Clearing My Now Ex-Boyfriend’s Debts


The sunlight was beginning to trickle through the blinds—a heavy knock that vibrated through the small, cosy living room where Carl and I were sipping our morning coffee. I glanced at Carl, noticing how he barely flinched, his eyes fixed on his phone.

“Leave it,” he muttered without looking up. But the knocking wouldn’t let up. It grew louder and more persistent, each thud echoing like a warning. I pushed myself off the couch, my curiosity piqued.

Wearing my favourite jeans and a white crop top Carl said he loved, I tiptoed to the door, feeling the cool wooden floor beneath my bare feet. The knocks continued, urgent and demanding.

“Who is it?” I called out, standing on tiptoes to peer through the peephole.

Carl’s voice was a sharp whisper from the couch, “Don’t open it, Sarah!”

But the knocking didn’t stop. It was like a drum beating rhythmically, pressuring me to answer. I hesitated, but the unresolved tension in the air was too much. I unlatched the lock and opened the door.

Standing there were two men dressed in dark suits that seemed too formal for the early morning. The taller one introduced himself with a stern face and a clipboard. “Good morning, ma’am. I’m Martin, and this is Chris.” The shorter one, Chris, had a cold, unreadable expression.

Carl had risen from the couch and now stood a few feet behind me, his face drained of colour. “What do you want?” his voice cracked slightly.

“We’re here about some debts that need to be settled,” Martin’s voice was flat, almost mechanical. “Can we come in?”

I glanced at Carl, seeing the fear in his eyes. He shook his head subtly, his usual confidence replaced by anxiety. But the look on Martin’s and Chris’s faces didn’t suggest they would take ‘no’ for an answer.

Stepping aside, I let them in. The room felt smaller with them there. Martin sat, his posture rigid, while Chris stood by the door, eyes scanning the room.

“Carl, you’ve missed several payments,” Martin began, his tone serious as he flipped through the papers on his clipboard. “We’ve been quite patient, but our clients are starting to get anxious.”

Carl swallowed hard, his hands trembling. “I—I just need a bit more time. I can get the money.”

Martin looked up from his clipboard, his gaze then shifting to me. The room was thick with tension. “There might be another way to clear this debt,” he said slowly, each word hanging heavily in the air.

“Another way?” I echoed, feeling a chill run down my spine. “What do you mean?”

Martin’s gaze lingered on me for a moment before returning to Carl. “Well, we could discuss some… alternatives.”

Carl’s face paled further, and he shook his head frantically. “No, no, Sarah has nothing to do with this. Just give me some more time.”

But Martin just chuckled, a cold, menacing sound. “Oh, I think she does. In fact, I think she could be quite helpful.”

“How… how much does he owe, and what is it you want me to do about it,” I said as I folded my arms, looking at the two men. My arms crossed, pressed against my boobs inside my crop top, making my cleavage look very enticing.

Martin’s gaze dropped to my cleavage for a moment before meeting my eyes again, a sly smile spreading across his face. “Well, Carl owes us quite a lot of money, and the interest is piling up. As for what we want you to do, that’s up to you and Carl to discuss.”

I raised an eyebrow, a feeling of disgust and confusion washing over me. “What are you suggesting, exactly?”

Carl stepped forward, desperation in his eyes. “Sarah, don’t listen to them. I’ll figure something out; give me some time.”

But Martin interrupted, “Time is money, Carl. And if you can’t pay, we’ll have to find other ways to collect. We could take your car, for example, or your belongings. Or perhaps…” He trailed off, his gaze shifting back to me.

Chris finally spoke up, his voice low and ominous. “We could take something else… something more valuable.”

I felt a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, suddenly understanding what they were suggesting. “You can’t be serious,” I whispered, my voice shaky.

“We’re very serious, ma’am,” Martin said, his smile never wavering. “We’ve come a long way to collect this debt and won’t leave until we have what we’re owed.”

Carl looked like he was about to pass out, his face drained of all colour. “Sarah, please, don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

I looked at the two men, feeling anger and disgust. I couldn’t believe this was happening, that these men were suggesting such a thing.

I looked at Carl. “Your back on the fucking drugs, ain’t you,” I then turned to Martin and Chris. “How much does he owe, and what do you both want me to do? Come on, spit it out. I am a big girl, you know.”

“The amount isn’t important right now, Sarah,” Martin responds, his voice cold and calculating. “What’s important is that Carl needs to settle this debt, one way or another.”

I feel a knot in my stomach, and the implication of their words is clear. “You want me to… prostitute myself to pay off his debt?” I ask, my voice trembling in anger and disbelief.

Carl looks at me desperately, “Sarah, please, I’ll find a way to pay them back. I promise.”

Martin shakes his head, “Carl, you’ve had your chances. And now, we’re left with no other choice. It’s either this or we take everything you have.”

“So if I do this, that is it,” I say, my voice hardening with each word. “You’ll leave us alone, and Carl won’t owe you anything more?”

Martin nods, a cold smile on his face. “That’s correct. If you fulfil your deal, we’ll consider the debt settled.”

I look at Carl, feeling anger, disgust, and pity. He’s let himself get into this mess, and now I’m being dragged into it.

I sigh, “Let’s go somewhere private, get this over and done with,” my voice laced with anger and resignation.

“Nah, nah, sweetie, this is on our terms; Chris, tie Carl to that chair; he’s going to watch us; let it be a punishment for pissing us off,” Martin said as he got closer to me.

I can’t believe I’m standing here, in my living room, about to sell my body to pay off Carl’s fucking debts. I can feel the anger and disgust as I watch Chris tie Carl to the chair, his eyes filled with fear and regret.

“Take off your clothes, Sarah,” Martin commands, his voice cold and detached. “Let’s get this started.”

I hesitate for a moment, but the look in Carl’s eyes is enough to make me comply. I slowly peel off my clothes, feeling exposed and vulnerable under Martin’s gaze.

“Good girl,” Martin says, his voice dripping with fake praise. “Now, let’s get down to business.”

He steps closer to me, his hand reaching out to touch my breast. I flinch at his touch, feeling a wave of disgust wash over me.

“Don’t be shy, Sarah,” Martin says, his voice low and seductive way as he undoes the buckle of his belt and takes his pants off. Christ was stood behind me I felt his hand squeeze my ass cheek. I hear him behind me and the sound of his zipper being pulled down.

“Right, Chris, let’s have some fun,” Martin lowered me onto the floor and put me in all four positions. “Sarah, you ready, honey,” he pushes the head of his cock against my lips as I simultaneously felt Chris sliding his cock up and down my pussy lips.

As Martin’s cock pressed against my lips, I could taste the faint saltiness of his precum. I hesitantly opened my mouth, allowing him to slide his cock inside. Chris’s cock was now fully pressed against my pussy lips, and I could feel the heat emanating from him.

“That’s it, Sarah, take it all in,” Martin groaned, gripping my hair tightly as he began to thrust his hips back and forth. Chris pushed himself deeper inside me with each thrust.

The sensation of two cocks inside me was overwhelming, and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. The feeling of Martin’s cock hitting the back of my throat, combined with Chris’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy, was almost too much to handle.

“Fuck, she’s tight,” Chris grunted, his fingers digging into my hips as he picked up the pace. Martin’s thrusts became more forceful, and I could feel his balls slapping against my chin with each movement.

Martin continues to face fuck me, his grip on my hair tightening as he pistons in and out of my mouth. I can feel him hitting the back of my throat, and I fear I might vomit at any moment.

Chris’s breathing becomes ragged, his thrusts becoming more desperate as he pounds into me. I can feel the pain building, my body on the verge of breaking.

I can feel myself gagging as Martin’s cock hits the back of my throat, my body trembling as I struggle to take it all in. But Martin doesn’t relent, his thrusts growing more forceful as he grunts and groans above me.

Chris’s hands grip my hips, his fingers digging into my flesh as he pounds me harder and harder. I can feel myself on the brink of an orgasm.

Martin pulls his cock out of my throat, and I cough as saliva drips off his hard cock and onto the floor. My eyes are watering. I feel Chris take out his cock as they both swap ends; I turn my head over to Carl. He’s crying, fucking prick.

“Fucking cry all you like; after they fucked me, you can get your shit and go fucking asshole,” you spat out, your voice filled with anger and disgust.

I turn my head back around as Chris puts his cock in my mouth; I can taste my pussy. Martin slides in my pussy from behind me. Fuck it, he put me through this shit am going to try to enjoy being fucked by these two men.

“Oh god, yes, just like that,” I moaned, my voice muffled by Chris’s cock as it filled my mouth. Martin’s cock was buried deep inside me, his hips slapping against my ass with each thrust.

“Look at your girl taking our fucking cocks, come on love”, he grunts as he slams his cock into me deep, “Arghh fuck, take it all.”

“Do you hear her moaning like a slut? She’s so wet while we fuck her,” I sucked hard on the first Chris’s cock while Martin pounded me hard as my ass cheeks rattled on every thrust.

As I start to suck Chris’s cock, I can taste the mix of my pussy juices and his precum. It’s a strange but not entirely unpleasant sensation. I feel his hands grip my head, guiding my movements as he fucks my mouth.

“That’s it, Sarah, take it all in,” Chris groans, his hips thrusting forward as he fucks my mouth. I can feel Martin’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy, the feeling of fullness almost overwhelming.

“Fuck, she’s got a very good pussy,” Martin grunts, his fingers digging into my hips as he picks up the pace. Their bodies slapping against each other, a rhythmic and primal sound fills the room.

“Mmm, fuck,” I moan around Chris’s cock, the feeling of being filled in both ends sending waves of pleasure through my body. I can feel my orgasm building, my muscles tensing as I approach the edge.

“You look the same age as my daughter; Argh fuck Sarah, you like my cock; I still have it in me, girly, even though I am 58.” I heard Martin say behind me as he slapped my ass cheek.

As I hear Martin’s words, I feel disgust wash over me. I can’t believe I’m letting this man, who could be my father’s age, fuck me like this. But at the same time, the pleasure building inside me is too intense to ignore.

“Oh god, yes, harder. Ugh… Mmmmm,” I moan, my voice muffled by Chris’s cock.

Chris pounding into the back of my throat, Martin slaps my ass hard as he demands words from me. “Arggh fuck baby, call me daddy, do it, tell me how hard you want it, call me fucking daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy… fuck me harder,” I moaned, my voice trembling with a mix of pleasure and shame.

Chris quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth and stroked his cock fast, and started to shoot thick spurts of cum onto my face. That’s one guy down now left Martin to cum, but by the way, he was fucking my pussy. He had a lot of stamina.

He pulled out my pussy and led me to Carl, tied up and placed me in the butterfly position.

“Look at you, tied up and helpless, watching as I fuck your girlfriend right in front of you,” Martin sneers, his voice dripping with contempt. “Is this what you wanted, Carl? To see me take what you couldn’t give her?”

Carl’s eyes are wide with fear and shame, and he shakes his head frantically. “Please, stop. This isn’t what I wanted.”

But Martin laughs a cold, cruel sound. “It’s too late for that now, Carl. You made your choice, and now you must live with the consequences.”

He turns his attention back to me, his eyes filled with lust and desire. “Now, where were we?”

He pushes himself back inside me, his cock sliding deep into my soaking pussy. I moan in pleasure as he begins to thrust, each movement sending waves of pleasure through my body as he fucks me in the butterfly position, which is my favourite.

As Martin’s cock fills me up again, I can feel every inch of him, the girth stretching me wide. He starts to thrust harder and faster, his balls slapping against my ass with each movement. I can feel the pleasure building inside me once again, my muscles tensing as I approach another orgasm.

“Oh fucking god, Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm ah ah fu… fucking hell,” I moan, my voice muffled by the sound of our bodies slamming against each other. My tits bounce up and down with each hard thrust, and I feel my pussy being stretched to its limits. “Fuck, I’m so fucking close, I can feel my pussy clenching around your thick cock.”

Chris is in the background cheering his buddy Martin on, “Go on, Martin fuck her harder. She loves it when a real man takes control and makes her moan like the slut she is.”

“Yes, Sarah, moan for me. Let me hear how much you’re enjoying this, fucking moan,” Martin growls, his thrusts becoming more forceful as he grunts and groans above me. His balls slap against my arse with each powerful stroke, and I feel my body being pushed against the bed. “Fuck, you’re so wet and tight. I’m going to fill that dirty little cunt with my cum.”

Chris’s voice is getting more excited, “Yeah, Martin, fuck her hard. Make that slut scream. She’s loving every inch of your thick cock.”

I moan and whimper, my body trembling as I reach my climax, “Fuck, yes, I’m cumming. Ugh, don’t stop, Martin. I’m gonna cum so hard, my pussy is going to drench your cock.” My pussy clenches around his cock, my juices flowing down my thighs as I convulse in pleasure.

“Oh, fucking yeah. You’re such a dirty little slut. I knew you’d love it,” Martin groans, his hips stuttering as he unloads inside me.

I feel his hot cum fill me up, spurt after spurt coating my insides. He slows down, catching his breath, before pulling out and collapsing next to me. I lay there, spent and exhausted, my body still trembling from the intense orgasm.

I turn to look at Carl, still tied up and crying. “You’re fucking pathetic,” I spit out, my voice filled with anger and disgust. “Get your shit and get the fuck out of my house.”

Carl nods, tears streaming down his face. He struggles to untie himself, and I watch as he gathers his things and leaves without another word.

I turn back to Martin and Chris, both still catching their breath. “How was that, boys,” I said while I got up and put my clothes back on.

My body felt sore and used, but there was also a strange sense of satisfaction. I had just experienced something intense and degrading, yet I couldn’t deny the pleasure it had brought me. I looked at Martin and Chris, both still breathing heavily, their suits dishevelled and face flushed.

“That was… impressive,” I said, trying to steady my voice. “I didn’t think you two could last that long.”

Martin chuckled, a hint of a smirk on his face. “We have our ways, Sarah. And it seems like you’re quite the performer yourself.”

I felt a shiver run down my spine at his words. I didn’t want to admit it, but a part of me enjoyed the degradation, the feeling of being used by these two men. But I knew I couldn’t let them think they had any power over me.

“Well, that was fun and all, but I have things to do,” I said, trying to sound casual. “So, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to leave.”

Chris stood up, adjusting his clothes. “Of course, Sarah. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his fake politeness. I followed them to the door, my legs still shaky from the intense sex. As they left, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief wash over me. I had just experienced something incredibly degrading, but I had also stood up for myself and made it clear that I was in control.

As I closed the door behind them, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions. Disgust, shame, and anger were all fighting for dominance in my mind. But there was also a strange sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I had just experienced something incredibly intense and degrading, but I had also stood up for myself and proved that I was stronger than I ever thought possible.

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