Home alone no truth just dares with my 2 brothers goes too far

In the heart of Yorkshire, under the vast canopy of a starlit sky, our family’s quaint country home radiated warmth and comfort. Inside, the atmosphere was thick with anticipation and the faint buzz of tipsy laughter. I, Carol, the eldest and often dubbed the ‘sensible one, well so I thought I was,’ I found myself amidst the playful chaos orchestrated by my younger brothers, David and Alan.

The room was aglow with the soft, flickering light from the fireplace, casting gentle shadows that danced along the walls. I was curled up on the old, plush armchair, my long blonde hair cascading down in gentle waves, the blue highlights shimmering in the firelight.

My attire was nothing more than my favourite pink pyjama shorts and a snug white tank top, I didn’t have big tits, but there were still perky and could see the outline of my nipples through my top. The fabric was soft against my skin, a contrast to the crisp night air that occasionally swept in through the slightly ajar window.

David and Alan, each nursing their drinks, lounged haphazardly on the worn but comfortable couch. The room was scattered with empty bottles and the remnants of our makeshift snack bar. We’d been at this game of truth or dare for a while now, the only twist to this it was just called dare, no questions asked we just had to do dares. The challenges escalate with each turn, fueled by the boldness that only siblings can provoke in each other.

David, with his tousled hair and that ever-present mischievous glint in his eye had taken a dramatic belly flop into the pool earlier, emerging with a victorious grin and a shiver. Alan, the youngest and most daring, had managed to down an entire bottle of hot sauce, his face a comical display of regret and pride. Their laughter was infectious, and I found myself caught up in the joyous absurdity of it all.

But as the night wore on, the air thickened with a new intensity. The dares, once light and playful, now carried a weightier edge, a silent challenge pushing the boundaries of our sibling camaraderie. It was in this heady atmosphere that my turn came around once more.

The room was hushed, the only sound was the crackling of the fire and our collective, shallow breaths. I could feel the weight of my brothers’ gazes, their eyes slightly glazed but sharp with anticipation.

“Carol,” Alan slurred, his words slow and drawn out, a clear sign of his inebriated state, “it’s your turn, and we’ve got the perfect dare for you.”

A ripple of nervous excitement coursed through me. I straightened up, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear, my heart drumming a steady rhythm of apprehension and thrill.

David leaned forward, his words laced with the warmth of brotherly affection and the haze of alcohol. “Yeah, Carol, it’s a good one. You’re gonna love it.”

I swallowed, the laughter from earlier dares still echoing in my memory, now replaced by a palpable tension. I was so fucking drunk as well so I hope it wasn’t going to be something weird. This wasn’t just another round; it felt like a rite of passage, a moment that would tip the scales of our sibling tales.

David’s grin widened, his eyes locked on mine, a silent message passing between us. In that fleeting glance, I saw not just the daredevil brother, but a guardian, a partner in countless childhood adventures and misadventures.

“Alright, Carol,” David began, his voice a mix of earnestness and the slur of too many drinks, “I’ve got a dare for you…”

“I dare you to take off your tank top,” David said, leering at me.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “What? No way!” I protested, but the boys egged me on and called me chicken shit until I finally gave in. I hesitantly removed my top and quickly covered my breasts as I had no bra on.

Both of them just stared at me in shock. “Oh shit, wow,” David said, his eyes scanning my body.

“Yeah, you look hot, sis,” Alan chimed in, also ogling me.

I blushed, feeling both embarrassed and turned on by their reactions. I was used to being the only girl in the house, so I didn’t often get this kind of attention from my brothers. But tonight, with the alcohol and the boredom, things were starting to feel different.

“My turn, Alan. I dare you to take off your pants,” I said with a smirk. They got me to do my top, so why not get some revenge?

“You can’t be serious, okay, okay,” Alan said, rolling his eyes. He stood up and took off his pants, standing in his boxers. I couldn’t help but stare at his muscular legs and toned abs.

“My turn,” Alan said, pointing at me. “I dare you to remove your hands from your chest.”

My heart skipped a beat. “What? No way!” I exclaimed, but they both insisted. “Fine perverts,” I sighed, “but if you both get to see my boobs, then Alan has to remove his boxers.”

Then, to my surprise, David joined in, “Well, so it’s fair, I’ll take off my pants too. Oh, and boxers too.”

Wait, what the fuck was going on tonight? I know we were all drunk, but this was getting out of hand. They both stared at my tits, and I couldn’t help but stare at their growing cocks. I could feel my body heating up with desire.

“Wow, Carol, you have amazing tits,” David said, his eyes never leaving my chest.

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied, feeling a mix of embarrassment and arousal.

And then things got even more intense. David suddenly spoke up with a devilish grin, “Haha I have a dare, but I bet you’re too chicken shit to do it. I dare you to suck Alan’s fucking cock.”

I was shocked. “Wait, this is going too far, you both are my brothers, you can’t be serious, you want me to put that thing in my mouth,” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“It’s okay if you’re chicken, we understand,” David taunted.

I couldn’t back down from a dare, especially not from my brothers. I took a deep breath and got on all fours in front of Alan. Alan’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas, “Wait, erm are you sure Carol,” he said as I wrapped my hands around his shaft and started to stroke his cock.

I could feel my shorts being pulled down from behind me, and I turned my head to see David sliding his cock inside my vagina. “Wait, DAVID what the fuck are you doing?” I was shocked as he gripped me tight with a smirk on his face. “OMG, you’re really going to fuck mmmmm me, oh fuck,” I let out a pleasurable moan.

“Relax just suck his fucking dick and enjoy my dick,” he said as he started to fuck me from behind.

“Oh shit, mmmm, can’t believe we are all doing this,” I struggled to get the words out as Davids cock started to plunge in and out my tight pussy.

I moaned in pleasure, feeling a mix of guilt and arousal. But as Alan’s cock entered my mouth, all thoughts disappeared as I focused on pleasuring him. I could hear David moaning and grunting behind me as he thrust into me.

Alan looked down at me in shock as I sucked on his cock. “Oh shit that feels good, mmmmm,” he moaned as my head bobbed up and down on his dick.

“Alan, her pussy feels so fucking good bro, shit it looks so hot the way her pussy flaps tightly around my cock,” his grip tightened on my ass cheeks as he drove his cock in and out and slammed my pussy hard. What am I doing? Why did I allow them to both take me?

“Yeah, she’s good at sucking too, fuck yeah I can get used to this, David fuck her hard, I can’t wait until it’s my turn,” I couldn’t believe the way they were talking about me like I was their own personal sex doll.

I stopped sucking for a moment, “What do you… mmmmm fuck, what do you mean get used to it? this… oh fucking hell David mmmm, this is a one… Mmmm one-off,” I struggled to talk, David was brutally hammering his dick into me.

I could hear David moaning and grunting behind me as he thrust into me. The atmosphere was intense and the smell of sex got stronger and the sounds of me slurping and the sound of David’s balls slapping against me as his cock fired in and out of me so fast.

I could feel my body being taken over by pleasure as my brothers continued to use me for their own satisfaction. I had never felt this kind of intense pleasure before, and it was both exhilarating and terrifying.

After what felt like an eternity, David slid his cock out of my pussy, and they switched places. Now I was sucking David’s cock while Alan had his way with my pussy. The feeling of two cocks inside me was overwhelming, the fact the cocks were my brothers.

“You fuckers better not cum inside me I swear, fucking hell Alan Mmmmm oh shit my pussy, fuck me oooh,” I managed to say between breaths.

“Don’t worry sis, we won’t,” Alan grunted as he continued to thrust into me, totally fucking my cunt really hard as I continued to suck David’s dick. But they didn’t listen, as I felt Davids cock pulsate in my mouth, and before I could pull away, he gripped my head tight and fucked my mouth fast.

“Oh fuck, Carol suck it oh fuck that’s so good mmmm,” he said as my moaning from Alan pounding me made me moan as I sucked David’s cock sending vibrations through his shaft.

I feel Alan’s hand gripped my ass cheeks tighter as he thrust into mean with extreme roughness. His cock smashed into my G spot over and over again.

David withdrew his cock from my mouth, “Carol, you ever done Anal sex”.

“Erm only once with my… mmmm oh Alan, only once with my ex, why?” I said confused.

“Alan bro, stop for a minute,” David said as Alan slid out of my pussy as David laid onto his back. What is he doing, he then pulled me onto him. My back laying on David’s chest as he pushed his cock towards my asshole.

Alan stood watching stroking his cock, “Nice one David push it right in there you can do it” Alan said as David’s cock started to enter my ass and stretch me.

“Arghh that… oooh hurts” his cock stretched my tight ass and started slowly fucking my ass. As Alan lowered down and slid back inside my pussy. I was now sandwiched between the both of them being double penetrated as they fuck me.

I moaned in pleasure and pain, my body being used as their plaything. They were both grunting and sweating, their cocks thrusting into me with force.

I could feel my body being stretched and filled in ways I had never experienced before. Alan’s hands grabbed my hair as David’s hands held onto my hips, their movements becoming faster and more intense.

“Arrgghh, Mmmmm FUCK Carol Arrgh SHIT,” David let go and fired a lot of cum in my ass as he kept pounding his cock, and then Alan followed with a throaty grunt really hard as he pounded his dick so deep and came inside me. “Fuck I have cum, holy shit fuck,” I was shocked., he came in my pussy..

I screamed in pleasure as the intense orgasm took over me, my pussy started to squirt and my body shook as I felt the hot cum filling me up. Their cocks were pulled out of me as I left out of breath onto the floor, exhausted and covered in sweat and cum.

I lay there on the floor, exhausted and covered in sweat and cum. I finally got my breath back and looked at my brothers in shock and disbelief. Can’t believe they both double-penetrated me and fucked the hell out of me.

“You motherfuckers, I said don’t fucking cum inside me. And you Alan, why cum inside my pussy? I ain’t on the pill, you dumb fuck,” I scolded my words slurring from the alcohol.

I was drunk earlier, but the aftermath soon sobered me up a little. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I never thought my brothers would do something like this to me, but in that moment, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the intense pleasure we had all experienced.

We spent the rest of the night cleaning up and trying to forget what had happened. But the memory of that wild and crazy night would always stay with us, a secret that only the three of us shared. That night we had a few more drinks.

When it came to bedtime and watched them walk towards their room I spoke up, “Well, ain’t you both going to join me tonight and keep me company,” I said as I made my way to my room. I didn’t need to ask them twice, before I knew it the 3 of us were in my bed and let’s just say I never knew my bed could squeak that much.

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