who were chatting beside the car.

John flashed a playful smile. “So, less than fourteen hours to go. Piece of cake.”

Nathan responded, “I’m not sure about the cake part. It’s going to be a tight ride.”

I wasn’t certain, perhaps it was just my self-consciousness, but it seemed like he emphasized the word ‘tight’.

Laughing, I said, “Looks like we’re in for some unavoidable mom-and-son bonding.” I realized too late that my words might add to the innuendo if there was one.

John chimed in, “It’s just you two in the back for the entire drive. I definitely can’t fit back there with anyone.”

He was right. My husband’s size meant neither my son nor I could sit with him, either side by side or on his lap.

I had just under fourteen hours left to spend with my son in the backseat. The next stretch would be without any underwear. It was frustrating.

Fucking hell.

My son slid into the car before me, gesturing to his lap.

I paused, my initial plan being to take the seat first. “Maybe we should give side-by-side another shot?”

He smiled, patting his lap again. “It’s alright, Mom, to be honest, I liked it before come on.”

“Side by side will be too tight,” he replied. “We already learned that the hard way.”

The word ‘tight’ echoed in my mind. Is he using it intentionally? I wondered.

“Are you sure?” I asked. As I know It be awkward without my panties and my still-damp pussy from a strong orgasm.

!I don’t want to sit on your lap,” I said, not wanting to repeat the experience of sitting on his lap and feeling pleasure. He brushed off my concern, saying that I wasn’t heavy at all. I still wasn’t sure, and I could see evidence of our previous encounter on his shorts. His erection had subsided, though.

“Mom, it’s really not hard,” he said, and I noticed he repeated ‘hard’ this time.

The mischievous part of me wanted to say, ‘It’ll probably get difficult soon,’ but the responsible mother in me asked, “Are you sure I won’t be too overbearing?”

He said confidently, “Mom, I can handle whatever you give me. Trust me, I can handle anything.”

I sat down on his lap once again, not sure if his words were meant to be suggestive. To avoid any discomfort, I shifted my position to sit more on his leg rather than his crotch. We continued driving for about thirty minutes, with me sitting in that spot, trying to maintain a decent posture. Suddenly, he placed his hands on my hips and told me that we needed to change positions without asking for my input.

He lifted me up slightly and said, “Mom, we need to switch.”

He put me back on his lap and I could feel his hard penis against my bare vagina. A sound came out of my mouth as my body reacted to the feeling.

For the next thirty minutes, even though the road was smooth, I could feel his penis twitching from time to time, causing my vagina to tremble and become very wet.

John then asked, “Are you comfortable back there?”

My son responded, “It’s a little tight, but it’s good, very good in fact, mom is making me feel very comfy and relaxed.” He then placed his hand on my knee.

As he said that, I felt movements from his penis.

John then asked, “Are you okay, Sarah?” I gasped because I could feel some wetness coming out of me.

“I’m fine love just keep an eye on the road,” I said. I wanted to move from his lap, but I was worried that I had left a wet spot on my son’s shorts. If I moved, it would be obvious. I’ve always loved having multiple orgasms, but at this moment, it was my weakness and with it being my son causing this, made it weird.

John glanced at the road ahead. “Next stop’s about an hour away,” he said.

I shrugged, aiming for nonchalance. “No worries, we’ll manage.”

Nathan chimed in from the backseat. “Yeah, but it’s starting to feel pretty warm back here.”

“The air conditioning’s maxed out,” John replied, glancing at the controls. I wasn’t feeling too warm, except maybe in my lower back, a slight discomfort.

Nathan’s tone held a hint of mischief. “Maybe it’s just the close quarters back here.” His words seemed intentionally suggestive, carrying an undercurrent of innuendo. Was he flirting with me? The thought was both startling and confusing, stirring a mix of emotions.

Nathan moved, pushing his hard penis against my vagina with more force. “I think it’s because Mom is sitting on me that I feel so hot back here,” Nathan said, as he pushed his penis directly against my vagina… it was clear what he wanted. His words had two different meanings, one for his father and a different one for me.

After a short while, Nathan asked his dad, “Can you turn the radio up?”

John hesitated, “Son If I do, we won’t be able to talk. I can barely hear you now.”

“Don’t worry,” Nathan reassured him, “we can just let you drive and jam out to your favourite 80s songs. And I’ll be occupied soon anyway.”

Occupied soon, I wonder what he meant by that?

“Sweet dreams are made of this,” my husband sang along, cranking up the volume as the Eurythmics hit filled the car.

Nathan was busy with his phone. Out of nowhere, my phone chimed with the sound of an incoming text message.

My purse was on the floor and I reached down to grab it. As I did, my son’s hard penis pressed against my vagina as I moved.

I grabbed my phone and sat back up, accidentally rubbing my wet pussy against his crotch once more. I noticed a text from my son.

I received a new message and clicked on it.

Omg, Mom Why are you not wearing any knickers, I can see your bare pussy?

I gasped again. Although this time the music was too loud for my husband to hear me.

I was at a loss for words. It felt like my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Then, another message popped up.

And oh my why are you so wet? Sorry but am turned on so much right now.

I sent a message back. “Stop it, I am your mom.”

I couldn’t make up my mind. I sent him a message to put an end to his inappropriate texting. However, I was also feeling very turned on, so I wasn’t thinking about being a responsible mother or wife, but rather like a sexually adventurous woman.

As I looked at my phone, I was surprised by my son’s bold words. At the same time, I was also feeling aroused. Suddenly, Nathan’s hands grabbed my hips and lifted me up, what is he up to?

I leaned against the driver’s seat, accidentally bumping into my husband, John. He looked back at me and I quickly tried to act natural, even though my mind was in a daze.

I told him, “Sorry, I was just moving around.” John apologized for the situation we were in.

“It is what it is darling,” I said, not blaming him. My son’s hands were on my hips as he helped me back onto his lap, but I didn’t expect him to directly guide me down on his hard cock, as it pierced straight up my cunt!

I let out a surprised gasp and John turned down the radio, asking if I was okay.

“I felt a sharp poke”, I couldn’t help but make a suggestive comment. It was an incredible feeling as my son’s larger-than-my-husband’s engorged cock was inside me, and his hands were holding me in place.

“Okay,” he nodded, turning the radio back up just as A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ started playing, another classic from the eighties.

With my phone still in my hand, I wrote a text ‘What are you doing, why is your thing inside me, am your mom,’ I clicked send.

Moments after I got a text back, I opened it and it said ‘It’s not like you do not want it, you have no knickers on, and you are also wet, and I took the opportunity to please you, but I can take it out, the fact that you haven’t told dad either.’

I sighed and ignored the text and heard him mumble near my ear, “I thought as much, just relax shhh.”

My mind was racing with conflicting emotions – fear, guilt, and yet a strange sense of pleasure. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but at the same time, I couldn’t deny the intense physical sensation of his cock resting inside of me. It was wrong in every way, but my body was responding in ways I couldn’t control.

I just sat there, feeling the urge to ride my son’s cock growing stronger with each passing second. I couldn’t help but wonder what my son, who I found to be astonishing, would do next. A part of me secretly hoped that Nathan would take even more control. However, I couldn’t shake off the worry that if he did, it would be impossible to hide the fact that we were engaging in incest right under my husband’s nose.

Despite my concerns, I couldn’t deny that I was enjoying the ride, every movement of Nathan’s cock sending waves of pleasure through my body as the car hit every bump.

I had to use all my willpower to remain silent, not wanting to give away the fact that I was willingly participating in this forbidden act. It was frustrating that my son, who had been so bold as to enter me, was now nonchalantly reading his Kindle as if his cock wasn’t buried deep inside his own mother.

But in that moment, I couldn’t help but revel in the taboo nature of our encounter, even as I struggled with the guilt and fear of getting caught.

I had to try really hard not to make any noise as we drove on the bumpy highway. John would sometimes drive over rumble strips, causing my body to shake and my wet pussy to feel a little wild.

I had to really focus and not move too much, even though I wanted to grind against his cock to pleasure myself. It was frustrating to have his dick inside me, but not doing anything to satisfy me. It drove me crazy!

John’s unexpected words, “We’ve got twelve miles until the next stop,” snapped me back to reality, only to find myself being taken control of by my son. His strong hands gripped my hips firmly, pulling me down onto his massive cock with a hunger that couldn’t be denied.

My lips sealed tightly, trying to stifle the moans that threatened to escape as I felt his cock sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy. The sensation was overwhelming, and I couldn’t help but let out a low, guttural moan as he picked up the pace, driving himself deeper inside me.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” I whispered very silently, unable to contain myself any longer. The pleasure was building inside me, and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. My son’s cock felt incredible, and I never wanted him to stop.

I felt thrilled that my son was finally gliding me up and down on his cock, but also embarrassed at my excitement.

The slow thrusting was bringing me immense pleasure throughout my entire fucking body.

Even though this was so fucking wrong on all levels. I found myself feeling frustrated because my son wasn’t having sex with me in the way I preferred.

However, I knew it wasn’t a good idea since his dad was nearby. This made me feel guilty because I was allowing my son to have sex with me.

It may seem like a small distinction, but it was the only thing I could hold onto in this strange situation…and now it was gone. But then my son released my hips, leaving the decision up to me. This was my opportunity to stop everything.

I could lift my body up and remove his penis from my very wet vagina. I could take control as a parent in this bizarre situation. However, I didn’t take control as a parent. Instead, I acted as a sexually aroused woman. I continued with the slow movements that my son had been controlling before.

Out of the blue, I found myself willingly riding my son instead of him forcing me to. I wanted him so badly, but I couldn’t get off because of the slow pace. I needed to bounce and ride him hard and fast, feeling him slam into me. It wasn’t about making love, it was about raw, primal desire. I wanted to twerk hard and fast as his cock fired in and out of my soaking snatch at high speed.

But I couldn’t do any of that without giving away the shocking truth to my husband. Just as I was lost in these conflicting thoughts, my phone buzzed on vibrate in my hand. I glanced at it and saw a text from my son saying ‘I love you, Mom’. Those 4 simple words, the most innocent and endearing term for a mother, reduced me to a quivering and needy mess.

I couldn’t deny the powerful feelings I had as his penis moved inside me slowly. It was hard to ignore, especially when he sent me tender words. It was all so confusing! But I loved him, that was for sure. No doubt about it. And this… whatever this was… only made me love him even more.

I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t wrong. How could it be wrong if it felt so right? I just wanted to make my son happy, like any mother would.

My hands were shaking as I tried to text him back as my pussy kept sliding up and down his cock.

I love you too, son.

He sent another text. I’m going to cum inside your pussy, Mom. I want to paint the inside walls of your vagina, oh shit you feel so good.

His dirty words were turning me on, but it also felt strange. The way he spoke about my pussy felt strange.

He sent another text: Please ride me a little faster, Mom.

Another one: Please, Mom!

I wanted to make my son happy, so I decided to get him off inside of me. As we were having sex, I began riding him faster and held onto my husband’s seat for support sliding up and down his cock.

I let out an uncontrollable moan, made worse by the fact that my head was resting on the side of the seatback just inches from my husband’s left ear.

I didn’t bounce on his cock like I wanted to, but I did move faster at such a pace as I tightened my Kegel muscles around his hard cock. This always worked for my husband, and now it was working for my son.

I could feel his cum shooting inside my pussy it felt so good, just like it did for his father. It was a satisfying moment for both of us.

He grunted as he continue to get the last drops of his cum into me.

“You okay darling, and you son what’s wrong?” John asked again.

“I just really need to use the bathroom,” I replied, desperately grabbing any old excuse as my son continued pumping cum inside me and my pussy clenched around him milking him for all I could get. Even when he came he continued to thrust, wow how he was still hard.

“And I just got a cramp that’s all dad, this has been a fun RIDE, right Mom.”

“Just a few more minutes my love,” John assured me.

I sat up, making a playful remark about how I might explode if we took any longer.

He chuckled and replied, “I’m trying my best.”

He knew from our travels that when I said I needed to use the bathroom, I meant it.

My son began moving his hips more aggressively, intensifying the pleasure and causing me to moan, “Oh God.” Suddenly, John pointed out a sign for a truck stop just two miles away.

“So close,” I said, with another double meaning, unable to contain my desire to climax. I was grateful that he misunderstood my urgency, as I desperately tried to reach orgasm before we reached the truck stop. Nathan continued to thrust, not too fast or hard, but with enough force to bring me closer to climax.

I could feel myself getting closer to climax as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I knew it was only a matter of time before I reached my peak, especially when I saw the one-mile sign. The urgency to reach orgasm consumed me – it felt like my very life depended on it.

Without hesitation, I leaned back against my son’s chest and began riding his cock with wild abandon. As I moved my hand to my clit, I rubbed it in a frenzy, eager to reach my release. Thankfully, the blaring music drowned out any of the wet sounds of our sexual encounter.

Despite my husband being right next to us, I couldn’t hold back any longer. With each bounce on Nathan’s cock, I was determined to reach my orgasm. It was a desperate and intense feeling, but I knew I couldn’t stop until I reached my peak.

My pussy was aching so bad as I whispered into his ear, “god you’ve grown up so fast, mmm your cock feels so good.”

I could see a sign for a truck stop and restaurant in the distance, getting closer as I rode my son while biting my lip. I closed my eyes and kept riding until I reached a climax. I moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard me.

My husband probably thought I needed to use the bathroom, but really I was experiencing a powerful orgasm. It felt like a storm inside me, with my cum flowing out and onto my son’s lap. I gripped the driver’s seat and sat up, my son’s cock slipping out of me.

The experience was mind-blowing and I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Thankfully, I never even considered the idea of having sex with a family member let alone my son. John, my husband, was sitting in front of me in the car and he was only worried about my need to use the bathroom.

He said, “Don’t worry, honey, we’ll be there in thirty seconds.” I weakly replied with a thank you, trying to speak normally after catching my breath. I could feel my son moving around underneath me, probably putting away his cock which I still hadn’t seen.

But I couldn’t deny that it was the most incredible experience. My son’s penis was larger than my husband’s, which added to the pleasure. And the fact that it was considered incest to be intimate with my son made it even more exciting.

I couldn’t believe that I had just had sex with my son, in the backseat of a car, with my husband just inches away. It was a mind-blowing experience and I was still in shock about what had just happened.

He parked and brought the car to a halt. My son was smiling at me as I jumped out of the car, his package safely hidden in his shorts—though, there was a very obvious wet patch that would serve as visible evidence of our wrongdoing. Still, I had to look desperate, even urgent, like I could pee myself at any moment. So I open the door, cum running down my legs.

The shame and remorse of my incestuous conduct and misconduct hit me like a summer heat wave as I scampered through a rustic restaurant and into the restroom.

I… had… just… been intimate… with… my… son! We… were… in… our… car! My… husband… was… completely unaware… just… inches… away! Oh… my… goodness! I… feel… like… the worst… mother… ever! But you know what’s even worse? It was… incredible, my pussy has never taken a cock as good as my boys.

I may have made mistakes as a mother, but I always tried my best as a Mom. I went to the bathroom and wiped off some cum from my legs for the second time today.

This time, it wasn’t just mine. I couldn’t help but wonder why I let my son do that to me. What had gotten into me? Was it the small space that made me lose control, or was it my desire to have sex with him? Nothing stopped me from pushing him away, except for my willingness to engage in this incest act.

Oh no!

My son just texted me. He said that what happened earlier was great.

I replied, feeling relieved that my intense pleasure had finally calmed down.

I remembered that I was his mother and I responded to him accordingly. I told him that we can’t let that happen again.

However, he did not reply. So, as I was cleaning up, I texted him again, reminding him that I was serious son about what happened and it couldn’t happen again. But he still didn’t acknowledge my message.

I left the washroom and saw my husband and son chatting as they waited for me at a booth.

We ate lunch, and although I was anxiety-riddled the entire time, my son had a poker face as he gave away no sign of what had transpired. I, on the other hand, had guilt written all over my face.

Twice John asked if I was okay.

I just feigned hunger and exhaustion from needing to hold my pee for so long.

After lunch, and a lot of water, we prepared to continue the drive.

John had gassed up while I was in the washroom, so we were ready to go.

Again, my trepidation overwhelmed me.

Now what? How could I sit on Nathan’s lap again?

Yet, I couldn’t say anything; there was no alternative.

So, I sat. However, this time, once the door was closed, I positioned myself leaning against the door and stretching my legs between the two front seats. My pussy was off-limits and out of range in this position. I had found the Fort Knox of pussy protection. But then again it was too late as he’s already fucked me so is there any point.

I remained quiet for the rest of the journey. It goes to show how quickly things can get out of hand. Maybe if me and his dad had a good sex life I probably wouldn’t have given in so easily. Truth is that is what I needed.


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