DBD Sex Story: Jake and Dwight Spitroast Meg Thomas


After an eternity of running, dodging, and barely breathing beyond shallow gasps, I was finally alone. The dim glow of the campfire cast flickering shadows across my tent’s canvas walls. My muscles ached from the exertion, and every rustle of the leaves outside sounded like the Trapper’s heavy footsteps.

The day we had been gruelling. Kate and I were stuck in a never-ending loop of repairing generators, the constant threat of the Trapper looming over us. He was relentless, setting traps that caught us off-guard, forcing us back to mend and recover, only to be hunted once more. We were down to the last three generators, scattered far across the map, our options narrowing with each passing minute.

Somehow, we had pulled through. Dodging another of his traps, I sprinted to the exit as Kate held him off one last time. My heart hammered against my ribs as I threw the switch, the gates finally creaking open. I didn’t look back or see if Kate had followed. Survival in the Entity’s realm is often a solitary affair, each of us haunted by our ghosts, our reasons for lingering in this nightmare.

Now, as the adrenaline faded, replaced by a bone-deep weariness, the real torment began. The quiet moments were the hardest, leaving you alone with your thoughts. The day’s events replayed when I lay back on my makeshift bed. But it wasn’t the fear of the Trapper that kept me awake; it was the piercing nostalgia for my life before this cursed existence.

I remembered the intimacy of being with someone and part of a couple—simple pleasures like shared dinners, movie nights, and long conversations into the early hours. However, the lack of closeness and the absence of love and warmth were stark in this realm. Every survivor was trying to make it through another night, too fraught and frayed to think of comfort or connection.

I turned restlessly, the ground beneath me hard and unforgiving. I missed the comfort of being held and the laughter shared with someone special—elements of a life that felt like they belonged to someone else now. I was trapped in a relentless survival cycle devoid of real human connection.

A tear escaped, sliding down my temple and into my hair. I was so tired—tired of the solitude, tired of the endless tension, tired of yearning for the affection and partnership I once took for granted. But as another day loomed, promising yet another trial, another escape, I knew I had to cling to the hope of a different tomorrow, perhaps one where intimacy wasn’t just a distant memory.

As I kept thinking about it, I needed a good seeing to, I miss sex. Just the thought made me damp between my legs.

Sliding my hand beneath the waistband of my panties, I feel the dampness of my arousal. The slickness of my folds sends a shiver down my spine, and I imagine the sensation of a partner’s touch. My fingers glide along my labia, tracing their contours before delving into the folds of my pussy. I let out a soft moan, relishing the feeling of my own fingers on my most intimate part.

I remember the sensation of a hard cock pushing against my pussy lips, the stretch and fullness as it slides inside me. The feeling of his hands groping my tits, the roughness of his stubble against my neck as he thrusts into me. My body aches for that connection, the release of pleasure that only another person can provide.

As I continue to touch myself, I imagine the taste of a partner’s cock, the salty tang of his precum on my tongue. The feeling of his balls slapping against my arse as he pounds into me, the sounds of his grunts and groans as he reaches his climax. My fingers move faster, the rhythm matching the fantasies in my mind.

I imagine the weight of a man on top of me, the feeling of his muscles against my soft curves. The intimacy of his breath against my ear, the words he whispers as he takes me to the edge of pleasure. The warmth of his body pressed against mine, the connection that only sex can provide.

Then what scared the shit out of me was when Jake and Dwight entered my tent. “Oh shit, you need help with that, Meg,” Jake said as he grinned at Dwight.

“Fuck, Meg, I didn’t know you were so horny,” Dwight chuckles, his eyes fixed on the movement between my legs.

Jake steps closer, his hand reaching out to touch my breast over my shirt. “Mmm, you’re so fucking soft, Meg,” he murmurs, his thumb brushing over my nipple.

Dwight drops to his knees, “Goddamn, Meg, you’re soaking wet,” he growls, his face inches from my wet soaking pussy.

Jake leans down to kiss me, his tongue delving into my mouth as Dwight starts to lick and suck at my clit. I can’t help but moan into Jake’s mouth, my hands reaching up to tangle in his hair as Dwight’s tongue flicks faster against your sensitive flesh.

Dwight’s mouth is relentless, his tongue teasing my clit, making me gasp and writhe beneath Jake’s kiss.

Jake’s hand slips beneath my shirt, cupping my breast and squeezing gently. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh as he grinds against me. His kiss deepens, his tongue exploring my mouth as Dwight continues to work my pussy.

Dwight’s fingers slide inside me, curling up to brush against my G-spot. I cry out, my back arching off the ground as pleasure washes over me. Jake breaks the kiss, looking down at me with a wicked grin. “You like that, Meg?” he asks, his voice low and husky.

I can only nod, my breath coming in short, sharp gasps. Dwight’s fingers move faster, his tongue flicking relentlessly against my clit. Jake’s hand continues to tease my breast, his thumb rubbing circles around my nipple.

“Dwight, let’s get this bitch on all fours,” Jake said; I never heard him talk like that, and it turned me on.

Dwight pulls his fingers out of me, and I feel a sense of loss, but then Jake helps me to my hands and knees. Dwight positions himself behind me, his hands gripping my hips as he lines up his cock with my entrance. I glance back at him, his eyes dark with desire, and I can’t help but feel a thrill of excitement.

Jake moves to stand in front of me, his cock already hard and ready. He wraps his hand around it, guiding it to my mouth. I open willingly, taking him in, tasting the saltiness of his precum on my tongue. He groans as I start to suck, his hips thrusting gently.

Dwight’s cock pushes against my pussy lips, and I moan around Jake’s cock as he slides inside me. The feeling of fullness is incredible; I can feel every inch of him as he fills me up. He starts to thrust, his hips slapping against my arse as he pounds into me.

Jake’s cock hits the back of my throat, and I gag slightly, but I don’t stop. I can feel Dwight’s balls slapping against me with each thrust, the sound of our bodies coming together filling the tent.

The pleasure builds, and my orgasm is just out of reach. Jake’s thrusts become more urgent, his balls tightening in my hand. Dwight’s thrusts match Jake’s, his fingers digging into my hips.

I stop sucking Jake’s cock as I look at him. “Don’t cum yet, Jake; I want to have a good hard session with you boys,” I said as I started to suck on his dick again with my head bobbing up and down on his hard cock.

Meanwhile, Dwight was going at me with all his might, his hips pounding against my arse, his cock driving in and out of my sopping wet pussy. I could feel every inch of him, the ridges and veins, the head of his cock hitting my G-spot with each thrust. It was almost too much, but I was determined to enjoy every second of this illicit encounter.

Jake’s thrusts grew more frenzied, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he neared his release. I could feel the tension building in his cock, the veins standing out as he pushed himself deeper into my mouth.

Dwight’s fingers dug into my hips, his nails biting into my flesh as he drove into me harder and faster. My breasts swung beneath me, the nipples rubbing against the fabric of my shirt with each movement.

“Meg, I’m gonna cum,” Jake grunted, his hips jerking as he emptied himself into my mouth. I swallowed eagerly, savouring the taste of his release.

Dwight didn’t hold back for long, his own climax building quickly. His thrusts became erratic, his cock twitching inside me as he reached his peak. “Fuck, Meg, you feel so fucking good,” he groaned, his fingers tightening on my hips as he spilt himself inside me.

As the two of them pulled out of me, I collapsed onto the ground, my legs trembling from the intensity of the encounter. Jake and Dwight looked down at me, their faces flushed with satisfaction.

“Jesus, Meg, that was fucking amazing,” Jake said, his hand reaching out to stroke my hair.

Dwight nodded in agreement, “Yeah, the best sex I’ve had in this fucking place.”

I couldn’t help but smile at their words, my exhaustion replaced by a feeling of contentment. Maybe there was still some warmth and connection in this cursed existence.

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