The Unexpected Encounter: A Mom and Son Taboo Fantasy

I’m 18 years old, and my libido has never been higher, especially after my recent split with my girlfriend, Susan. However, on this particular day, I find myself having trouble getting aroused. Frustrated, I decided to snoop around my parents’ room and come across my dad’s Viagra pills. Desperate for relief, I swallow one, hoping for the best.

A half-hour goes by, and I finally feel the familiar sensations returning, my sex drive at an all-time high. I rush back to my room, hastily undressing myself and getting comfortable. Stroking my now solid cock, I become lost in the moment. Yet, I can’t seem to reach climax, and my erection is becoming uncomfortable.

As I try to tuck myself back into my pants, I realize I’ve heard footsteps approaching the bathroom. I decide to play it cool and walk towards the toilet, my erection painfully evident in my jeans.

To my surprise, I enter the bathroom to find my mom completely naked. In a panic, she grabs a towel to cover herself. “Omg, honey, for fuck sake, knock next time,” she exclaims, blushing profusely. Her tits looked big, and it made my cock throb; I had never thought about my mum that way before.

“What do you want, Carl?” she said, sighed, and looked annoyed that I had walked in on her.

“Uh, I-I was just going to use the bathroom, Mom,” I stammer, trying to avert my gaze from her exposed body.

But my eyes can’t help but be drawn to her, taking in the sight of her full, round breasts and the patch of dark hair between her legs. The Viagra-induced erection in my jeans is now even more pronounced, and I can’t help but feel a strange mix of arousal and embarrassment.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait, honey,” she says, crossing her arms over her chest. “I was just about to take a shower.”

I nod, still trying to maintain my composure as I back out of the bathroom. But as I make my way back to my room, I can’t shake the image of my mom’s naked body from my mind.

I lie down on my bed, feeling both turned on and ashamed of myself. My cock is still rock hard, and I can’t help but wonder if this is what it feels like to have a MILF fetish, or you could say an incestuous mom fetish.

I tried again and took out my cock and started stroking it and imagined my mom while I jerked my thick throbbing cock. Still no good, and there was a knock on my door. I quickly painfully put my cock away, maybe I should tell Mom.

I cautiously open the door, expecting my mom to stand there, annoyed. But instead, I find her looking concerned. “Carl, are you okay? You’ve been in there for a while,” she says, her voice filled with genuine worry as she stands there in just a towel, her cleavage showing.

I hesitate, unsure of what to say. But then, I decide to be honest. “Mom, I took one of Dad’s Viagra pills,” I admit, my voice barely above a whisper.

Her eyes widen in surprise, but then, she bursts out laughing. “Oh, honey, you didn’t have to do that,” she says, still chuckling. “There are other ways to deal with erectile dysfunction, you know.”

“I don’t have an erectile dysfunction problem,” I explained to her, “I… I was, you know, in the mood. Never mind; it’s embarrassing that you are my mom, and I am talking about this.”

I feel my face heating up with embarrassment. She looks at me, her expression softening. “Well, if you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here for you,” she says, giving me a reassuring hug. As she hugged me, my hard cock against my jeans, I felt it against her pubic bone against her towel.

“Sweetie, you need to sort it out; you look uncomfortable. I will make dinner and check on you in a bit,” she said as she left my room.

After my mom left, I took a deep breath and decided to finish what I started. I lay back down on my bed, closed my eyes, and focused on the image of my mom’s naked body. I began stroking my cock again, more determined than before. This time, I let myself go, imagining what it would be like to touch her soft skin and explore her curves.

Still no use, I couldn’t cum, I was at it for ages, my hands aching.

As I lay there, my cock in my hand, I heard the door creak open. I open my eyes to see my mom, now wearing a silky nightgown, standing in the doorway. Her eyes widen as she takes in the sight of me, my erection still rock hard in my hand.

“I… I couldn’t finish,” I admit, my face burning with embarrassment. “The Viagra just made me last longer, but I can’t seem to reach climax.”

My mom looks at me, her expression softening. “Oh, honey, that happens sometimes,” she says, walking over to my bed and sitting beside me. “Shall I ring the doctors?”

“NO, please, no, it’s embarrassing as it is,” I said as I stopped jerking as it pointed hard upwards. She tried not to look at it.

“Well, there are other ways to help,” she says, her voice gentle and reassuring. “I… I… I could help you if you want.”

I look at her, my eyes widening in shock. “What… what do you mean?” I ask, my voice barely above a whisper.

She takes a deep breath, looking me straight in the eyes. “I mean, I could help you finish,” she says, her voice steady and confident. “I know it might seem strange, but I love you and want to help you.”

“But… I mean, isn’t it wrong? It will feel weird,” I said to her, but deep down, I wanted her to, and I felt disgusted at myself for thinking it.

“I understand your concerns, Carl,” Mom replies, gently placing her hand on my shoulder. “But sometimes, we must step out of our comfort zones to help each other. And I promise I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and safe.”

Mom’s words and soothing touch helped calm my nerves. I take a deep breath and nod, giving her my consent.

She then starts to stroke my shaft, her touch gentle and caring. I close my eyes, letting myself get lost in the sensation of her hand on my cock.

“I can’t believe how thick and big you are, omg,” she said as her hand went up and down my shaft. Mom continues to stroke me, her touch becoming more confident and assertive.

She jerked me for a long while, still no hope. “Sweetie, you need to cum; I can’t keep doing this. Your dad will be home soon.” She then sighs, “I can’t believe I am doing this to you; next time, don’t take your dad’s pills.” She stopped jerking, took a hair bobble off her wrist, and put her hair up. She then leaned down and took my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my head and sucking gently.

“Oh fuck, Mom, that feels good,” I moan as her head bobs up and down on my cock. I reach for her boobs and squeeze one of them through her nightie.

Mom pulls back, looking at me with concern and excitement. “Are you sure you’re okay with this, Carl?” she asks, her voice barely above a whisper.

I nod, unable to speak, feeling the familiar sensations building inside me. Mom leans down again, taking my cock back into her mouth and sucking harder this time.

I start to massage her breasts, feeling their softness and warmth in my hands. “You shouldn’t be playing with them, sweetie, but if it helps you cum.” She stops sucking and pulls off her nightie, and unclasps her bra.

My mom’s breasts are now fully exposed, and I can’t help but stare at them in awe. They’re full and round, with nipples that are hard and erect. I continue to massage them, feeling the softness of her skin and the weight of her breasts in my hands.

Mom then takes my cock back into her mouth, sucking harder and faster this time. I could feel the familiar sensations building inside me, but still, her mouth was so good, but I needed something else. But I knew that would be way out of line. I imagined her pussy.

I accidentally spoke out loud, “Ugh fuck, oh, I could just fuck your pussy right now, Mom.”

Mom stops sucking my cock, looking up at me with a shocked expression. “Carl, we can’t do that,” she says, her voice firm. “It’s wrong.”

I nod, feeling embarrassed and ashamed of myself. “I’m sorry, Mom, but isn’t sucking my cock wrong too,” I say, my voice barely above a whisper.

Mom looks at me for a moment, considering my words. She then takes a deep breath and speaks softly. “You’re right, Carl. What we’re doing is not exactly conventional. But I’m here to help you and want you to feel good. We must be careful and ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

“You still not feeling like you need to cum,” she said with concern, “can’t believe how big you are, jeez. Let me try something else.”

She got in between my legs and placed her tits around my cock.

As Mom’s soft, warm breasts envelop my aching cock, I feel a surge of pleasure, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. She starts to move her tits up and down my shaft, the sensation sending waves of ecstasy through my body.

“Ugh… I so… ugh god Mom, I so want to fuck the shit out of you. I know, ugh, I know it’s wrong, but I don’t care any more; this feels good, but it’s not working. I want to take off your panties and ram my cock up your cunt.”

She stopped and looked shocked at the filthy words coming from my mouth.

Mom looks up at me, her expression a mix of surprise and concern. “Carl, we can’t talk like that,” she says, her voice gentle but firm. “This is already a delicate situation, and we need to be careful not to let things escalate. Even though it’s tempting, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Is she giving in slowly? She went back to sucking on my dick.

Mom responds by sucking harder, her cheeks hollowing out as she takes me deeper into her throat. I can feel every inch of my cock being coated in her saliva, and I can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to be inside her warm, wet pussy.

“Oh fuck, Mom, you’re so good at this,” I gasp, my hips bucking involuntarily as I thrust my cock deeper into her mouth. I noticed her hand rubbing her crotch as she sucked my cock. I could feel her moan around my dick.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. I reached out and gently pulled Mom’s head off my cock, looking into her eyes. “Mom, I’m sorry, but I can’t hold back anymore. I need to be inside you,” I said, my voice filled with desire. I rolled her onto her back.

“Sweetie, we can’t,” she said, as she still rubbed her pussy through her panties. I reach to touch them, and they are damp.

Mom looks at me for a long moment, her expression unreadable. I can see the internal struggle on her face, but eventually, she nods. “Okay, Carl. But this stays between us, and we never do this again. I love you, and I don’t want to do anything that could hurt our relationship.”

Looking into my mom’s eyes, I can see her love and concern for me. I nod, agreeing to her terms. I lean down and gently kiss her lips, tasting the saltiness of her sweat. I can feel her body trembling beneath me, knowing she’s just as nervous as I am.

I reach down and slowly pull her panties off, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. I get into the position as I press the head of my swelled, engorged cock against her labia.

But I can’t hold back any longer. I push myself inside her, feeling her warmth and wetness envelop my cock.

“Oh fuck, Mom, you feel so good,” I moan, my hips thrusting forward as I start to fuck her.

“Oh, this is so wrong, um, oh baby, it feels good, oh your cock, ugh, ugh fuck… oh fuck me.” She moaned as I pumped my dick in and out of her pussy.

As I begin to thrust deeper inside my mom, I can’t help but feel a mix of excitement and guilt. Her moans of pleasure only fuel my desires, and I find myself unable to hold back.

Her pussy is so warm and wet, gripping my cock tightly as I plunge deeper inside her. I can feel her body writhing beneath me, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. I reach up and take one of her nipples into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I continue to fuck her.

Mom’s hands grip my back, pulling me closer as she meets my thrusts with her own. Her moans become louder and more intense, Ugh… Ugh, fuck mommy harder oh yes.”

My balls slapped against her as I drove my cock into her pussy hard and fast.

As I continue to thrust deeper inside my mom, I can feel myself getting closer and closer to climax. Her moans of pleasure become more frequent and intense, and I can tell she’s enjoying herself just as much as I am.

I reach down and start to rub my mom’s clit, feeling the little nub swell and stiffen beneath my fingers. Her body tenses up, and she lets out a loud, guttural moan as she reaches her orgasm. I can feel the moisture of her arousal seeping through the thin fabric of her panties, and I know she’s ready for me.

Pulling her panties aside, I position the head of my cock at her entrance. I take a deep breath, and with one swift thrust, I bury myself inside her. Mom’s back arches off the bed, and she lets out a loud, throaty moan as my cock fills her pussy to the brim.

I can feel her muscles clenching around me as if trying to pull me deeper inside her. I start to thrust in and out, building up a steady rhythm as I hear the wet, slapping sound of our bodies meeting.

“Ah, fuck yes,” I moan, feeling every inch of my cock slide in and out of her tight, wet pussy. “Your pussy feels so good, Mom.”

“Harder,” she pants, her voice barely above a whisper. “Fuck me harder, baby.”

I am all too happy to oblige. I pick up the pace, my thighs slapping against Mom’s as I bottom out inside her. Each thrust elicits another loud, guttural moan from her. I can feel her climax building, her body tensing up as her breathing becomes more laboured.

“Yes, yes, I’m gonna cum,” Mom gasps, her muscles clenching around me even tighter. I can feel the warmth of her orgasm spreading from her pussy, as her muscles spasm around me.

The sensation is too much for me, and I follow Mom over the edge, my orgasm exploding from me in a torrent of cum. I can feel my hot seed filling her up as I keep pounding away, draining every last drop from my balls.

As we come down from our highs, I collapse on top of Mom, my chest heaving as I catch my breath. Her legs are still trembling slightly, and I can feel her heart pounding wildly against my chest.

“Oh, Carl, I can’t believe we just did that,” she says, her voice barely above a whisper. She looks up at me, her expression a mix of shock and awe.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to pressure you into doing something you weren’t comfortable with,” I say, feeling guilty for what just happened.

Mom shakes her head, a small smile playing on her lips. “No, Carl, it’s okay. I wanted to help you, and I… I couldn’t resist. You’re just so big and hard, and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything like that; maybe you should accidentally take another sometime,” she says, her voice filled with honesty and vulnerability as she bit her bottom lip as I pull out of her with my dripping cock.

I get up and walk to the bathroom, my legs shaky and weak. I clean myself up, feeling a mix of shame and satisfaction. I return to my room, expecting to find my mom dressed and gone.

But to my surprise, she’s still there, sitting on the edge of my bed, her expression thoughtful. “Carl, I know what we did was wrong, and we shouldn’t have done it,” she says, her voice gentle but firm. “But I want you to know that I care about you and want to help you however I can.”

I nod, feeling grateful for her understanding and compassion. “I know, Mom, and I’m sorry for putting you in that position,” I say, my voice filled with remorse. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Well, don’t promise that,” she giggles, “I might want it to happen again. You have grown up so quickly in more ways than one. Fuck, wow, to be honest, that was the best sex I have had.”



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