A British Summer in California


I woke up early, the morning light filtering through my bedroom curtains. The anticipation of my upcoming trip to California had me springing out of bed with energy. I stretched lazily, feeling the excitement tingle through my muscles, before heading to the bathroom.

The bathroom was filled with steam as I turned on the shower, letting the hot water run momentarily before stepping in. The water was perfect, cascading over my skin and washing away any remnants of sleep. I massaged shampoo into my short red hair, the familiar floral scent filling the air, then rinsed and applied conditioner. The warm water was soothing, and I let myself relax under the stream for a few moments longer, enjoying the feeling of the water on my skin. After washing up, I reluctantly turned off the shower, wrapped myself in a fluffy towel, and padded back to my room.

Standing in front of the mirror, I carefully selected my outfit for the long flight ahead. I chose a simple yet stylish look: a comfortable pair of jean shorts and a crop top. I brushed through my damp hair, letting it fall naturally into its short, slightly wavy style. A touch of makeup – a hint of foundation, a swipe of mascara, and a lip gloss – was enough to highlight my features without feeling overdone.

I packed my final items into my suitcase, ensuring I had my passport, ticket, and snacks for the journey. With everything ready, I grabbed my bags and headed downstairs. I dialled for a taxi, feeling excited as I waited. The countryside outside my home in England was waking up, the early morning light casting a serene glow over the fields.

When the taxi arrived, I loaded my suitcase into the boot and settled into the backseat. The driver, a friendly older man, chatted with me about the weather and my travel plans as we drove to Leeds Bradford Airport. The familiar scenery of rolling hills and quaint cottages passed by, and I felt excitement and nervousness about the adventure ahead.

I checked in my luggage at the airport, went through security, and found my gate. I bought a magazine and a cup of tea from a kiosk, then found a seat near the window to wait for boarding—the bustling atmosphere of the airport, with travellers hurrying to and fro, added to my anticipation. When my flight was finally called, I boarded the plane, found my seat, and settled in for the long journey.

The flight was long but uneventful. I spent most of it daydreaming about the beaches of California, imagining the feel of the warm sand and the sound of the waves. I watched a couple of movies, read my magazine, and even got a little sleep. By the time we landed, I was buzzing with anticipation.

After quickly passing through customs, I grabbed my suitcase and went outside. The California sun was bright and warm, a pleasant change from the often gloomy weather back home. I hailed another taxi and headed straight for my hotel, eager to drop off my bags and hit the beach.

Once I checked into my hotel, I quickly unpacked and changed into a vibrant green bikini that contrasted perfectly with my short red hair. The bikini top was tied behind my neck, showing off the curves of my petite frame and the subtle freckles on my shoulders. The bottoms sat low on my hips, emphasizing my toned stomach and legs. I threw on a light cover-up and slipped into a pair of sandals. The hotel room was modern and comfortable, with a large window offering a stunning beach view. I couldn’t wait to get out and feel the sand between my toes.

I stepped onto the warm sands of the California beach, the sun high in the sky, casting a golden glow over everything. I took a deep breath, savouring the salty breeze. I walked confidently, my hips swaying slightly with each step. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore was soothing, and the sight of the endless ocean filled me with a sense of peace.

I found a spot near the water where the waves gently touched the shore. Spreading out my towel, I sat down and stretched out, leaning back on my elbows, feeling the sun warm my skin. I crossed my legs at the ankles, toes digging into the sand, and let my head fall back, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the sun and the sound of the waves.

Just as I was starting to relax, I heard voices nearby. Opening my eyes, I saw a tall, athletic guy with fair skin and short dark hair approaching me. He was shirtless, carrying a surfboard, and his confident stride told me he was no stranger to this beach. Beside him was a tall, slender woman with long blonde hair, her blue eyes sparkling under the sun. She had a natural elegance, wearing a stylish swimsuit accentuating her graceful figure, with a sheer cover-up fluttering in the breeze.

They both had friendly smiles, and their relaxed manner put me at ease instantly.

“Hey there,” the guy said with a charming grin. “I’m Mark, and this is my sister, Stacy. Mind if we join you?”

“Not at all,” I replied, sitting up straighter. I couldn’t help but notice how Mark’s eyes lingered on me, sending a small thrill through me.

Stacy spread her towel next to mine, her movements graceful and deliberate. She glanced over at me with a warm smile. “You’re from England. I love your accent.”

“Yes, I am. It’s lovely here, much warmer than back home,” I replied, relaxing more.

After some casual conversation, during which I couldn’t help but notice Mark complimenting my British accent, he suddenly asked, “Need some help with your sunscreen? It’s easy to miss spots on your back.”

I hesitated, feeling a bit shy, but then glanced at Stacy. She chuckled softly and said, “It’s okay, he’s my brother. You can trust him.”

“Alright,” I agreed, turning slightly and pulling my hair over one shoulder, exposing the bare skin of my back. Mark’s hands were warm and gentle as he smoothed the lotion over my back and shoulders, and I felt a pleasant shiver run down my spine.

“You know,” Mark said, his voice low and teasing, “I could listen to you talk all day. That accent of yours is incredibly sexy.”

I laughed, feeling my cheeks heat up. “Oh, stop it, Mark. You’re making me blush.”

“I’m just being honest,” he replied with a wink. “It’s not every day you meet someone with such a captivating voice.”

As we chatted more, I mentioned, “I was so knackered after the flight. I needed a good kip.”

Mark looked puzzled. “Knackered? Kip?”

I smiled, enjoying the moment. “Knackered means very tired, and kip is a nap or sleep.”

Stacy laughed. “I love learning these little British terms.”

Later, as we were playing volleyball, I said, “Blimey, you’re really good at this!”

Mark paused, confused. “Blimey?”

I giggled. “It’s just an exclamation, like ‘wow’ or ‘oh my.’”

I pulled a small packet of crisps from my bag as we sat down to take a break. “Would you like some crisps?”

Stacy blinked. “Crisps?”

“Oh, sorry, I mean chips,” I corrected, handing the packet to her.

During our conversation about plans for the evening, I said, “I need to pop by the loo before we go anywhere.”

Mark chuckled. “The loo?”

I nodded. “Yes, the bathroom.”

Mark and Stacy exchanged amused glances. “We’re going to learn so much from you,” Stacy said with a smile.

We spent the day together, playing beach volleyball, swimming, and sharing stories. The chemistry between Mark and me grew, with Stacy playfully teasing us. Mark’s constant compliments and how he looked at me made me feel special and a bit giddy.

As we discussed hobbies and favourite activities, I mentioned, “I love a good cuppa, especially with a nice biscuit.”

Mark raised an eyebrow. “A cuppa and a biscuit?”

I laughed. “A cup of tea and a cookie.”

“Oh, got it,” Mark said, grinning. “We’ll have to introduce you to some American snacks.”

As the day ended, I gathered my things to return to my hotel. I put on my jean shorts and crop top. “I should probably get going,” I said reluctantly. “My hotel isn’t too far from here.”

Stacy said, “Why don’t you return to our place instead? We can have a drink and hang out. It would be great to get to know you better.”

I hesitated, not wanting to impose. “I’m not sure… I don’t want to intrude.”

Mark stepped closer, his smile reassuring. “You wouldn’t be intruding at all. We’d love to have you. Besides, I’m sure you’ll have more fun with us than at a hotel alone.”

I glanced between them, feeling a warmth that had nothing to do with the sun. After a moment’s hesitation, I found myself agreeing. “Alright, why not? It sounds like fun.”

Their home was close to the beach, modern and stylish, with a relaxed, welcoming vibe. The living room was spacious and airy, decorated with contemporary furniture and beachy accents. A large window overlooked the ocean, and waves crashing gently in the distance added to the relaxed atmosphere.

Mark led me to the kitchen, where a small selection of drinks was laid out. Stacy handed me a drink. “Here, try this. It’s a local favourite.”

I took a sip and smiled. “It’s delicious. What is it?”

“It’s a craft beer made nearby,” she explained. “Glad you like it.”

As the evening progressed, we shared more stories and laughs. At one point, I mentioned, “I need to nip to the shop tomorrow to get some bits and bobs.”

Mark looked puzzled again. “Nip to the shop? Bits and bobs?”

I laughed. “It means I’ll quickly go to the store for some small items or essentials.”

Mark nodded, grinning. “Got it. Love your expressions!”

It was my turn during a game of charades, and I decided to act out a “dustbin,” which left everyone guessing for a while.

Mark finally asked, “What on earth is a dustbin?”

“A trash can,” I said, giggling. “Sorry, British term again.”

As the night went on, I spent more time with Mark. We talked about our favourite books, movies, and travel destinations. His easygoing nature and genuine interest in my stories made me feel comfortable and happy.

At one point, he leaned in slightly, his voice soft. “I wasn’t expecting to meet someone as intriguing as you today.”

I felt my cheeks flush. “Thank you, Mark. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and Stacy.”

He smiled, his eyes twinkling with warmth. “I’m glad you decided to join us tonight.”

Later, as the evening began to wind down, Mark suggested we exit the balcony for some fresh air. The cool breeze was a refreshing contrast to the warmth inside. We stood there for a moment, looking out at the moonlit ocean.

Mark turned to me, his expression thoughtful. “So, what do you think of California so far?”

“I love it,” I replied honestly. “It’s beautiful here, and the people are so friendly. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

He chuckled softly. “Well, we aim to please. And I have to say, you’ve made this day a lot more interesting.”

I smiled, feeling a flutter of excitement. “I’m glad to hear that. There is something you need to know about me and Stacey, we are not just siblings, but we are fuck buddies.”

I felt my heart rate quicken as I processed his words. “Oh, really.” If only he knew my past with my brother. This turned me on hearing this.

Mark chuckled softly. “I can imagine. But I hope it didn’t make you too uncomfortable. We don’t want to make you feel unwelcome.”

I shook my head, my lips curving into a smile. “No, not at all. I think it’s great that you two are so close. And to be honest, I find it intriguing.”

Mark’s eyes darkened with desire. “Intriguing, huh? Well, maybe we can show you just how close we are. That is, if you want to.”

Mark closed the distance between us without waiting for my response, his lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss. I kissed him back, feeling my body respond to his touch. I could feel his cock harden and his shaft straining against his pants.

Mark took my hand as we broke apart, leading me back inside. “Let’s continue this conversation somewhere more comfortable.”

I followed him, my heart pounding in anticipation. I knew that this trip to California would be one I would never forget.

Mark led me to the living room, where the soft lighting and comfortable furnishings created an inviting atmosphere. Stacy followed us, a playful smile on her face, as Mark closed the distance between us once more.

His lips met mine again, and I kissed him back with a passion that surprised even me. Our bodies pressed together, and I could feel the heat radiating from him. I felt him unbutton my jean shorts and place his hand inside the front and my bikini bottoms.

As Mark’s hand explored my body, I could feel my arousal growing. His confident and skilled touch ignited a fire within me that I couldn’t ignore. I let out a soft moan as he teased my clit.

Stacy watched us with a knowing smile, her desire evident in her eyes. She moved closer, her hand joining Mark’s as they both worked to bring me to the brink of ecstasy. I felt their fingers intertwine, their combined touch driving me wild with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?” Mark murmured in my ear, his breath hot against my skin. “You’re so wet for us, Sarah. I can feel how much you want this.”

I couldn’t deny it. I was dripping wet, my pussy aching for more. Stacey said, “Mark, why don’t we show her our bed.”

Mark led me and Stacy to their bedroom, the king-sized bed adorned with plush pillows and soft sheets. As they undressed me, I could feel my anticipation growing, the heat building between my legs. Stacy’s hands lingered on my breasts, teasing my nipples until they hardened to pebbles, while Mark slipped off my bikini bottoms and knelt before me. I stepped out of the fabric, completely bare and feeling vulnerable.

But that feeling quickly faded as Mark’s warm tongue pressed against my clit, and I gasped, throwing my head back in pleasure. He teased and licked my folds, building up my orgasm with skilled precision, while Stacy lavished attention on my nipples, tugging and sucking on them in time with Mark’s mouth. The sensation of both their mouths on my body sent me spiralling, and I reached down, my hands grasping Mark’s head and holding him close to my pussy; oh, it felt so fucking good.

He then got up, and he undressed, and so did Stacey. I got on my knees, ready to suck his thick veiny cock. Stacey adjusted my position so I was on all fours. As I took his cock in my mouth, I felt Stacey behind me, her mouth on my pussy from behind.

As Mark’s cock slid between my lips, I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. His size and girth filled my mouth, and I savoured the taste of his precum on my tongue. I sucked and licked him with enthusiasm, feeling him grow even harder in my mouth.

Behind me, Stacey mirrored my actions on my pussy. She teased and licked my folds, driving me wild with pleasure as she explored my most sensitive areas. Her fingers joined her mouth, sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

I moaned in pleasure around his cock, “Mmmmmm,” my head bobbing faster. As Mark’s cock hit the back of my throat, I felt him grip my hair, guiding my movements.

“Argh fuck, take it all, Sarah,” he said as I could tell he was holding back. I sucked with deep meaning; I pulled him out of my mouth, “You like that? Also, your sister is good with her mouth.”

Mark sat me down on the bed with my legs open; Stacey got on all fours and started licking me out. Mark then grabbed her hips as he sunk his cock into her pussy from behind. As he started slamming in and out, her sexy ass cheeks clapping against his abdomen, it was hot.

As Mark began to fuck Stacey with a fierce intensity, I couldn’t help but feel my desire growing. I was so turned on by seeing them together, their bodies moving in perfect harmony.

Stacey leaned down to my wet cunt and started to feast on me as Mark just hammered away at her. She moaned and moaned while her mouth was on my pussy. Sending vibrations through me, she sucked on my labia.

“Yes, eat her pussy and take my cock; oh fuck, this is so hot,” he said, dripping in sweat as he pumped in and out of her.

Then he pulled out for a moment as he stroked his cock, Stacey crawled up my body, and our breasts pressed together as she started to kiss me. Mark stood there jerking, watching his sister as she was kissing me.

Stacey pulled away, smiling, and she whispered in my ear, “If I were your sweetheart, I would hold on as he can be very intense at fucking pussy.”

She moved away, and Mark was now between my legs, sliding his cock up and down my labia.

“You’re so fucking wet, Sarah,” Mark growled, his eyes dark with desire. “I can’t wait to feel you come around my cock.”

His words sent a shiver down my spine, and I could feel my orgasm building. I spread my legs wider, inviting him to take me. He didn’t need any more encouragement.

Mark positioned himself at my entrance, his cock poised to enter me. He looked into my eyes, seeking permission. I nodded, unable to speak as my desire consumed me.

He slowly entered me, and my pussy hugged his shaft as he started slowly thrusting. Stacy sat near us as she was fingering herself, watching, “Go on, Mark fuck their British pussy, me.”

I felt Mark’s cock fill me to the brim, eliciting a deep guttural moan from my lips. He thrust slowly, teasing my insides before setting up a steady rhythm of more intricate strokes that took me right to the edge of ecstasy. I could feel Mark’s sweat dripping onto my body as our muscles contracted from the incredible passion driving our intercourse. The thrill of having Stacey watch us and join us in her pleasure was exhilarating.

He then pushed my knees to my tits and held on the back of my thighs as he drove his cock into my pussy deeper.

As Mark’s cock plunged deeper into me, I could feel the exquisite pleasure building with every thrust. The feeling of him filling me up ultimately was indescribable, and I moaned louder with each movement. Stacey’s fingers continued to work her clit, sending waves of ecstasy through my body.

The bed shook as he pounded, pumped and hammered my cunt. “Ahhh… ahhh, fuck me, fuck… fuck… fuck my pussy harder,” I demanded as he went faster and faster.

The sight of her touching herself, watching her brother fuck me, added to the forbidden allure of this threesome.

Mark’s pace quickened, becoming more urgent as his pleasure mounted. I felt the tension in his body grow, and I knew he was close to climaxing.

“Oh, God, yes, Mark!” I cried out, my orgasm building with every thrust.

The sensation of Mark’s cock hitting my G-spot sent me over the edge, and I screamed as I came hard around him. My pussy clenched and spasmed; I struggled to catch my breath with the intensity of my orgasm. I could feel his cock twitch inside me as he, too, reached his peak.

As my pussy gushed over his cock and the bed, he picked up speed as the bed banged against the wall. He went full-on fucking me hard, his face tensed, with a huge groan, “Ungh.”

As Mark’s cock twitched and spasmed inside me, I could feel him reaching his climax. He groaned a deep, guttural sound that sent waves of pleasure through my body. I felt his warmth fill me as he ejaculated, shooting thick robes of cum into me.

He kept on pounding me into the bed until he was empty. He pulled out of me, and Stacy quickly got in between my legs and started eating the cum from my pussy. I threaded my fingers through her hair, “Yes, eat it all; god, you two are hot.”

After Stacey finished cleaning my pussy with her mouth, we all collapsed onto the bed, spent and satisfied. Mark wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close, and Stacey snuggled beside us. We lay there in silence for a few moments, basking in the afterglow of our intense lovemaking.

“That was fucking incredible,” Mark murmured, his breath hot against my ear.

I smiled, feeling a warmth spread through my chest. “Neither have I. It was amazing being with both of you like that.”

Stacey propped herself on one elbow, looking at us with a sleepy smile. “I have to agree. That was fun; you Brits are wild.”

“I could say the same about your Americans, haha,” I chuckled, and they joined in on the laughter.

For the week I had left in America, I got my things from the hotel and spent the week at Mark and Stacy’s place.

By the end of the week, I was so worn out as all week we all would just fuck, fuck and fuck. The time was for me to leave, but I didn’t want to go, but I had to.

As the sun began to rise, casting a warm glow over the room, I reluctantly pulled myself away from Mark and Stacy’s embrace. I knew it was time for me to leave and return to my life back home.

As Mark and Stacy walked me to the taxi, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness knowing that our time together was coming to an end. However, as I was about to get into the taxi, Mark pulled me aside for a quick, sneaky grope.

His hands slid down my body, cupping my ass and giving it a firm squeeze. I gasped in surprise, but also in pleasure. Mark’s touch was electric, and I couldn’t help but feel a surge of desire.

“I’ll miss you, Sarah,” Mark whispered in my ear, his breath hot against my skin.

“I’ll miss you too, Mark,” I replied, my voice barely above a whisper.

Stacy chuckled softly, knowing exactly what was happening. “Don’t worry, we’ll see each other again soon,” she said with a knowing smile.

Mark helped me into the taxi, giving me one last lingering kiss before closing the door. As the taxi drove away, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for our next encounter.

I knew that our connection was special, and I couldn’t wait to see where it would take us. And as I settled into my seat on the plane, I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that our story was far from over.


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