Getting Serviced by The Plumber


Experience the heat and passion as Sarah gets serviced by the plumber in this erotic tale. Watch as the tension builds and the chemistry ignites, leading to an unforgettable morning of pleasure. With every thrust and moan, Sarah is left begging for more. Will the plumber be able to handle the job?

Story by me Sarah Jade

I woke up to a loud knock on my front door, still groggy from my deep sleep. I looked at my alarm clock and saw it was already 8:30 a.m. I groaned and got out of bed, going to the front door in my short, silky nightie.

I opened the door to find a tall, muscular man standing on my doorstep. He introduced himself as the plumber I had called to fix the leak under my bathtub. I actually called a week ago, but oh well, they are finally here. I led him to the bathroom and watched as he got to work, crawling under the tub to tighten the pipes.

As I waited for him to finish, I couldn’t help but stare at his muscular back and how his muscles rippled with every movement. I felt a warmth spread through my body and a dampness between my legs.

Finally, he emerged from under the tub, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. As he was getting up, he accidentally caught a glimpse up my nightie as I towered over him, and his eyes widened when he saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, trying to play it cool. I must have forgotten to put on my panties. I didn’t mean to distract you from your work.”

He chuckled and said, “No problem, I’ve seen it all before. Can distract me anytime, sexy.”

I bit my bottom lip, “Really now, but you haven’t seen mine before, until now. My name is Sarah, by the way.”

“Haha, I know your name; it’s on the forms,” He said, trying to compose himself. I could see the bulge growing in his pants, and it only made me more wet. I couldn’t resist any longer; I had to have him.

“Silly me, I am not even blonde, so I’m not sure why I am acting dumb. So, with you being a plumber, does your plumbing work?”

I asked, biting my bottom lip again and giving him a seductive look. I could see the desire in his eyes as he looked me up and down. He knew what I was getting at and was ready to give me what I wanted.

“Well, Sarah,” he said, standing up and approaching me. “I can do more than just fix your plumbing.”

“Really, now, and how would you do that? I mean, I could do with a morning service.” I say, with a sultry smile, as I let my hand slide slightly to my nightie. It slowly rides up, and I suddenly stop teasingly.

“First, though, I think I should check your plumbing,” I said as I dropped to my knees, pulling his zipper down. “Just as I expected, you are leaking, my good sir,” I said as I stroked him slowly as he oozed precum.

I can feel his cock getting harder in my hand as I stroke him, and I can’t help but let out a low moan as I feel him throb. I look up at him with a wicked grin, and I see the desire in his eyes as he looks down at me.

“You like that, don’t you?” I say, continuing to stroke him. “You like it when I play with your cock.”

He doesn’t say anything, but I can see the pleasure on his face. I lean in closer and wrap my lips around the head of his cock, taking him in my mouth and swirling my tongue around him as I taste his salty precum on my tongue.

I can feel him shudder as I take him deeper into my mouth, and I can tell he’s trying not to moan too loudly. I don’t blame him; I wouldn’t want anyone else to hear me. But then again, isn’t that more exciting?

I pull back, letting his cock fall from my lips with a pop. I look up at him, and he’s looking down at me with a mixture of lust and amazement in his eyes. I love that look of a man wholly taken in by my seductive charms.

“You like that?” I ask, stroking his cock slowly.

He nods, unable to speak. “Cat got your tongue, huh? Well, this cat knows a thing about pipes, too. Mmmm, and your pipe tastes so good.”

“Good,” I say, standing up and lifting my nightie off, standing naked. I bent over the bathtub and gripped the edges. “Now, it’s time to put your piping skills to the test.”

I grip the edges of the bathtub tightly as I feel the head of his cock pushes against my pussy lips. I can’t help but let out a low moan as he begins to go inside me as my labia part.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” I moan as he starts to slowly thrust in and out of my pussy. Which slowly builds up the pressure as he starts to pound into me harder and harder. “Ahh Yes, You feel so fucking good inside me, fuck yes.”

I can hear him grunting behind me as he fucks me harder and harder, his balls slapping against me on every thrust.

“Oh fuck, Sar… Sarah, your pussy feels so good.” He says while stammering out his words as he thrusts into me.

I hear my ass clapping against his abs as his cock continues to harpoon my naughty wet cunt. His hands then move onto my shoulder blades as he uses the force to pull me close as he rams his cock deep inside my vulva.

I moan louder, feeling completely lost in the pleasure that’s coursing through my body as he continues to use me like a piece of meat. I look over my shoulder and see him staring down at me, his eyes wild with desire.

“You… You fucking like that, don’t you?” he grunts, driving into me harder. I can only nod, too lost in the pleasure to speak.

“Fuck, Mmmmmm oh yes, Ughh do… don’t stop,” I so loved his cock, just servicing my poor pussy.

And then, without warning, he pulls out of me. I gasp at the sudden emptiness, but before I can say anything, he grabs me, drags me off the bath to the floor and flips me over onto my back.

He spreads my legs wide open, and I can feel the cool air on my exposed pussy. He then grabs my legs and lifts them, positioning them to rest on his shoulders.

I can feel his cock pressing against my pussy again, and I can’t help but moan in anticipation. He then pushes it inside of me as my pussy opens and lets him in, and I feel a surge of pleasure as he fills me up completely. He starts to thrust in and out of me, and I can feel every inch of him as he slides in and out of my wet pussy.

He then starts to pick up the pace, and I can feel him going deeper and deeper inside me. I can feel every thrust, and I can’t help but moan louder and louder. He then starts to fuck me harder and harder, and I can feel my body shaking with pleasure.

“Yes, yes, just like that!” I moan, my voice shaking with pleasure as he fucks me harder and harder. “Oh god, yes, just like that!” I cry out, my body trembling with each thrust.

“Fuck, you feel so tight and wet around my cock, Sarah,” he growls, his voice filled with lust and desire. “You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you?”

“Oh god, yes,” I moan, my pussy clenching around his cock in response to his dirty talk.

“You like it when I talk dirty to you while I fuck you?” he continues, his voice getting deeper and rougher. “You like it when I tell you how good your pussy feels around my cock?”

“Yes, yes, I love it,” I pant, my body trembling with pleasure.

“Oh god, yes,” I moan, my pussy flooding with wetness at his words. “I’m your dirty little slut; I love it when you fuck me like this.”

“You’re my little fuck toy, and I’m going to use you however I want,” he growls, his hips slamming into me harder and harder.

“Yes, use me, fuck me harder, fucking use me, fuck my cunt like you mean it,” I cry out, my voice filled with lust and need.

“You want me to fuck you harder, Sarah?” he growls, his voice rough and deep. “You want me to make you scream and beg for more?”

“Yes, please, fuck me harder, make me scream,” I beg, my body trembling with pleasure.

He doesn’t disappoint, his hips pistoning and hammering in and out of me faster and harder, his cock hitting all the right spots inside me. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, my pleasure building up inside me until I can’t take it anymore.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” I moan, feeling my orgasm building up inside me. “I’m going to cum, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop.”

“Oh god, I’m so so fucking going to come!” I cry out, my pussy clenching around his cock as I ride out my orgasm.

He doesn’t stop, and I can feel myself exploding in pleasure as I cum hard squirting all over. I can feel my pussy clenching around his cock as I cum, and I can hear him grunting as he fucks me harder and harder.

I feel his cock leaving my pussy and him pulling me up; I’m on my knees in front of him with his cock right at my face level. My lips wrap around his hard member, eagerly taking it back into my mouth; I can taste my sweet pussy juices still on him.

I moan with my mouth full of him, taking him deeper into my throat. I feel him growing harder in my mouth; I wrap my hand around the base and start to suck him harder. I want him to cum hard, I can feel him getting close, so I stop sucking and place his throbbing dick between my big tits.

I could feel his cock throbbing between my tits as I started to titty fuck him, squeezing my tits around his cock and rubbing them up and down. He grabs my tits and starts to fuck my tits harder. I can feel his cock sliding between my tits, and I know he’s close.

“Fuck, yes,” he moans, grabbing my tits harder as I titty fuck him. “I’m going to cum.”

“Arghhh fuck,” and then, I feel ropes of cum spurting onto my tits; I keep titty fucking him, milking his cock for every last drop of cum. I can feel his cum running down my tits and onto my stomach.

I look up at him; his face is full of satisfaction; I smile, still holding his cock in my tits. I smile as I put my tongue between my this and licked the end of his cock and then my tits. “Yummy, nice and salty,” I giggled. My body was covered in his warm and sticky cum. It’s running down my tits and stomach, and I can’t help but feel a little disgusting but also filthy and satisfied.

I can’t help but feel a little perverted but also satisfied as I still hold his cock with my tits and the cum is still oozing out of him, I can feel his sticky cock against my breasts.

“Oh shit, that was fucking amazing,” I say, smiling.

“Yeah, it was; now we are both serviced,” he says, still panting.

I release his cock from my tits and get up to clean myself up. I look at myself in the mirror, and I can see his cum splatter on my tits.

I wipe my tits clean and look at him. “You know, you’re not so bad at this plumbing thing,” I say, winking.

He chuckles, “I’m glad you think so. Maybe I should come service you more often.”

I laugh and nod, “Yes, please do.”

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Great job on the writing Sarah… you had me standing bat full attention.