Hot Forbidden Desires at the BBQ

On a bright summer’s day, 19-year-old Adam invited his friend James over for a backyard barbecue. Adam had a playful twinkle in his eyes. Adam’s mother Kelly gladly hosted the event, and the air was full of laughter and the aroma of sizzling burgers.

As the day progressed, the heat became unbearable, causing James to take off his shirt to cool down. Little did he know that his action would catch Kelly’s attention. She couldn’t help but steal glances at his muscular, toned physique, feeling a wave of desire rush through her veins. However, whenever their eyes met, Kelly quickly averted her gaze, trying to hide her growing attraction.

After the BBQ, Kelly requested Adam and James to clean up while she excused herself to go upstairs. As time went by, Adam grew curious about his mother’s prolonged absence and turned to James, asking him to check on her. Obliging his friend’s request, James climbed the stairs and made his way to the top floor.

To his surprise, as James reached the landing, he heard soft, sensual moans and gasps emanating from the bathroom. Intrigued and unable to resist his curiosity, he pushed the bathroom door open, only to witness a sight that left him stunned. There, in front of him, was Kelly, his friend’s mother, pleasuring her pussy with her fingers and knickers around one leg.

Kelly looked up at James, astonished that he had shown up so suddenly. A mixture of humiliation and desire swirled in the air at that time. Kelly asked James if Adam was still with him or still outside without skipping a beat. James acknowledged with a nod that Adam was, in fact, loving the warm weather.

In a hushed voice, Kelly urged James to close the door and approached him with an irresistible proposition. The broken lock on the bathroom door meant that their encounter had to be quick and discreet. It was a forbidden liaison, fueled by years of suppressed desires and the allure of the forbidden.

“You’ve grown up so quickly,” Kelly whispered, her voice dripping with anticipation. “If you want to help a poor lady out then, we need to be quick, that is if you want to.”

James stood there, his mind racing with a mixture of shock, excitement, and temptation. He had always found Kelly attractive, but the naughty nature of their encounter added an intoxicating element to his desires.

James pulled his pants zipper down and took out his cock while staring at Kelly with a lustful look as he closed the door behind him. The sexual tension between the two intensified with every second that went by, like a fire that would never go out.

Kelly smiled and said, “Oh my god, your dick is big,” while she persisted in sitting on the toilet seat and gave her pussy a playful rub. “How about you put it here?”

“Oh, my cock is all for you, Kelly,” said James as he got closer.

There was no need to extend invites to James. His fingertips brushed her inner thigh as he moved in closer. Kelly’s body began to react to his touch, causing her to sigh softly.

Her legs were draped over his shoulders as he carefully inserted his pulsating cock’s head inside her eager pussy. As he slipped all the way inside her, Kelly’s moans became more audible, and their bodies moved in unison.

James then put his hands on her hips and pulled her in closer to him and buried his cock even deeper.

James began thrusting and pounding her wet cunt, his pace increasing with each movement. Kelly’s moans grew louder and more desperate as he filled her, their bodies moving in perfect rhythm.

“Oh fucking hell mmmm, oh shit fuck me,” she said while squeezing her tits and looking between her legs seeing his cock just hammering her.

Neither of them hadn’t experienced anything like the extent of their desire. As Kelly’s hands moved over James’s muscley body, she could feel the tension in his muscles with every thrust into her pussy. Her body trembled with ecstasy as she could feel herself growing nearer to the edge.

James could sense her nearing orgasm and he quickened his pace, determined to bring her to the brink. Their heavy breathing echoed in the small bathroom as they moved together, lost in the moment.

As Kelly pressed her fingernails into James’s back, the sensation only made James want to pound into her pussy even harder. Kelly reached her peak with a few more thrusts and a loud gasp, her body trembling with ecstasy. James’s cock then began to pulse, spitting his load inside of her as waves of pleasure coursed through his body upon release. Kelly was held close to James as he carefully raised her off the toilet and they both gathered their breath.

“Wow, am nacked, I told you your dick was big, it felt so good,” she began to joke around with him. With a laugh, James lowered his body and laid a kiss on her. “As well as I told you, that it was all for you, thank you for this,” he grinned in return.

Their bodies still entwined, they kissed passionately. With her cheeks flushed with pleasure, Kelly exclaimed, “That was amazing,” panting. “I completely agree,” James answered with a contented smile. They were eager to explore more of their passions together even though they both knew that this was only the beginning of their wild adventures.

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