Incestuous Encounters with Dad

18+ WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content involving incest and may not be suitable for all readers.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring through my room. I groaned as I rolled out of bed, still exhausted from the previous night’s study session. I stumbled to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was a tall, slender 18-year-old with long, wavy brown hair that cascaded down my back in loose curls. My skin was smooth and unblemished, with a hint of a golden tan from spending time outside during summer. My eyes were a deep shade of hazel, framed by long, thick lashes that made them appear even larger and more expressive.

My body was toned and fit from regular exercise and healthy eating habits – I had always been active and enjoyed playing sports like soccer and basketball throughout high school. My breasts were small but perky, with nipples that stood out proudly beneath the thin fabric of my tank top with my favourite short skirt. My waist was narrow, curving gently into hips that flared slightly more comprehensively than my shoulders – giving me an hourglass figure that many complimented.

After getting dressed and ready for the day, I went downstairs to the kitchen. My dad was already sitting at the table, sipping his coffee and reading the morning paper.

“Morning, Emma,” he said, looking up from his paper with a warm smile as he appreciatively took in my appearance before continuing,” You look beautiful as always.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I replied, feeling a blush creep up my cheeks at his compliment.

After breakfast, I got ready for college, “Well, I’m off to college now, Daddy,” I said, grabbing my backpack, kissing his cheek, and heading towards the door.

“Have a good day at college, Emma,” my dad called after me as I stepped out into the bright sunlight.

I walked to the bus stop, lost in thought about my upcoming classes and assignments. When the bus arrived, I climbed aboard and sat near the front. As we drove through town, I couldn’t help but notice everyone going about their daily lives – it was fascinating to see how everyone had their unique routines and schedules.

A sudden voice snapped me out of my reverie. Alice, my classmate and close friend sat beside me on the bus. She leaned towards me, her eyes bright with excitement and a hint of mischief as she whispered in my ear, “Hey, Emma! Have you ever thought about having sex with your dad?”

I nearly choked on my tongue, completely taken aback by her question. Alice was one of my best friends, but she certainly had a wild side – one that I wasn’t always sure how to handle. I stared at her for a moment, speechless and shocked. “What? No!” I finally managed to gasp out in disbelief.

But Alice grinned wider as she continued excitedly chattering away like it wasn’t even a question worth asking twice. Apparently, she had been talking nonstop about how much she enjoyed having sex with her stepdad…and now here we were discussing whether or not an 18-year-old should sleep with their flesh-and-blood father. It’s just utterly absurd!

Disgusting even for someone who enjoys that sort of thing! Especially considering how incestual it is, no rational person would think this acceptable behaviour unless they have fetishes related to incestuous relations or some forms of family play fetishism or taboo ones.

I couldn’t believe what Alice was saying. The thought of having sex with my dad was beyond disgusting and entirely out of the question.

Later that night, As I sat there, trying to shake off the disturbing conversation with Alice, my thoughts kept drifting back to her twisted desires. It was clear that she had no qualms about engaging in incestuous relationships, but I couldn’t understand why she would even bring it up with me.

Just then, my dad walked into the living room and sat down next to me on the couch. We exchanged pleasantries as we usually did before settling in for the show. But as I looked at him, my mind couldn’t help but wander back to Alice’s words earlier that day.

What if… No, I shouldn’t think of it, but dirty thoughts and images are showing up in my head. Every time I push a thought away, another replaces it. I went upstairs to get changed into my nightwear. I stripped naked and put on a clean pair of pink panties without a bra, and then I put on my nightie, which was shortish.

I made my way back downstairs and sat on the couch. “You’re okay, sweetie,” my dad said.

I couldn’t take it anymore; the thought of my father and me having sex made me sick to my stomach. “Dad,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady, “We need to talk.”

He looked at me with concern. “Of course, sweetie. What’s on your mind?” he asked.

“It’s about something Alice said earlier today…” I hesitated for a moment before continuing, “She told me that she wanted me to have sex with you.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I could see the horror and awkwardness in my dad.

My dad’s face turned pale as he listened to my words. “What? That’s… that’s disgusting, Emma. I can’t believe Alice would say something like that.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“I know, Dad. I couldn’t believe it either,” I replied, feeling a sense of relief wash over me now that the truth was out in the open. “But it made me think about us and how close we are as father and daughter.”

My dad looked at me with concern in his eyes. “Emma, you don’t have to worry about anything like that between us. We are family, and there is nothing sexual or romantic between us.” He paused momentarily before continuing, “I hope you know that.”

“I… I know. But ever since she said it, I can’t get the images out of my head. I am 18, and you haven’t had a lady friend in a while. Don’t you have needs, Dad?” I said with my heart racing.

My dad looked at me with shock and confusion. “Emma, I can’t believe you’re asking me this,” he said, running a hand through his hair. “I am your father, and there is no way I would ever think of you in that way.”

I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment as I continued to press the issue. “But Dad, it’s natural for people to have needs. And we are so close… I can’t help but wonder if there might be something more I can do for you. You do have needs, too. It’s been years since I’ve seen you with a woman.”

I took a deep breath, got up, and straddled him, “What…” I cut him off. “Sorry, Dad, it’s been years since I sat on your knees; it’s ok, isn’t it,” I said with flushed cheeks.

“I feel weird, Dad, sitting on your knee. I’m 18 now, not little, haha,” I said as I started to feel tired.

“Nonsense, sweetie, you’re still my princess,” he said as he smiled at me.

My hand was on his chest, and I could feel his heart beating faster than usual. His breath hitched as I shifted my weight onto him, feeling the warmth of his body through the fabric of his pants. I leaned in closer to him, my small, perky breasts brushing against his chest as I looked into his eyes.

“Love you, Dad,” I said as I continued to hug him.

“I love you too, princess,” he said as we hugged.

I couldn’t get thoughts out of my head, and Alice. The things she talked about were playing on my mind; I wondered if I could turn my dad on. I occasionally wriggled my bottom against his crotch, making it look like I was getting comfy.

“Mm…” he cut himself off as he let out a little moan. “Be careful how you move around on me, sweetie.”

I couldn’t help myself; the thought of turning my dad on was too much to resist. I continued to squirm on his knee; I then felt something growing hard beneath me. I decided to stop.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Dad. I didn’t mean to…” I said, blushing furiously as I felt his growing erection pressing against my panty-covered crotch.

My dad’s eyes widened with shock and embarrassment, but his gaze also showed a hint of desire. “Emma… this isn’t right,” he said softly, trying to push me off him gently. But I could feel the firmness of his cock pressed against me, and my body responded instinctively to it.

Before I knew what was happening, my hand reached down between us and started stroking his hard length over the fabric of his pants. My dad gasped in surprise and pleasure at my touch, but then he quickly regained his composure and tried to stop me again.

“No… no… we can’t do this,” he insisted weakly as he gently pushed my hand away. But despite our best efforts to resist the temptation between us, our bodies were already reacting on their own accord – mine craving him with an insatiable hunger that only he could satisfy; At the same time, his throbbing cock begged for release from its confined prison within the fabric of his pants.

“Sorry, Dad. I was getting comfy.” I shouldn’t have done that. I leaned in to kiss my dad’s cheek, hugged him with my legs and straddled him on my knees on either side of his legs. As I continued to hug him, my eyes felt heavy, and I nodded off to sleep like this.

I started to wake to intense pleasure between my legs and my head over his shoulder to loud slapping noise against my ass. It was his hips colliding with me as I was draped over his shoulders. Omg, my dad was fucking me. I bit my lip.

Why wasn’t I angry? My dad is having sex with me on the couch on his knee. Instead, I pretended to be asleep still with his hands on my ass as he thrust his cock in and out of me. My nightie was slightly up with my new pink panties stretched over my ass cheek as his cock fucked my vagina.

“Shhh, don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re still my little girl, and I’ll always take care of you,” he whispered in my ear as he continued to fuck me. His hands gripped my hips tightly, pulling me back onto his cock with each thrust.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My father was fucking me on the couch, and yet instead of being repulsed or scared, I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. It felt wrong, but it also felt so right. I couldn’t deny the fact that I was enjoying every inch of his cock inside me.

“Oh god, I shouldn’t be doing this,” he said as he stopped thrusting into me. As he was about to pull me off his cock I stopped him. I whispered, “It’s ok, Dad, keep going.” I said as he thought I was asleep.

He didn’t respond at first except for a low growl in response to my whispering. He started to start again, and he continued to fuck me slow at first and then harder than ever before on our couch in front of the TV, where we had watched countless movies together throughout the years.

With his cock still in me, he stood up with me and my legs around his waist, and we lay on the couch. He whispered in my ear, “Sorry, I should fight the urge,” he said as he started fucking me again.

He lifted my night just over my boobs as he pounded into me. He started sucking on my breasts as his cock slid in and out of my pussy.

“Ugh… Mmmm Da… Dad, oh, your cock, can’t… can’t believe you’re inside me.” I said as I watched him pound the shit out of me hard.

“Dad… oh god… don’t stop,” I begged breathlessly as he picked up the pace even more. He pounded into me harder and faster than ever before, our bodies moving together in perfect harmony as we lost ourselves in the moment.

Suddenly, I could feel myself on the verge of orgasm – a wave of pleasure building deep within me like nothing I had ever experienced before. “Dad… oh god… yes… yes…” I cried out as he fucked me harder and faster still, driving himself deeper into my pussy with each thrust until finally – “Oh fuck!” With one final burst of pleasure coursing through every inch of my body, I came hard around his cock, screaming out his name at the top of my lungs: “DAD!”

“Oh god, Dad, harder. Please, I need it deeper,” I cried out as my body shook with pleasure. He complied without hesitation and started to fuck me harder and faster than before. My tits bounced up and down with each thrust of his hips while he continued to suck on my nipples greedily like a man possessed by the devil himself.

My muscles clenched around him tightly as waves of ecstasy washed over me again and again. It felt like electricity coursing through my veins, making every nerve ending tingle with pleasure from head to toe. And then came the scream – a primal sound that escaped from deep within me as I called out for more: “Dad! Oh god, yes!”

He didn’t slow down or stop; instead, he continued fucking me harder and faster than ever before. Each thrust brought new waves of pleasure crashing over me until finally – “Fuck!” With one final burst of intensity coursing through both our bodies, he quickly pulled out in time and shot robes of cum on my stomach. Which slid and pooled in my belly button.

“Oh my, what have I done?” My father gasped as he looked down at the mess on my stomach. I could see the shock and guilt written all over his face.

“I don’t know,” I replied truthfully, still trying to catch my breath. My body was still trembling with aftershocks of pleasure, but my mind was racing with confusion and shame.

“I’m sorry; why the hell did I give in to temptation?” my father muttered, his eyes wide with horror as he took in the sight of his semen on my stomach.

I didn’t know what to say. I felt just as shocked and confused as he did. But there was no denying that we had just crossed a line that could never be crossed.

“It’s okay,” I finally managed to say, although my voice sounded weak and uncertain even to my ears. “We both got carried away at the moment.”

My father nodded slowly, but I could see the guilt still etched on his face. He quickly grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned up the mess on my stomach. As he did so, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss and sadness wash over me. Our relationship would never be the same again after this moment – it was forever changed and tainted by our illicit actions.

But even though I knew that things would never be right between us again, there was still a tiny part of me that couldn’t deny how good it had felt to have him inside me like that – filling me up entirely with his love and passion until we both reached an earth-shattering climax together…


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