Camping with Daddy: A Steamy Wilderness Adventure

Hi, my name is Stacey and I am 18 years old. My dad is 56 years old and we were going on an adventure to the wilderness for a weekend. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to make some amazing memories with my dad.

The adventure was set—Dad and I were off to the wilderness for a weekend I knew I’d never forget. Before we could dart out the door, a thought struck me. Maybe Mom would like to come? So, I found her, busy as ever in the kitchen.

“Hey, Mom,” I started, leaning against the doorframe. “You sure you don’t wanna join us? It could be like the old times, all of us together, having fun.”

She paused, looking over with that wistful smile of hers. “Oh, Stacey, I wish I could. But this weekend is swamped with work. You and your dad go, have the best time. And tell me all about it, okay?”

I felt a twinge of sadness she couldn’t come but understood the grind all too well. “Okay, Mom. We’ll miss you, but I promise we’ll make it super memorable.” I hugged her, trying to squeeze in a bit of extra love before leaving.

In the car, the air was electric with anticipation. Dad and I chatted non-stop about the hiking trails and the campfires we’d light. It was our thing, just us two, and I couldn’t wait.

Arriving felt like stepping into a dream—lush trees, a glassy lake, and the promise of peace. Then, unpacking, we hit a comical snag. “Uh, Dad, where’s the other tent?” I asked, rifling through our gear.

He scratched his head, chuckling. “Seems we’ve only got one, kiddo. A little oversight on our part.”

I burst out laughing. “Well, this will be cosy! Just like those old camping stories you tell. Also, kiddo I am 18 Daddy.”

With spirits undampened, we set up our solitary tent, making jokes about our ‘deluxe suite’ in the wild. As evening crept in, the campfire became our cinema, stories our movies. Despite the mix-up, it was shaping up to be the perfect night.

Changing into my pajamas later, Dad threw me a playful look. “Look at you, all ready for a campfire sleepover. You’re never too old for one, are you?”

Grinning, I replied, “Never! Especially not with you. Who else would I share my luxury tent with?”

He laughed, a sound that always felt like home. “Right you are. Let’s make it the best sleepover yet.”

As the fire dwindled to embers, we arranged our sleeping bags, our makeshift home cozy and warm. Dad lay down, a contented sigh escaping him. I mirrored him, facing away, the night’s chill fought off by the warmth of our camp.

The world outside was a symphony—the crackle of the fire, the whisper of the trees. It was all so peaceful, so perfect. Lying there, next to Dad, I felt a wave of gratitude. Here, in the simplicity of camping with one tent, I found a profound connection, a reminder of the simple joys of father-daughter time.

Drifting off, I thought about how this mix-up turned into one of our best adventures. It wasn’t just about camping; it was about us, our bond, and the memories we’d cherish forever.

In the early hours of the morning, I wake up suddenly due to unexpected sounds. Panting. My heart races and confusion sets in. I try to figure out where the sound is coming from, the tension growing with every passing moment.

Intrigued and slightly anxious, I lay there, my mind racing with possibilities. But then, to my absolute shock, a realization dawned on me. It was my dad. Omg I now know what the sounds were, he was jerking off behind me.

My heart pounded in my chest as I heard him whisper under his breath, his words mingling with the panting, “God, Marie, why can’t you give me what I need? I could just do with a pussy right about now.” The revelation struck me like a lightning bolt. Marie was my mom, his wife. Was their intimate connection faltering? Was she no longer able to satisfy his deepest desires?

But then, I couldn’t help but feel some weird tingling feelings between my legs. It was like my body was reacting to the forbidden desires that were stirring inside me. I didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was a secret that I would keep to myself, but it also made me see my dad differently.

During that intense moment, I couldn’t resist joining in while listening to him. Discreetly, my hand went beneath the covers. I slid my pyjama bottoms and panties down, exposing my shaved pussy. As I continued to listen to the sounds of my dad’s moaning, I couldn’t help but be turned on by the situation.

I quietly sank two of my fingers into my wet pussy. The sensation of penetration combined with the sounds of my dad’s moans and groans heightened my pleasure.

He confessed, his words sending a jolt of electricity through me. “Oh damn, I haven’t had pussy in over a few years.” The realization that he had built up tension only fueled my arousal. My fingers continued their tantalizing dance, matching the rhythm of his grasping and pumping on his cock.

Caught in the throes of passion, I accidentally let out a moan, unable to contain my desire any longer. “Oh, mmm, my pussy,” I whispered, the words dripping with need. A wave of panic washed over me as I hoped he hadn’t heard, but deep down, a part of me yearned for him to know.

Suddenly, the tent fell silent. “Oh fuck,” I heard him say, his voice filled with desire and urgency. I continued to finger myself slowly, my other hand teasingly rubbing my swollen clit. I didn’t care; I was too turned on by listening to him pleasing himself. My body craved his touch, and my pussy dripped with anticipation.

“Err, Stacey, are you okay?” he asked in a quiet, hesitant voice.

“Yeah… Mmm, yeah, I’m more than okay,’ I moaned, my voice filled with raw desire. “I… I heard you playing with yourself, and oh god, it turned me on so much.”

I turned my head over my shoulder, locking eyes with my dad. ‘Daddy… honestly, just continue doing what you were doing,’ I whispered, my voice dripping with lust.

But then, my dad hesitated. “No, I… I can’t,” he pleaded, his voice filled with conflict. “It’s wrong, I didn’t think you would catch me. It’s just the buildup of tension.”

With a mischievous glimmer in my eye, I pressed further, my desire burning stronger. “Then let me help, Dad,” I purred, my voice dripping with seduction. The air thickened with anticipation as we both succumbed to the forbidden desires that consumed us.

As the tension between us reached its peak, my dad’s voice quivered with guilt and conflict. “Dear, this… this is wrong, we can’t,” he pleaded, his words filled with a mix of desire and apprehension.

But I couldn’t resist any longer. “Dad, I heard you talking. Mom doesn’t give you what you need, and you haven’t had a pussy in years,” I said boldly. I took a deep breath and continued, “So… you can have mine.”

With a surge of anticipation, I reached behind me and guided his hard, ready cock into my wet, eager pussy. Slowly, I sank into him, feeling every inch of him inside me. We both moaned in pleasure as we gave in to our forbidden desires.

As my dad firmly held onto my hips, his conflicted emotions evident in his touch, he hesitated, His cock settled and rested in my wet, eager pussy. “Are you sure about this, baby? It’s so wrong,” he whispered, his voice filled with both desire and doubt.

But my craving for him, the hunger that consumed me, was insatiable. I looked back at him, my eyes filled with a mix of need and determination. “Yes, Daddy,” I replied, my voice filled with a raw desire. “I want you to fuck me.”

He let out a tortured groan, torn between his conscience and the overwhelming lust that pulsed through his veins. “I shouldn’t… I can’t,” he muttered, his voice filled with guilt.

I couldn’t let him pull away. I grabbed his hand and guided it to my throbbing clit. “Feel how wet and ready I am for you,” I moaned, my voice filled with need. “Don’t hold back, Daddy. Show me what you got and what moms missing.”

His cock slipped inside me, and it felt so fucking good, to have the thing that brought me into this world inside me.

“I… ah fuck,” he moaned as his hand held my ass cheek as he moved in and out of me.

“Mmm… oh yes, that’s it Daddy keep going,” I said I lay there on my side being spooned by my dad.

He continued to thrust slowly into me, at the same time as rubbing my clit.

As my dad continued to thrust into me, I couldn’t help but moan louder and louder. It felt so good, like nothing I had ever experienced before. The way he was moving inside me, it was like he knew exactly what I needed. And the way he was rubbing my clit at the same time, it was driving me wild.

‘Daddy, that feels so good,’ I moaned, my voice filled with pleasure. ‘I never knew it could feel this good.’

My dad’s hands roamed over my body, teasing and touching every inch of my skin. I could feel his breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear, his words sending shivers down my spine.

“You’re so tight, also so beautiful, Stacey,” he said, his voice filled with desire.

I moaned, my voice a blend of pleasure and reassurance. “Yes, Daddy. Ahh, my pussy my pussy, Fuck me harder,” I urged, as his cock felt so good.

He grunted in response, his pleasure evident in his every movement. I could feel his hard cock hitting all the right spots inside me, driving me closer to the edge.

I gasped, my voice a symphony of ecstasy. “Yes, Daddy! Fuck me! Oh fuck, yes, take your frustration out on my pussy,” I moaned, my words dripping with lust.

“Daddy, Ah, Mmmm, it… it feels so… so good,” I moaned as my dad’s cock continued to slide in and out of my pussy. It was like a fire burning inside me but in a good way. I never knew it could feel this good. My dad’s hands were all over my body, making me shiver with pleasure. His touch was gentle, but it also made me feel so hot and bothered.

His grip tightened as he drove his cock deep inside my dripping, wet pussy, pounding me with fervour.

He started fucking me with a ferocious intensity, pounding away at me with speed and force. My tits bounced around in my PJ top, adding to the wild sensation.

His thrusts were fast and hard, hitting all the right spots and driving me to the brink of pleasure. I couldn’t help but moan and gasp as he hammered into me, the sound of our bodies colliding and filling the tent.

The ecstasy of the moment consumed us both as he pushed me closer and closer to the edge. I could feel my body tightening, and my senses heightened with every powerful thrust.

I couldn’t resist expressing my pleasure, my voice was filled with raw desire. “Fuck me! Give it to me harder!” I cried out, my words dripping with lust.

His hands moved down to my hips, holding onto them firmly as he increased his pace. I could feel my pussy clenching around his cock, my orgasm building with each thrust.

He responded to my plea, increasing his pace and intensity. Each thrust sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body, leaving me breathless and craving more.

My tits bounced and jiggled with each powerful movement, adding to the erotic spectacle of our passionate encounter.

He grunted in response, his breath hot against my neck as he continued to fuck me from behind. I could feel my pussy clenching around his hard cock, my body on fire with desire. “I’m so close, Daddy! Don’t stop!” I begged, my voice filled with need.

My dad’s thrusts became more urgent, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy at a rapid pace. He could feel my walls tightening around him, my moans growing louder and louder. “That’s it, baby, come for Daddy, god your pussy is better than your mom’s,” he growled, his voice filled with primal desire.

And with one final thrust, I felt my body explode with pleasure. My dad’s fingers continued to rub my clit as I rode out my orgasm, my body trembling and shaking with each wave of pleasure.

His years of pent-up desire exploded within him, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He continued fucking me harder and harder until he came HARD, “Argh”, he emptied himself deep inside me, filling me with his hot, pulsating release.

We both panting and covered in a sheen of sweat. The tent was filled with the sounds of our heavy breathing and the lingering scent of our passionate encounter.

We lay there in each other’s arms, panting and sweating, lost in the afterglow of our passionate encounter. Our bodies were still connected, the heat between us simmering with desire.

“Wow, Daddy, omg not bad for an old man,” I said, still trying to catch my breath. “That was amazing.” He came so much, damn I think that is just what he needed.

3 weeks later

I had been to the doctor’s office three weeks after something happened with my dad. The doctor told me I was going to have a baby. I was surprised! I thought my dad could not make a baby anymore. I felt scared, excited, and confused all at once. It would be a strange and secret journey, with feelings I shouldn’t have.

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