Dad as my full attention

Hey, I’m Carla, and I’m 22. My family’s story is a bit like a roller coaster because of my dad, Ben. He’s really good-looking and knows how to charm anyone. But he has a big problem: he can’t stop looking at other women, even though he’s married to my mom. My mom sticks with him because she’s scared of being alone.

Let’s go back to when I turned 18. It was supposed to be all about me, but something else happened. My friend Kelly, who was 19, and my dad kept looking at each other in a weird way. Then, suddenly, they both disappeared from the party. When they came back, Kelly’s hair was a mess, and my dad looked like he had been running. I knew something was up. I wasn’t born yesterday, I still remember her with a few buttons on her blouse undone.

Years have passed, and here I am, back living at home. Yoga is my new thing. It helps me relax. When my boyfriend and I broke up, my dad started picking me up from yoga class. He’d get there early, probably to watch all the women, but I noticed he was always looking at me the most.

One night, I decided to ask him about it.

“Dad, why do you always come early? Is it just to watch the class?” I was curious but a bit nervous about what he’d say.

He just laughed and said, “Why not? I like to be here. Plus, I get to see you.”

That answer didn’t really make me feel better. It was strange, knowing he was there just watching. So, I pushed a bit more.

“But, don’t you think it’s a bit odd? Watching me?” I asked, feeling a mix of worry and confusion.

He paused, then said, “Carla, you’re thinking too much into it. I’m your dad. I’m here for you, that’s all.”

We left it at that, but things still felt weird. That night, with my mom at work, it was just the two of us at home. We ended up watching a movie together on the couch. The movie was on, but it was like we were both lost in our thoughts, not really watching.

Then, out of nowhere, my dad reached over and moved a strand of hair out of my face. He smiled at me in a way I couldn’t quite understand. I smiled back, not knowing what else to do.

“Why do you look at me so much, Dad?” I finally asked, breaking the silence between us.

He seemed a bit surprised by my question. “I guess I’m just proud of you. You’re growing up so fast, you are becoming so attractive love,” he answered, his voice soft as I noticed he eyed me up and adjusted his crotch.

“But what about Mom? And all the other women?” I couldn’t help asking.

He sighed, looking a bit sad. “Your mom and I…we have our problems. But that’s between us. You, you’re different. You’re my daughter. I also can’t help it, I love women.”

We both sat there, not saying much after that, the movie playing in the background. It was a weird feeling, sitting there with my dad, trying to understand all these mixed emotions.

The movie droned on in the background, but the real drama unfolded right there on our living room couch. I shifted slightly, turning towards Dad with a mix of determination and unease. It was time to address the elephant in the room.

“Dad,” I began, my voice tinged with a nervous energy I couldn’t quite mask, “I’ve been thinking a lot about my 18th birthday… and what happened with Kelly. I’m not angry, just… puzzled, I guess. Why did it happen?” My heart was racing, but I felt it was important to clear the air.

He looked momentarily taken aback, a shadow of guilt passing over his features before he composed himself. “Carla, I… I regret that deeply. Kelly was, well, she was attractive, and I just lost my sense of judgment. We ended up in the garage. We you know… It was a mistake I wish I could take back.”

The raw honesty in his voice sent a swirl of emotions through me. Despite the years, the admission stirred up a mix of hurt and understanding within me. “I see. People do make mistakes,” I replied, the words feeling heavy yet necessary.

As we inched closer to each other on the couch, the air between us seemed to thicken. “You’re quite beautiful yourself, you know, just by looking at the top half of you, you’re a woman,” he said softly, his voice carrying a warmth that contrasted sharply with the cool ambience of the room. His hand was now on my leg and rubbing it, I could notice his crotch again and the throbbing between his legs. Omg was I making dad hard?

“And that nightie, it really suits you. You’ve really grown up. It’s so short, plus there is only me and you here.” The compliment, meant to be benign, felt laden with unspoken meaning, adding layers to the already complex web of our current dynamic.

A blush crept up my cheeks, a cocktail of emotions making me feel both flattered and slightly uncomfortable. “Thank you, Dad,” I murmured, the simplicity of the moment juxtaposed with the turmoil churning inside me.

The movie’s plot seemed to blur into insignificance as we shared glances and tentative smiles. His hand brushed mine occasionally, sparking a cascade of feelings I struggled to understand. Each accidental touch was like a jolt, electrifying and confusing all at once.

Curiosity got the better of me, propelling me into a conversation I wasn’t sure we were ready for. “Dad, have you ever thought about how things could have been different?” I asked, my voice laced with an apprehension that mirrored the uncertainty of his potential answer.

He turned to me, his expression serious and contemplative. “Of course, Carla. But I’ve made my choices, and now, all I can do is try to be a better person, for you and… well, just for you now.”

That admission, raw and filled with a sense of longing for redemption, made me see him in a new light. He was not just my father but also a man fraught with regrets and desires for a better future.

Our eyes locked in a silent conversation, the depth of our shared history and the complexities of our relationship converging in that look. His hand found mine again, this time holding it with an intention that felt like a bridge being built over the chasm of our past misunderstandings.

As the movie reached its conclusion, the tension between us peaked, a potent mix of apprehension and newfound understanding hanging heavy in the air. “Dad,” I whispered, my curiosity overcoming my hesitation, “what do you think would happen if things had been different between us?”

He paused, his gaze intensifying as he processed my question. “Carla, I…” he started, the words trailing off as if he was navigating through a minefield of emotions and possible repercussions.

We were on the verge of exploring uncharted territories, the silence between us filled with the echoes of questions too daunting to voice out loud. The movie ended, but we were left in a suspenseful limbo, teetering on the edge of revelations that could redefine everything we knew about our bond.

My dad’s hand trembled slightly as he reached up to cup my face, his touch sending shivers down my spine. “Carla, I can’t ignore the feelings that have been building between us, it’s so wrong I know, but you’re so sexy I want you,” he confessed, his voice filled with a mix of desire and trepidation. “But I also can’t ignore the consequences that could come from crossing that line. I was shocked that he came out with that, omg my dad wants me, like wants me wants me.”

I nodded, my heart pounding in my chest as I took a deep breath. “I understand, Dad. It’s complicated, and we have to consider everyone involved. But I can’t deny the connection I feel with you.”

He leaned in, his lips hovering just a breath away from mine. “Carla, if we choose to explore this, it will change everything. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

I met his gaze, my eyes filled with a mix of determination and longing. “I’ve thought about it, Dad. And I want to see where this could lead. But we need to be cautious and make sure we’re both on the same page.”

With that, our lips finally met in a passionate and forbidden kiss. It was electrifying, a rush of emotions and desires intertwining as we surrendered to the forbidden connection we had both denied for so long. Our tongues danced, exploring each other’s mouths with a hunger that couldn’t be quenched.

As the kiss deepened, my dad’s hands roamed my body, his touch igniting a fire within me. He pulled me closer, his fingers tracing the curves of my waist as he pressed his hardening cock against my thigh. Every touch, every caress, sent waves of pleasure coursing through my veins.

I moaned against his lips, unable to contain the mounting desire that consumed us both. “Dad,” I gasped, my voice filled with need, “I want you. I want to feel you inside me.”

His eyes burned with a mixture of lust and adoration as he whispered, “Carla, my beautiful girl, I’ve dreamed of this for so long.” With a swift motion, he lifted me up and carried me to his bedroom, the anticipation building with each step.

Once we reached his bed, he gently laid me down, his eyes locked with mine. He slowly undressed me, his hands trembling with a mixture of reverence and desire. I watched as he removed my nightie and underwear, exposing my naked body to his hungry gaze.

His own clothes he then removed, “Time to see daddy in action sweetheart,” he said revealing his hard and throbbing cock. My eyes widened with anticipation as I saw the sheer size of him, knowing that he was about to actually fuck me in a way no one else ever had.

With a hunger that couldn’t be contained, he positioned himself between my legs, his hands gripping my thighs with a firm grip. He teased my entrance, sliding the head of his cock up and down my slick folds, spreading my wetness with each pass.

“Please, Dad,” I whimpered, my voice filled with desperation. “Wow, no wonder women love you, your cock is fucking huge, I need you inside me. I need you to fuck me.” I said as I rubbed my clit, never ever thought I would ever be fucked by my own dad.

Unable to resist any longer, he plunged deep into my aching pussy, his cock stretching me to my limits. The sensation was overwhelming, a mix of pleasure and pain that sent me spiralling into ecstasy. He fucked me hard and fast, his hips slamming into mine with a force that bordered on primal.

My pussy was like a velvet vice, tight and gripping around him as if it never wanted to let go. I arched my back and let out a loud moan, urging him to take me with everything he had. He obliged, his thrusts becoming faster and harder, each one sending waves of pleasure through my body.

The sounds of our moans and the wet slapping of skin filled the room. It was a symphony of pleasure, a dance of forbidden desire. My bed squeaked beneath us as he used my pussy for pleasure. Now I knew how Kelly had felt.

As he pounded into me, I felt my orgasm building, a tidal wave of pleasure threatening to consume me. “Oh, Mmmm, dad, dad, fuck, yes!” I cried out, my voice raw and filled with need. “Give it to me, Dad. Fuck me harder!” As my hand rubbed my clit as I watch between my legs his thick cock pounding into me.

With each thrust, he delved deeper into my core, sending electrifying jolts of pleasure through every inch of my body. His movements were relentless, hitting every single one of my sweet spots with precision. 

I could feel the raw passion radiating off of him, fuelling our heated encounter. My body responded eagerly, arching and writhing beneath him as he pushed me to new levels of ecstasy.

But he wasn’t done. He kept fucking me, his cock pounding my pussy with an intensity that bordered on obsession. Each thrust brought us closer to the edge, our bodies becoming a tangled mess of sweat and desire.

Finally, unable to hold back any longer, he grunted and groaned, his hips moving at an incredible speed. He was on the brink of climax, and I could feel it. With one final deep thrust, he exploded inside me, filling me with his hot, creamy cum.

As he pulled out of me, I couldn’t help but let out a contented moan.


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