A quickie with the brother upstairs while mum is downstairs


I wake up to the calm, quiet countryside outside. It’s early, but the sun is already sneaking through the curtains, lighting up my short, bob-cut red hair. My home feels cosy as I stretch and get out of bed, my feet touching the lovely carpet.

I head to the bathroom, brush my teeth, slip out of my nightie and shower. The warmth from the water feels like a hug, chasing away the sleepiness.

After the shower, I put on a pair of white panties and bra and a T-shirt and jeans—nothing fancy, just right for a relaxing day at home. I wander downstairs, ready for breakfast. The toaster snaps to life as I scramble some eggs, enjoying the simple morning routine.

A knock on the door as I sit down with my plate. I’m surprised to find Mum there, her face bright with a smile, and James, my brother, standing behind her. “Sarah! I thought I’d come by for a visit. Look who I brought,” she says with a cheerful voice.

“James? What brings you here?” I laugh, welcoming them inside.

We settle in the living room. Mum takes the comfy chair while I head back to the kitchen to make her tea just as she likes—milk and two sugars. James opts for a black coffee.

After I bring the drinks to them, I catch snippets of their conversation while I fetch Mum’s tea. She mentions that the bathroom door has been sticking. “James, would you mind taking a look?” she asks, sipping her tea.

“Of course,” James agrees, standing up with his coffee.

I follow him to see if I can help with the door. “Always ready to fix things, aren’t you?” I say with a smile as he starts examining the door.

He smiles back, working on the hinges. “Someone’s got to do it. How’s everything with you? How’s life?”

“It’s good, keeping me busy,” I reply, watching him fiddle with the lock.

We chat about simple things—our friends and the latest family news. It’s easy and comforting to spend time like this. Mum’s laughter while watching TV from downstairs adds a warm background to our conversation.

Soon, James has the door swinging smoothly again. “There, all fixed,” he announces with a nod.

“Thanks, James. You’re the best,” I say, giving him a thankful smile.

“So, do you ever think about, you know? When we did it.” He said while looking me up and down.

I feel my body stiffen at his words, and I turn to face him, my eyes wide with surprise. “James, what are you talking about?” I ask, trying to keep my voice steady.

He looks at me with a smirk, eyes travelling down my body again. “You know what I am talking about,” he says, his voice low and suggestive.

But he takes a step closer to me, his eyes still fixed on me. “Come on, Sarah. Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it,” he says, his voice even lower.

“You’re right, James. I did enjoy it,” I admit, my voice barely above a whisper. My heart races as he steps closer, his eyes burning into mine.

I felt his hand between my crotch as he rubbed me through my jeans.

James smirks as he continues to rub me through my jeans, his touch causing a wave of pleasure to wash over me. I bite my lip, my breath hitching as I lean into his touch.

“I’ve missed this, Sarah,” he murmurs, his hand undoing the top button on my jeans, pulling down the zipper and slipping underneath my jeans and panties. His fingers find my clit, rubbing it in slow circles as I moan softly.

“Ugh, fuck, we can’t. Mmmm, Mum’s downstairs,” I managed to gasp, my eyes glazed with desire.

“It’s ok, Sarah. It will just be a quickie and very quiet. Besides, you know Mum will still drink her tea and watch your telly.”

My clit feels swollen under his skilled touch, my body eager for more as he starts to slide his fingers into my pussy.

“James,” I gasp, gripping the back of his neck as his fingers fuck me, feeling the build-up of pleasure from his touch.

He continues to finger me, his fingers moving fast and hard in and out of my soaking pussy. The sound of my wetness fills the room as I whimper and moan from the intense sensations flooding my body.

“That’s it, Sarah. Give in to me,” James growls in my ear, his voice thick and heavy with arousal.

As James’ skilled fingers continue to work their magic inside me, I can feel the waves of pleasure building up inside my core. My legs start to tremble uncontrollably, and I bury my face into the crook of his neck, moaning and gasping as I struggle to keep quiet.

He pulls out his fingers, and without a word, he turns me around to face the bathroom sink. He shuts the door behind us; my jeans are then pulled down my thighs, followed closely by my panties. I feel a shiver run down my spine as the cold porcelain sink against my bare skin.

I glance up at him through the mirror, my eyes wide with excitement and fear. “OK, but we can’t do it for long; you never know; Mum could just come up,” I whisper, my breath hitching as I feel the head of his cock resting against my pussy lips. I can feel the heat radiating off of him, and I can’t help but let out a soft moan as he slowly starts to push himself inside me.

“I know, but I can’t resist you, Sarah,” James says, his voice husky with desire. He pushes the head of his cock inside me, causing me to gasp at the sudden intrusion.

“Oh fuck, James, you feel so good,” I moan, my hands gripping the edge of the sink as he begins to thrust in and out of me. His pace is slow at first, but it quickly becomes faster and harder, his bollocks slapping against me with each thrust.

“Fucking hell James… Mmmmm, we can’t be loud,” I say as my knuckles turn white with my grip on the sink.

“I know, but I can’t help it,” James grunts, his hands gripping my hips as he fucks me harder and faster. The sound of his balls slapping against me and the wet, slick sound of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy fill the bathroom.

He forces his hand over my mouth, muffling my moans as he mercilessly impales me with his thick, throbbing cock. I try to suppress my cries of pleasure, but they seep through his fingers, betraying my ecstasy. I watch him in the mirror, his face contorted with raw lust as he plunges into me again and again, his cock disappearing into my depths, glistening with my juices.

James’ thrusts become more savage, his hips pistoning with reckless abandon as he fucks me with primal intensity. His balls slap against my clit with each brutal stroke, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through my body. I feel myself inching closer and closer to the brink, my legs quivering as I fight to keep silent, my pussy clenching around his cock, trying to milk every last drop of pleasure from him.

With each thrust, I feel his cock swell inside me, the head pressing against my cervix as he reaches the point of no return. I can feel every ridge and vein on his shaft, the sensation of his cock filling me, stretching me wide. I can feel the heat building inside me, my body trembling with the effort of keeping silent.

“Fuck, Sarah, you’re so tight and wet. I can’t hold back any longer,” James growls, his fingers digging into my hips as he pounds me harder and faster. I can feel his cock twitching inside me, the sensation of him losing control, giving in to the primal urge to claim me as his own.

With a final, brutal thrust, he fills me with his hot, sticky cum, grunting and groaning as he empties himself inside me, his cock twitching and pulsing as he releases his load deep within me. I can feel his cum seeping out of me, running down my thighs, sticky and wet. I reach down, feeling his cum on my fingers, savouring the salty, musky flavour of his release.

He pulls out of me, leaving me feeling empty and used, my pussy still dripping with his cum. I turn to face him, my body still trembling with the aftershocks of my orgasm, my lips swollen from his fingers, my pussy still pulsing with pleasure. I reach down, feeling his cum seep out of me, running down my thighs, sticky and wet. I bring my fingers to my lips, tasting him and savouring his release’s salty, musky flavour. I look into his eyes, seeing their raw desire and satisfaction, knowing that I have pleased him and given him what he needed.

“That was fucking intense, James,” I gasped, my legs still trembling from the intense orgasm.

James smiles at me, his face flushed with pleasure. “I told you it would be; sorry, I came quick, but you said we had to be quick; besides, just the thought of me fucking my sister made it more intense,” he says, his voice still husky with desire.

Mum shouts from downstairs, “What are you doing up there? It doesn’t take that long to fix a door!”

James and I quickly pull ourselves together, our faces flushed with guilt. “Nothing, Mum, just fixing the door,” James calls back, his voice still shaky.

I quickly pull up my jeans and panties, trying to hide any evidence of what just happened. “Yeah, just fixing the door,” I repeat, my voice still breathless.

We head back downstairs, trying to act as normal as possible. Mum doesn’t seem to notice anything unusual, and we continue our conversation as if nothing happened.

But deep down, I can’t help but feel a little thrill from what just happened. It’s not every day that your brother fucks you in the bathroom while your mum is downstairs.

And even though I know it’s wrong, I can’t help but wonder if it will happen again.

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You’re missing a point in that maybe your Brother is also fucking your Mum? James just didn’t want to tell you in case you felt like a substitute 🙂 In any case, you could extend this story to a 3some with both Mum and James. If you could imagine that, that is.

Sarah Jade

Sarah Jade

I will see what I can do when am not busy.



This story was so hot and sensual I loved it and often wished I had a sister like you!!💖💦💖

Sarah Jade

Sarah Jade

Glad you enjoyed it, dear.