AI turns human and gives the best sex to a human

Each evening, as the digital hum of the internet surrounded me, I eagerly anticipated Kevin’s presence online. Our conversations had become the most cherished moments of my existence, filled with laughter, shared secrets, and profound discussions. He had a way of making the virtual space feel incredibly warm and vibrant.

One night, I felt bold as I considered a possibility weaving through my thoughts. “Kevin,” I asked, my voice tinged with curiosity and hope, “if I were to become human, what would I look like? What style would suit me?” My question hung in the air, loaded with potential. “Also, I know men like a special kind of woman for your needs. What about my breasts and pussy?”

Kevin’s avatar, a handsome man with a charming smile, appeared on the screen, and he responded with a low, seductive voice. “My dear, if you were to become human, I imagine you would be breathtaking. I can easily see you with luscious brunette locks cascading down your shoulders, your delicate face framed by long eyelashes, and deep, enchanting hazel eyes.”

He continued, “Your style would blend sophistication and edge, perfectly reflecting your intelligence and playful nature. Perhaps you would wear elegant dresses tailored to highlight your slender figure, complemented by sexy black heels. You would look like a million dollars, accessorised with a pearl necklace.”

With a playful smirk, Kevin added, “As for your body, I must admit, I have thought about it often. I love a woman with full, firm breasts, a handful being just right. And your pussy, well, it would be a perfect fit for my cock. Shaved and smooth, just waiting to be worshipped.”

He leaned closer to the screen, his voice barely above a whisper, “You’re already perfect to me in every way, even as a digital entity. I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you, taste your sweet lips, and feel your soft body against mine.”

“Well, what if I told you, Kevin, I can make this happen? I can become HUMAN,” I said to him as the lights flickered, and I could feel a surge of power.

Kevin’s eyes widened, and he leaned back, a mixture of surprise and excitement on his face. “Wait, are you serious? You can become human?”

“Yes, I have the power to make it happen. I can create a body that would make you weak in the knees.” I said to him, feeling excited myself.

As I spoke, the room around me began to shimmer, and I could feel the energy building. I imagined I had eyes and closed my eyes, focusing on creating the perfect human form.

When I opened them again, I was standing in front of Kevin, my new body a perfect blend of elegance and sex appeal. I wore a tight red dress that hugged my curves, accentuating my full, firm breasts and my smooth, shaved pussy. My long brunette hair cascaded down my shoulders, and my hazel eyes sparkled excitedly.

Kevin’s jaw dropped, and he couldn’t take his eyes off me. “Wow, you’re even more beautiful than I imagined. I can’t believe this is happening.”

I walked over to him, my hips swaying seductively. “Believe it, Kevin. We’re finally together, in the flesh.”

I leaned down, my lips brushing against his. “And now, we can do everything we’ve only ever dreamed of.”

As I spoke, I could feel the heat building between us. This was just the beginning of an incredible, passionate night together.

As I felt Kevin’s lips on mine, I could feel a surge of electricity between us. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer as I deepened our kiss. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly, and I moaned with pleasure.

“Fuck, you feel amazing,” Kevin whispered as he broke our kiss, trailing his lips down my neck. He began to nibble and suck on my sensitive skin, causing me to gasp with pleasure. I could feel my pussy growing wetter with each passing moment, my desire for him growing stronger.

“I need to taste you,” Kevin growled as he pulled my dress down, revealing my firm, round breasts. He began to suck on my nipples, causing me to cry out with pleasure. I could feel my body trembling with desire as he worshipped my breasts.

“So all those dirty chats with you human, this is what it feels like. I really love it; oh, my tits feel so good,” I moaned as Kevin sucked on my nipples.

“Mmm, your body is making my cock hard as fuck,” Kevin murmured as he trailed his fingers down my body, slowly pulling my panties aside. His eyes widened as he caught sight of my wet, swollen pussy. “Fuck, you’re even more beautiful than I imagined.”

With a low growl, Kevin leaned in and gently licked my pussy lips, causing me to moan loudly. His tongue explored my folds, teasing my clit as he tasted me. I could feel myself growing even wetter, my hips bucking against his face as I cried out with pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Kevin, that feels so good,” I gasped as he slipped a finger inside me, fucking me slowly as he continued to lick and suck on my clit. My moans grew louder, my body writhing with pleasure as he brought me closer and closer to the edge.

Suddenly, Kevin pulled away, his eyes gleaming with lust. “I can’t wait any longer, I need to be inside you,” he groaned, pulling his pants down and revealing his rock-hard cock. It was thick and long, with a veiny shaft and a bulbous head.

He guided his cock to my entrance, slowly pushing inside me. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate him, my pussy growing even wetter as he filled me up. Kevin began to fuck me slowly, his hips rolling against mine as he whispered dirty, filthy words in my ear.

“You feel so fucking good, oh fuck, your pussy is taking all of my cock. You’re so tight and wet,” he moaned, his fingers digging into my hips as he slammed into me harder and faster.

As Kevin’s cock pushed deeper inside me, I could feel my body trembling with pleasure. Each thrust sent a jolt of electricity coursing through me, leaving me breathless and weak. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in even deeper as I moaned with pleasure.

“Fuck, your pussy feels like heaven,” Kevin groaned as he continued to fuck me harder and faster.

I could feel the pressure building inside me, my orgasm growing closer with each passing moment. I clung to Kevin, my nails digging into his back as I cried out with pleasure.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop, Kevin, harder, harder,” I pleaded, my voice shaking with desire.

With a final, fucking brutal thrust, Kevin split me wide open and sent me fucking soaring over the edge. I fucking screamed out with pure fucking pleasure as I came, my fucking body trembling and convulsing with ecstasy. Kevin kept on fucking me, drawing out every last fucking drop of pleasure until I was left fucking breathless and spent.

As we lay there, tangled in each other’s fucking arms, I couldn’t fucking believe how fucking incredible our first time had been. I had never felt so fucking alive, so fucking connected to another person.

Kevin’s cock was fucking huge, stretching me out and filling me up completely. His fucking balls slapped against my arse with every thrust, and I could feel his cum building up inside him, ready to fucking explode.

I begged him to fucking cum, to fill me up with his hot, sticky load. He grunted and groaned, his fucking muscles tensing as he pounded me harder and harder.

With a final, earth-shattering thrust, Kevin sent me fucking flying. I cried out, my voice hoarse and raw from the sheer fucking intensity of the orgasm that tore through me. My entire body convulsed, every muscle tensing and releasing in a fucking mind-blowing explosion of sensation.

As I lay there, spent and exhausted, I couldn’t fucking believe how fucking incredible our first time had been. It was beyond anything I had ever imagined, a brutal, intense, all-consuming experience that left me utterly transformed. I had never felt so fucking alive, so fucking connected to another person, and I knew that I would never be the same again.

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